50+ Attractive Easter Treats

Springtime is a time of renewal of the earth. Things that have been dead all winter are coming back to life.

The world is getting green and the days are getting longer. Easter is a welcome part of spring.

The celebration of the renewal and revival of Jesus, the Easter bunny and candy are all pieces of the Easter celebration. Chocolate and cookies are all treats that are often made and enjoyed at Easter time. Check out these delicious Easter treats.

Chocolate and cookies are all treats that are often made and enjoyed at Easter time. Check out these delicious Easter treats. #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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3 Ingredient Easter Carrot Rice Krispie Treats

3 Ingredient Easter Carrot Rice Krispie Treats #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Frugal Coupon Living

Feed the Easter bunny these delicious rice crispy treats. The rice crispy treats are cut into carrot shapes and glossed with orange frosting.

4 Ingredient Easter Fudge

4 Ingredient Easter Fudge #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Kitchen Cents

Fudge is for more than Christmas. Add pink and yellow m&ms to your fudge to make it scream Easter.

Birds Nest Meringues

Birds Nest Meringues #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Crafty Morning

Meringues are absolutely delicious and make perfect birds nest textures. Then add pretzel cookies in the middle to make sticks and a few candy eggs.

Bunny Bum Bins

Bunny Bum Bins #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Bakerella

Bunnies are iconic Easter symbols. Try these adorable cookies with little bunny feet and tails.

Bunny Dirt Cups

Bunny Dirt Cups #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via A Zesty Bite

Dirt dessert is delicious. It can be turned into the perfect Easter treat by adding marshmallow bunnies on top.

Bunny Tail Treats

Bunny Tail Treats #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Pizzazzerie

Coconut makes the perfect texture for a bunny tail. Coconut also makes delicious cookies.

Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Lil’ Luna

If you coat strawberries in orange-tinted chocolate, the green tops pop
out the top and make marvelous carrots. Stick them in some dirt dessert
to look like buried carrots.

Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Raspberri Cupcakes

For a surprise dessert, make chocolate eggs. Fill them with cheesecake for a delicious and surprising dessert.

Chocolate Confetti Eggs

Chocolate Confetti Eggs #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Clean and Sensible

Fill a chocolate egg with Easter sprinkles. When bit into they explode with delicious sprinkles.

Chocolate Egg Nest Treats

Chocolate Egg Nest Treats #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via I Heart Naptime

Rice crispy treats make the perfect eggs’ nest. Then you can fill them
with eggs to make a magnificent Easter treat.

Coconut Macaroons Nest

Coconut Macaroons Nest  #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Inspired by Charm

If you are looking for the perfect nest look, coconut is a perfect match. Shape coconut cookies in nest shape and then put candy eggs for a delicious treat.

Creme Egg Rocky Road

Creme Egg Rocky Road #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Rocky road fudge doesn’t seem like the Easter theme. But fill with peanuts and make with Easter creme eggs for a superb Easter-themed fudge

Easter Bird Nests

Easter Bird Nests #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

If you want to make an easy bird’s nest then break pretzel sticks into
small pieces. Coat with melted white chocolate and shape into nests.
Fill with multi-colored egg candies.

Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars

Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via It Bakes Me Happy

Popcorn balls can be made into a perfect yellow and pink Easter snack.
Add candy eggs to finish the look.

Easter Bunny Pretzels

Easter Bunny Pretzels #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via The Decorated Cookie

Fill regular shaped pretzels with marshmallows and color on a bunny face
with an edible pen. It creates an awesome and simple Easter snack.

Easter Cream Cheese Mints

Easter Cream Cheese Mints #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Mom On Timeout

Have you ever made cream cheese mints? They make perfect egg shapes.

Easter Crockpot Candy

Easter Crockpot Candy #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via The Slow Roasted Italian

Crock pot candy makes an exquisite and simple Easter snack. Add Easter colored m&ms and non pareils.

Easter Cupcakes in a Jar

Easter Cupcakes in a Jar #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Two Sisters

Purple, yellow and pink cupcakes in a jar make a rustic Easter treat.
Top them off with some whiped cream.

Easter Egg Blondies

Easter Egg Blondies #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Averie Cooks

Blonde brownies can be used for basically any celebration. Add Easter
colored m&ms to give them an Easter look.

Easter Egg Buttercream Candies

Easter Egg Buttercream Candies #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Buttercream candies are a wonderful mix between coconut and sweet cream. To give them an Easter frill, shape them in egg shape and coat them with chocolate.

Easter Egg Cone Treats

Easter Egg Cone Treats #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Crafty Morning

Buttercream candies are a wonderful mix between coconut and sweet cream. To give them an Easter frill, shape them in egg shape and coat them with chocolate.

Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Cakescottage

Everyone loves raw cookie dough. That’s why these cookie dough truffles
are delicious and shape them like eggs and cover them in chocolate to complete the Easter holiday theme.

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Easter Egg Sugar Cookies #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Ahead of Thyme

For a classic bunny treat, make these sugar cookies. Cut them out and
decorate them in egg form.

Easter Muddy Buddies

Easter Muddy Buddies #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Frugal Mom Eh!

Add pink and light blue food coloring to some of your muddy buddies treats. It is simple but very Easter!

Easter Peeps Dirt Pudding Cups

Easter Peeps Dirt Pudding Cups #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via The Diary of a Recipe Collector

Layered dirt pudding with pink and blue-tinted pudding. Put a marshmallow chicken up top for an Easter treat.

