36 Types Of Headbands For Women And Men To Try Now

Headbands are probably the most versatile accessory in your wardrobe. Both men and women around the world wear many types of headbands. Some are functional while others, simply fashionable.

36 Types Of Headbands For Women And Men To Try Now #headbands #fashion #trendypins

It isn’t an accessory we think too much about until we actually need one. Here are thirty-six hairbands that can raise your style.

Headbands For Women

Alice Headband

Alice Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

This headband was popularized by the Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland.” A big bow is secured to a horseshoe-shaped band. You can find them in many colors and some are modified to secure your hair instead of just being a cool accessory.

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Black Satin Headband

Black Satin Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Satin headbands are the classic schoolgirl headband. To wear them as adults, wear it as a nice contrast to a curly, tousled hair style. They also work as a nice starting point if you’re looking to add any embellishments.

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Bowknot Headband

Bowknot Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

The bowknot is recognized as a casual headband. It has a classic look that has been worn by people from every walk of life.

The great comedian, Lucille Ball, wore one on her show. Rosie the Riveter also wore a bowknot headband.

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Embellished Headbands

Embellished Headbands #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Embellished headbands are the perfect way to add more shine to your outfit. Headbands can be adorned with real gems or rhinestones.

They can also be wide or found as a single row for a subtle statement.

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Fabric Headbands

Fabric Headbands #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Today’s fabric headbands are generally used as sweatbands. They can be made of polyester, terry cloth, or microfiber.

Beyond your workout, you can find fabric headbands in pretty prints, colors and patterns.

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Faux Braid Headband

Faux Braid Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

If you can color your hair to get a close match, braided headbands are an easy way to create a natural Bohemian look.

It keeps your real hair out of the way and builds on the illusion of length and volume.

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Floral Headband

Floral Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Floral headbands are usually worn by young girls like the flower girl at a wedding, but really, anyone can wear one.

If you want to add a couple of flowers to your hair, wearing a floral headband is an easy way to secure them.

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Glitter Headband

Glitter Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Any plastic headband can be converted into a glitter headband.

The headbands shown are adjustable and add the right amount of bling to your hair.

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Golden Laurel Headband

Golden Laurel Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Laurels have been worn since ancient times. They were presented to winners of competitions and worn by aristocrats.

Wear a golden laurel headband when you’re attending a party and you want your star to shine bright.

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Knitted Winter Headbands

Knitted Winter Headbands #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Knit winter headbands are so gorgeous you’ll wear them all the time.

They’re great for cool winter days when a hat would feel bulky. They’re also very useful for preventing ski goggles from slipping.

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Plastic Headbands

Plastic Headbands #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Traditionally worn by children, plastic headbands have gained favor with adults. It’s probably because they’re available in so many colors.

They can be used as an anchor for head wrap styles made with scarves. They’re also great for holding back your hair when you’re trying to cut your own bangs.

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Polka Dot Headband

Polka Dot Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Polka dots never go out of style. This is a fun look that works well during the spring and summer.

While black and white patterns are traditional, you can see from the photo that it has a “wow” factor in red and white.

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Ponytail Headband

Ponytail Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

A ponytail is the easiest way to keep your hair back during a workout. The problem comes when you’re heading outdoors on a cold day.

Ponytail headbands are designed to cover your ears and they have a hole in the back for your ponytail. This keeps your ponytail from allowing the headband to slide upwards and keeps your ears covered.

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Scarf Headband

Scarf Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Scarf headbands are long and narrow. Secure them by tying off the end, leaving a long tail.

They’re an affordable way to accessorize your wardrobe and can be worn by every age group.

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Toothed Headbands

Toothed Headbands #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Toothed headbands are so named for the comb-like teeth that extrude from the frame. The base is wrapped in fabric.

Choose a headband like this when you would like to show off your hair while keeping it under control.

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Turban Headband

Turban Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

The function and style of turban headbands have made them a popular accessory around the world. They’re sometimes referred to as Twist Turban headbands.

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Velvet Headband

Velvet Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Velvet headbands add glamor to any outfit. They’re durable and hold their shape all day.

