30 Food DIY Christmas Gifts in a Jar

Chances are good whether or not you love to preserve and pickle, you have at least a jar inside a closet.

After all, most DIYers know that the classic glass vessels are great for projects throughout every season—and that especially holds for the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas jars crafts can create awesome crafty Christmas present ideas, be used as holiday decor around your home, and even make a fun Christmas craft for kids when the snow doesn’t show signs of stopping..

30 Food Diy Christmas Gifts In a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

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With Christmas jar crafts’ versatility and affordability in mind, we’ve tracked some projects to delight pretty much every sense, including a crisp, cool air freshener that’ll energize you even after a full day of Christmas shopping and a cute pedi bound to get your whole squad cheering when you give it to them.

There are plenty of yummy goodies in jars here, too, from Christmas cocktail supplies to peppermint brownie ingredients.

You can also pay tribute to the reason for the season with stunning nativity scene decor or get your littles to lend a hand with holiday slime in a jar, a great gift for the wee ones in your life.

No matter which projects you pick, they will surely get you in the holiday spirit!

1. Apple Cider Cinnamon Spice Mix

Apple Cider Cinnamon Spice Mix #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Savory Nothings

The flavors of apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg come together in this spreadable treat. The jam is a must-have at our breakfast table. It is a perfect Christmas gift.

2. Chex Mix Christmas Gift in a Jar

Chex Mix Christmas Gift in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Amanda Parker and Family

This jar is full of sweets and happiness. Everyone will appreciate that idea. Not only children will be surprised for that special even but adults also. Go for that idea. Feel the spirit of Christmas altogether.

3. Chocolate Muffins in a Jar

Chocolate Muffins in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Call Me Cupcake

This jar is a symbol of chocolate muffins. When you open it you can feel that magic flavor. This is the best way to remind your girlfriend you adore muffins and would be very glad to have them in real for Christmas spending time together in front of the fireplace. You can add a bottle of wine.

4. Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar

Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Crazy Little Projects

You can combine all the ingredients you need for cookies. When the receiver of the gift opened it he could feel all that magic flavor.

On the top, you can decorate will colorful sets for decorating the cookies. It is not only looks fantastic but implements that cozy idea of the coming Christmas. It is perfect for everyone – a colleague, a family member for all the loved ones.

5. Christmas Jam

Christmas Jam #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via A Family Feast

Can you guess which is that Christmas jam, It is a strawberry jam, not only because of the color but also for the deluxe taste. Strawberry or any berry jam goes perfect with any homemade cakes – pancakes, cookies. This is the perfect combination for the whole family. Your breakfast will be unforgettable.

6. Christmas Muddy Buddies

Christmas Muddy Buddies #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Fun Squared

Another brilliant idea for the whole family. You can prepare your own jar for all the members. Just use your imagination. The result will be satisfying for both sides.

7. Christmas Sugar Cookie Mix in a Jar

Christmas Sugar Cookie Mix in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Uncommon Design

The best color for decoration of this jar is definitely red. Sugar cookies are ideal not only for our children. You can surprise any of your colleagues at your working place. It is not just a jar. It is a jar full of joy and tender at the same time.

8. Cinnamon Honey Butter Gifts in a Jar

Cinnamon Honey Butter Gifts in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Tidy Mom

Honey and cinnamon. These ingredients present the spirit of any holyday. But Christmas is the holly one. That special butter is full of flavor. It is not only a gift. It is a piece of love.

9. Cookies in a Jar

Cookies in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Farm Girl Gabs

This spiced cookie has a real kick of ginger, similar to traditional German lebkuchen. If you don’t have crystallized ginger, use colored sprinkles.

10. Cranberry Ginger Baked Oatmeal Kit

Cranberry Ginger Baked Oatmeal Kit #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Mom’s Kitchen and Book

This jar is a kit of a healthy breakfast. You can put in it all the necessary staff for that meal of the day that is up to the taste of the one you love. It is not only the way to express your feeling of tender but also care. Decorate it with a red piece of cloth to remind for Christmas.