Easter Peeps Pops

Easter Peeps Pops #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Love from The Oven

Bunny marshmallow treats are even more delicious when they are coated in chocolate. Then put a pearl sprinkle on the bum for a perfect bunny tail.

Easter Rice Krispie Treats

Easter Rice Krispie Treats #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Passion for Savings

Rice crispy treats can be shaped in any shape. Try these egg-shaped rice
crispies. Made even better when coated in chocolate.

Easter Saltine Toffee

Easter Saltine Toffee #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Two Peas and Their Pod

Salt toffee isn’t really considered an Easter treat. Put coat them with
chocolate ganache and Easter colored nonpareils for a classic Easter treat.

Easy Bunny Butt Pretzels

Easy Bunny Butt Pretzels #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via The Soccer Mom

These cookies use pretzels as a base. Then frosting as glue. Then they
glue on the mini marshmallows for the tail and the chocolate bunny feet.

Easy Easter Bunny & Chick Oreo Pops

Easy Easter Bunny & Chick Oreo Pops #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via It’s Always Autumn

Chocolate coated Oreos make perfect round faces. Make them yellow for
chicks and white for bunnies.

Flower Mini Lemon Tarts

Flower Mini Lemon Tarts #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Sugar Apron

These perfect tarts make a shiny flower. Flowers are the essence of spring time and renewal.

Flower Pretzel Bites

Flower Pretzel Bites #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Dessert Now, Dinner Later!

Pretzels make the perfect base for all sorts of things. These cookies use chocolate as a base and glue on m&ms on top. Then they look like superb little flowers

Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats

Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Yellow Bliss Road

Rice crispy treats are so malleable and can be used for so many things.
They can be layered in many Easter colors to make springtime rice crispy

Mini Eggs Easter Brownie Parfaits

Mini Eggs Easter Brownie Parfaits #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via The Busy Baker

These layered cakes utilize many different types of cookies. They are
layered between pudding. Topping with whip cream and colored eggs tops
off the Easter look.

Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups

Pastel Rainbow Gelatin Cups #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Sugar Hero

Jello cups can be fitted for all sorts of holidays. These ones utilize pastel colored jello layers in cups for a delicious Easter holiday treat.

Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Peanut Butter Easter Eggs #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Butter with a Side of Bread

You know those delicious peanut butter cup Easter eggs? Coat them with a
couple stripes of white and milk chocolate. This is a quick and simple
Easter treat.

Peep Houses

Peep Houses #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Yesterfood

Graham crackers can be glued together with frosting to make marvelous
little houses. Then put a peep inside to finish the look.

Peeps Popcorn

Peeps Popcorn #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Yellow Bliss Road

Different flavored peeps can be melted and mixed with popcorn. This
makes a classic and simple Easter treat.

Peeps Pretzel Rods

Peeps Pretzel Rods #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via My Litter

These snacks are made by skewering peeps with pretzel rods. To really
add a delicious spin, dip the pretzel rods in chocolate first.

Peeps Pudding S’mores Pies

Peeps Pudding S'mores Pies #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Katrina’s Kitchen

Who doesn’t love s’mores pies? Use mini pie tins and fill them with
chocolate pudding. Then to add the Easter spirit and the marshmallow to
the s’mores, add a bunny peep.

Pineapple Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Pineapple Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Just a Taste

What is more ionic than carrot cake made into mini carrots. To make them
look even more Easter, frost them and add green leaves on top.

Race Car Peeps

Race Car Peeps #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Smart School House

For the car lover in your life try these bunny peeps driving a car. To make the car add mini Oreos to a twinky.

Rice Krispie Easter-Chicks

Rice Krispie Easte -Chicks #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Crafty Morning

These cookies are made from circular rice crispies. Then they are tinted
yellow and frosted with little eyes and chick noses.

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Two Sisters Crafting

Turn rice crispies into eggs. Tint the rice crispies with all sorts of pastel colors. All together it will scream Easter!

Rice Krispie Nests

Rice Krispie Nests #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Crafty Morning

These nests are made from rice crispies. They are filled with Easter eggs. A little Easter grass is placed all around for an extra Easter touch.

Spring Caramel Pretzel Bites

Spring Caramel Pretzel Bites #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Two Sisters Crafting

These rolo bites are made with a pretzel on the bottom. A chocolate-covered caramel melted in the middle and a colorful candy on top.

Springtime Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Springtime Chocolate Covered Popcorn #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Cooking With Curls

To make a spring-themed chocolate popcorn, just melt chocolate and mix
in the popcorn. Then top with multi pastel-colored chocolate.

Springtime Marshmallow Wands

Springtime Marshmallow Wands #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Two Sisters Crafting

Skewer three marshmallows and coat them in chocolate. Then add multi-colored chocolate layers for an extra bright touch.

Super Easy Easter Bunny Chocolate Bark

Super Easy Easter Bunny Chocolate Bark #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via TipBuzz

Add white m&ms to chocolate bark to give the basic bark an Easter touch.
The white candies can be split in half to make small bunny ears.

White Chocolate Easter Bark

White Chocolate Easter Bark #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via The Gracious Wife

Easter bark is really easy to make. Just color your white chocolate all types of pastel colors. Add pastel m&ms to add an extra kick of spring.

White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes

White Chocolate Easter Egg Cupcakes #Easter #treats #recipes #trendypins
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via Garnish and Glaze

White cupcakes are the ideal base for pastel-colored frosting. Top with
Easter eggs to complete the look.

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