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Woven Headband

Woven Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Woven headbands are a lifesaver when you’re having a bad hair day. They slip on and off so you don’t have to worry about a knot coming loose or tying it too tight.

They’re made from acrylic and cotton blends.

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Yoga Headband

Yoga Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Yoga headbands are made from wicking materials that keep sweat off of your forehead during a heavy session.

They’re also wide enough to keep any hair style in place while working on any pose ranging from standing straight up, to standing on your head.

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Headbands For Men


Bandana #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Bandanas are made from cotton and come in a rainbow of colors. They can be tied like a band or worn as a head cover.

Traditional bandanas have a recognizable paisley pattern printed along the border.

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Devil Headband

Devil Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

This novelty headband is lightweight and easily slips on and off. Keep one handy for Halloween and role-playing games.

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Floral Headband For Men

Floral Headband For Men #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Floral headbands are a fashion accessory. This isn’t typical office attire, but many artists and free spirits can express themselves with a colorful headband.

They’re made from different materials. If you have dreadlocks, wearing a headband will give you a sophisticated look.

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Gym Headband

Gym Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Gym headbands are made to keep your hair back and the sweat out of your eyes. You can wear them during just about any activity.

They’re made from moisture wicking materials that will also keep your head cool. They can be worn as is or underneath a helmet.

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Hachimaki Headband

Hachimaki Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Hachimaki headbands carry a deep meaning in Japanese culture. They’re worn by anyone facing a challenge or struggle.

Traditional headband colors are white, red, or a combination of both. It was popularized by the movie “The Karate Kid.”

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Headband Ribbed Men

Headband Ribbed Men #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Ribbed headbands are usually warmer than your standard cool weather headband. They can be made with high performance textiles that have exceptional insulating properties.

The rib knit itself is noted for its durability and warmth.

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Knitted Headband For Men

Knitted Headband For Men #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Knitted headbands are a warm accessory that makes a great gift. They’re usually knit from cotton, yarn, and elastic.

These wide bands will keep your ears warm and your hair under control.

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Pirate Headband

Pirate Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Pirate headbands are about two inches wide. They tie in the back and have a tail. To get the true look of a pirate, you should add the Jolly Roger symbol somewhere.

This is the skull and crossbones seen on the flag of a pirate ship.

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Stretchable Headbands

Stretchable Headbands #headbands #fashion #trendypins

When you’re trying to control your hair but still want breathability, try stretchable headbands. They’ll give you the best of both worlds.

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Thin Headband For Men

Thin Headband For Men #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Wear a thin headband If you want to add volume to your hair. These are not made for controlling flyaway hair. Its primary use is as an accessory.

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Warbonnet Headband

Warbonnet Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Indigenous peoples of North America wore these as symbols of strength and power. As members of a tribe performed acts of bravery, they were awarded feathers.

Their collection would eventually be woven into a war bonnet.

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Wide Headbands

Wide Headbands #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Wide headbands cover a large portion of your head. If you have thick hair that you want to keep under control, this is the way to go.

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Wreath Headband For Men

Wreath Headband For Men #headbands #fashion #trendypins

These laurel leaves are very popular at parties that have a Greek theme, such as a toga party.

Since it’s also associated with marathons, they can be seen at running events, too.

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Headbands For Women And Men


Festive #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Festive headbands are available for every occasion. You can find antlers at Christmas, bunny ears at Easter, and the year for New Year’s eve.

The only problem may be if the decoration is too heavy for the base. You may have to secure it with bobby pins.

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Karate Headband

Karate Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Karate headbands tie in the back and have a long tail. They’re similar to the Japanese hachimaki.

Traditional color choices are black or white, but more colors are available when they’re worn as a fashion accessory.

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Running Headband

Running Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Headbands designed for running can also be used in other sports. They can be made from materials to suit the season. The fleece headband pictured covers the ears, making them great for winter runs.

The bands are wide to prevent sweat that comes off your hair and head from spraying everywhere.

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Tennis Headband

Tennis Headband #headbands #fashion #trendypins

Male and female athletes both wear headbands to keep hair and sweat out of their eyes . It often becomes part of their persona or brand, as their sponsor’s name could be printed on it.

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