33 Different Types Of Sweaters To Keep You Comfortable Every Day

Sweaters began their journey as functional pieces of clothing for farmers and fishermen. Their warmth led them to find their way into fashionable wardrobes everywhere.

33 Different Types Of Sweaters To Keep You Comfortable Every Day

Take a look at the different types of sweaters on this list. You’ll find versatile pieces for formal occasions, luncheons, and running errands.

We’ve also sorted out the types of materials found in most sweaters. You’ll definitely be able to revitalize your wardrobe with the sweaters in this list.

1. Aran Sweater

1. Aran Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Aran sweaters are named for the Aran Islands, off the coast of County Galway, Ireland.

They’re recognized by their cable patterns and known for their warmth and resistance to water.

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2. Argyle Knit

2. Argyle Knit #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Argyle knit sweaters created the definitive preppy look that originated in Scotland. The pattern is a series of interlocking diamonds.

The Duke of Windsor popularized the pattern at golf clubs everywhere.

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3. Bell Sleeve

3. Bell Sleeve #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Bell sleeves have been around forever. The sleeves are narrower around the elbow. This allows for a dramatic flare at the wrist.

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4. Boyfriend Sweater

4. Boyfriend Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The boyfriend sweater is also known as an oversized sweater.

It’s very loose and can have a V-neck, ribbed, or scoop neck collar. The length should fall below the waist.

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5. Cable Knit

5. Cable Knit #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Cable knit sweaters are dense and very warm. They’re a stylistic variation of the Aran sweater.

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6. Cape

6. Cape #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Cape sweaters are similar to ponchos. They’re considered a layering piece to be worn with some other top underneath.

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7. Cardigan Sweater

7. Cardigan Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Cardigan sweaters are one of the most easily recognized of all types of sweaters. Coco Chanel designed the first button-up cardigans.

Any zip-up or button-up front can be referred to as a cardigan sweater. They can be worn by anyone.

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8. Cheerleader

8. Cheerleader #sweater #fashion #trendypins

This is retro fashion at its finest. These sweaters end at the waist. They’re close-fitting and have wide shoulders and upper sleeves to allow for arm movements.

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9. Cowl Neck

9. Cowl Neck #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The neckline of the cowl neck sweater originated in Greece.

The elongated neck is folded down. It’s also wider than most collars. It’s usually found on sweaters with rib knit and cable patterns.

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10. Crew Neck

10. Crew Neck #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Crewnecks were named after crews of fishermen who wore these sweaters.

You’ll see a short, ribbed collar that sits at the base of the neck.

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11. Cutout

11. Cutout #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Cutout sweaters made their debut in the 1960s when designs started to show more skin.

Cutout sweaters are noticeable for sections of the shoulder, back, or chest area that are absent. It’s still seen as a trendy and sexy style today.

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12. Fair Isle

12. Fair Isle #sweater #fashion #trendypins

It’s the unique patterns in Fair Isle sweaters that sets them apart.

Authentic Fair Isle sweaters are handmade to this day. The waiting list is several years. Many designers recreate a sweater inspired by the originals. You can get the look while waiting for the real thing.

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13. Fanny Sweater

13. Fanny Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The fanny sweater is long enough to cover your hips and backside.

This means that any type of sweater that meets this description can be a fanny sweater.

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14. Grandpa Sweater

14. Grandpa Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Grandpa sweaters are named for the dark, horizontal patterns in the garment. They’re identified with pullovers and cardigans and knit in neutral colors.

Most old sweaters were made of itchy mohair. Today, these loose pullovers can be knit from a variety of materials.

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15. Mock Turtleneck

15. Mock Turtleneck #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Mock turtlenecks evolved from classic turtlenecks. It loosened up the rigidity of a classic turtleneck.

They can also have embellishments that adjust the opening.

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16. Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

16. Off-the-Shoulder Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Off-the shoulder sweaters came into fashion in the 1980s.

While they’re not as popular as they were, their retro appeal means you can wear them today. It’s a great way to show off the work you’ve put in at the gym.

via Sugar Lips

17. Open Knit

17. Open Knit #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The open knit sweater is a type of knit pattern. A loose weave creates holes.

This gives it a see-through look to the garment. They’re worn for their fashionable look, not for warmth.

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18. Poncho

18. Poncho #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Versions of the poncho are found in the history of nearly every civilization. The basic design is a square of material with a hole in the center for your head.

The length of a poncho is usually hip length or longer. They include a variety of patterns, colors, and textures.

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19. Puffed Sleeve

19. Puffed Sleeve #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Puffed sleeves have enjoyed popularity since the Renaissance.

