12 Most Popular Types Of Nose Rings -Styles And Designs

Nose rings are a great way to show off your personality. There are designs and styles for every occasion.

12 Most Popular Types Of Nose Rings To Look Stunning #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

What kind of nose ring should you choose? We found out the choices can be overwhelming. Take a look at the twelve most popular types of nose rings. We’ll also look at the best materials for nose rings. Some are not as great as we thought.

1. Barbell Nose Ring

1. Barbell Nose Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

Barbells have a ball screwed into each end. It gets its name from the shape of its stem.

Curved barbells are designed for bridges. Horseshoe or circular barbells work with septum piercings.

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2. Captive Bead and Bar Closure Nose Rings

2. Captive Bead and Bar Closure Nose Rings#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

This ring is available in an open style and closed style. Shown here is the closed style.

To prevent the ring from slipping out, one side clicks shut into the side of the bead.

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3. Fake Nose Ring

3. Fake Nose Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

The faux hoop is a hoop with an open latch. This is also known as an open beaded hoop since a bead at one end prevents the piercing from sliding out.

Another type of open hoop uses an ‘L’ shape in place of the bead to hold the piercing in place.

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4. Fishtail Nose Ring

4. Fishtail Nose Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

Fishtails have longer stems. The decorative end can be a bead, gemstone, or other decorative element. After you insert the ring, your piercer or jeweler bends the open end into a J-shape.

These are a great choice for getting a custom, comfortable fit. The biggest disadvantage is that changing the nose ring means a visit to your piercer.

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5. Gemstone Nose Ring

5. Gemstone Nose Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

Gemstones of any type can be found on the end of a nose ring. You can choose a semi-precious stone, diamond, cubic zirconia, or a birthstone.

When buying a nose ring with a gemstone, be sure there are at least four prongs to secure the stone. Gemstones in settings with only three prongs are lost if one prong breaks.

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6. Half Hoop Nose Ring

6. Hoop Nose Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

Half Hoop nose rings have a gap that’s larger than other types of hoop rings. Think of them like clip-on earrings. You don’t need a piercing to wear them.

There’s a decorative element at one end. They’re great for double piercings. They’re easy to swap out, which makes them one of the most popular types of nose rings.

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7. Labret Nose Ring

7. Labret Nose Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

Labret nose rings are identified by a flat stem at both ends. One part can be unscrewed.

The ring is inserted from inside your nostril. The top is then screwed back on.

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8. L-Shaped Nose Ring

8. L-Shaped Nose Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

An L-Post nose ring bends to form an ‘L’ at the stem . It’s secured by the upper roof inside your nose.

It’s easy to insert but also slips more than other types of posts. They also tend to pinch since it’s a one-size-fits-all type of design.

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9. Nose Bone Ring

9. Nose Bone Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

Nose bones have a strong fan base. They have a straight post like labrets. The difference is the tips are round, not flat. The inner ball is usually made of metal to secure the nose ring in place.

Since dirt can get in through the threads, avoid wearing this style until the hole has healed.

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10. Segment Hoop

10. Nose Stud#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

Segment hoops are like other closed hoop styles of rings. It can turn 360 degrees, so there’s no chance of it slipping out.

The difference is a segment of the hoop separates from the rest of the ring. This makes it easy to insert and secure.

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11. Nostril Screw Nose Ring

11. Nostril Screw Nose Ring#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

The nostril screw can be identified by the C-shaped hook. It’s also known as a corkscrew because of its unique shape. They can be difficult to stay in place. Talk with your piercer to make sure you get a twist ring with a diameter that’s the proper fit for your nose.

They’re sold as Straight, Lefts, and Rights. Rights are worn on the left nostril, Lefts are worn on the right.

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12. Septum Clickers

12. Septum Clickers#nose-rings #fashion #jewelry #trendypins

Septum clickers are like segmented hoops. They have more gems and decorative elements than hoops.

The other difference is it has a latch to snap it shut.

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Materials for Nose Rings

Materials for nose rings all have advantages and disadvantages.

Common materials are acrylic, bioflex, glass, stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, white gold, and yellow gold. Some are stronger while others are better for healing.



Acrylic is the most popular type of plastic for nose rings. The color selection is unmatched. They can melt if you attempt to sterilize it with a harsh chemical. Only wear these after a piercing has healed.

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Bioflex comes from biomass sources. It’s a great material for their first piercing because it can be heat sterilized.

It’s also recommended when your piercing needs to heal from an infection.

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Glass is very comfortable to wear and is available in many colors. Glass is a popular choice for retainers. Retainers are for hiding your piercings at school or work.

As you may imagine, it’s as fragile as any glass. If you’re worried about it breaking but like the look, try quartz instead. It’s a much stronger material while still transparent.

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Stainless Steel

Surgical grade stainless steel will most likely be used during your first piercing and at any time it needs to heal.

Avoid using chemicals for sanitizing. Basic antibacterial soap and warm water will work just fine.

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Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is stamped on the ring as .925. It’s combined with metals that can be irritating to sensitive piercings.

Silver is known for tarnishing. Alternatives to silver are white gold and titanium.

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Titanium is a fantastic choice for body jewelry. It’s strong and extremely lightweight.

Titanium is hypoallergenic and can be heat sterilized. It can be anodized if you want to add a layer of color.

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White Gold

White Gold

Gold jewelry is hypoallergenic. White gold is a great option if you can’t wear silver because of skin sensitivity.

It can be sanitized by a jeweler. It’s usually found in 14 karat and 18 karat alloys.

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Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold

Gold is mixed with other metals to harden it enough for wearing. The karat weight in gold is the amount of gold that is in the jewelry. Don’t pick jewelry any higher than 18 karats.

Larger amounts of gold in the alloy are too soft to maintain their shape.

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