11. Curried Lentil Soup in a Jar

Curried Lentil Soup in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Definitely Not Martha

Practical and original at the same time. Lentil is typical for winter season. It is warm just like the feeling you have inside you. And not for last it looks so stylish. This is the perfect present for family friends.

12. Easy Gift Idea for Friends

Easy Gift Idea for Friends #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Crazy Little Projects

This basket that is called for fun is full of tasty staff. You should choose every item very carefully in order to be a surprise and something useful at the same time. You know the only condition to meet someone`s requirement and make him or her happy is to know him very well. If it`s necessary ask some questions than buy the things that are really adorable.

13. Flavored Salt Gifts

Flavored Salt Gifts #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Mommypotamus

Salt in a jar – it is such a good idea. It is not a home without a salt. Isn`t it symbolic. You can make several jams with a combination of different types of salt. I am sure everyone will appreciate that gift.

14. Friendship Soup in Jar

Friendship Soup in Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Oh My Creative

Soup. This is another meal that symbolize worm a cozy atmosphere. Isn`t it kind. You can combine all the ingredients for the perfect soup and give it to a friend. Just share all the friendly feelings together. It is Christmas time.

15. GIngerbread Granola Gift

GIngerbread Granola Gift #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Five Heart Home

Gingerbread remind of Christmas. Ginger flavor is a must presents item at Christmas days. Decorate it with a great doze of fantasy and turn it in a perfect gift. You will assure as soon as you give it.

16. Gingerbread Man Painted Jar

Gingerbread Man Painted Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Knick of Time

This is another option of a Gingerbread jar. In order to make it more unique you can  paint it in a red color.

17. Gourmet Popcorn Gift Jar

Gourmet Popcorn Gift Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via The Country Chic Cottage

Popcorns reminds us of a cozy atmosphere while watching a movie. This type of present will gather the whole family in front of the TV. It won`t be appreciated only by children. The aduls will be also glad to have one.

18. M & M Cookie Mix in a Jar

M & M Cookie Mix in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Celebrating Sweets

This is a perfect compilation of color and taste. Colorful, just like a Christmas tree. Don`t forget to put some green candies. Share your love in the form of a jar. Love is everywhere even in that jar.

19. Prize-Winning Apple Butter

Prize Winning Apple Butter #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Love Foodies

Yes, this apple butter is really the winner. You can consume it on a pancake or on a slice of bread, but you can also use an ingredient in your favorite recipe.

20. Quick Bread in a Bottle

Quick Bread In A Bottle #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Sunset

Another form you can use for a present is a bottle. It is really cute. Put the basic ingredients for that homemade bread and enjoy that feeling of satisfaction of giving presents.

21. S’mores Mason Jar Gifts

S'mores Mason Jar Gifts #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via A Night Owl

This is definitely a perfect present in a jar. A jar full of joy and love. Appropriate for absolutely everyone.

22. Salted Caramel Sauce in a Jar

Salted Caramel Sauce in a Jar #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Recipe Girl

Caramel is a universal additive for every hot drink or homemade cake. Caramel taste and flavor bring additional coziness to the whole holiday atmosphere. It is time for Christmas.

23. Sweet and Savory Compound Butter

Sweet and Savory Compound Butter #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via I Heart Naptime

You can give more than one jam as a gift. This compound butter is irresistible. Choose it as a gift and enjoy the result.

24. Thankful for Sweet Friends Gift Idea

Thankful for Sweet Friends Gift Idea #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Lil Luna

If you have some sweet friends, go for that idea. It is definitely the right present for all your friends you feel close and trustworthy.

25. Toasted Cookie Dough Gift

Toasted Cookie Dough Gift #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Sprinkle Bakes

Another option for cookies. Can you imagine Christmas without a cookie? Of course not, so go for that idea. This jar contains all the staff for the dough. The only thing you need is just some time.

At the very moment you open it you will feel the flow of love that will inspire you to prepare them.

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