In today’s fashion world, you’ll find puffed sleeves on cropped sweaters and cardigans.

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20. Pullover

20. Pullover #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The pullover is the original sweater. It’s a simple, closed design that pulls over your head.

It’s usually a loose fitting sweater.

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21. Raglan Sleeve

21. Raglan Sleeve #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Raglan sweaters are elegantly designed without separation between the shoulder and the sleeve.

The seam runs from the top of the chest to the base of the neckline.

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22. Ribbed

22. Ribbed #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Ribbed sweaters have vertical ribs or channels with lots of texture running the length of the garment.

It can be knit into a variety of weights and styles without bulk.

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23. Roll Neck Sweater

23. Roll Neck Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Roll-neck sweaters are like turtlenecks, but the neck isn’t as high.

The top of the fold in the neck is looser, giving it its rolled appearance. The casual drape lines make roll-neck sweaters good for casual wear.

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24. Scoop Neck

24. Scoop Neck #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The scoop neck looks like a big chunk of the sweater was scooped out around the neckline.

They can be found on just about any type of sweater.

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25. Shawl Neck

25. Shawl Neck #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Shawl collars get their name from their resemblance to shawls.

The extended amount of fabric in the neckline frames the face and neck. The fabric usually stops at the top of the chest.

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26. Sweater Dress

26. Sweater Dress #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Coco Chanel debuted a line of sweater dresses in the 1920s.

35 Astonishing Types Of Dresses That Will Definitely Grab Your Eye

The form-fitting jersey knits set the trend for the sweater dresses we know today.

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27. Sweater Vest

27. Sweater Vest #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Sweater vests can have round necklines or V-necks.

They’re typically worn over button-down blouses and dress shirts. They can be made in every style, thickness, and drape.

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28. Tennis Sweater

28. Tennis Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The tennis sweater is defined by its V-neck, cable knit pattern. It’s also only available in white or off-white with a colored band or bands along the neckline.

You’ll see them worn in tennis clubs around the world.

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29. Turtleneck Sweater

29. Turtleneck Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Turtlenecks are easily recognized. They have a neck piece that’s twice as long as needed, allowing it to fold over.

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30. Twinset

30. Twinset #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The twinset is composed of two separate, matched pieces. A pullover vest is paired with a cardigan.

They’re usually made from lighter materials.

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31. Ugly Christmas Sweater

31. Ugly Christmas Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

Christmas sweaters are the most popular sweater in the world. It started as a simple sweater with a Christmas theme. The trend was to add more embellishments to make them very gaudy.

Your ugly Christmas sweater will probably catch your eye as a ridiculous looking pullover. The best part about these sweaters is how much they make people smile.

via Ugly Christmas Sweater

32. V-Neck Sweater

32. V-Neck Sweater #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The V-neck sweater is a staple piece in everyone’s closet. They have never gone out of style. You can wear one with anything from a skirt to jeans.

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33. Woolly Pully

33. Woolly Pully #sweater #fashion #trendypins

The woolly pully was originally designed for British commandos. They’re made from wool and have a rib knit pattern. They have shoulder patches and may have elbow patches.

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Materials Used for Sweaters

Sweaters can be knitted from a variety of materials. The material of choice determines a sweater’s warmth, softness, thickness, and style.

Animal Hair

Many types of animal hairs can make sweaters. Mohair and cashmere are both goat fibers. These are considered animal hair.

Another type of sweater is made from alpaca. Alpaca hair is very soft and has great insulating capabilities.

Sheep are the only animals that produce wool. Any fiber that isn’t from a sheep should be labeled as animal hair. Even so, you will see alpaca, llama, mohair, and cashmere often mislabeled as a wool product.


Cashmere is made from goat wool. It’s very soft and warm. It’s considered a luxury garment because of how much wool is needed to make a usable piece of fabric.


Cotton sweaters are popular in the spring and summer. It’s used in casual wear. The fabric is lightweight and found in every color under the sun.


Linen is lightweight and breathable. It absorbs moisture and can wrinkle easily. Even so, it’s the one fabric that works well for helping you to stay cool in warm weather.

Sheep Wool

Sheep wool is the most common type of material used in sweaters. Merino wool is the softest type of wool, while lambs wool comes in second. If your sweater feels itchy, it’s probably made from Shetland wool.


Silk is durable and is often used for insulating fabrics. It’s known for its softness and versatility. You can find them in any color imaginable.


Synthetics are fibers that are man made. They can be dyed in almost any color. Some are used to create realistic versions of natural fibers. Many synthetics are made from recyclable materials such as bottles.

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