35 Astonishing Types Of Dresses That Will Definitely Grab Your Eye

Everyone wants to look beautiful and amazing in this word.

There are many different types of  dresses available for you which will provide you an excellent look.

There are many designers are working which are producing excellent quality of the dresses.

These types of dresses are becoming very popular. If you can afford a designer then you can get many creative dresses.


35 Types of dresses

Today is the world of designers everyone wants to wear only those dresses which are designed by well known designer.

There are types of dresses names  for women are available in the market you should try these dresses.

They will give you an attractive look with great comfort.


Many women think that only casual dresses provide a comfort and excellent looks but they are wrong.

There are many types of  long dresses for women which are very comfortable and have fancy look.

There are hundreds of different types of dresses – in every style imaginable. Let us check out the most important types of dresses.

You have to go for shopping and buy an amazing long dress for yourself.

Everyone has a different type of body structure. So you should have knowledge about your body type.

You can buy all types of dresses online.

There are hundreds of different types of dresses – in every style imaginable – different types of fabric for dresses, types of summer dresses, types of short dresses, different types of formal dresses.

Let us check out the most important types of dresses.

1. Little Black Dresses

Little black dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This refers to a short dress made in black.

This dress usually is short.

It is appropriate for every occasion.

Every woman should have one in her wardrobe.

2. Backless dresses

Backless dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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A backless dress is a dress designed to expose the wearer’s back.

A backless dress is a type of forma dresses.

It is most commonly worn as evening wear or as wedding dresses and can be of any length, from a miniskirt-length to floor-length.

3. Club Dresses

Club dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Club dresses are by definition, flirty, fun, sexy, sensual, colorful, short, daring, fresh, and provocative.

It can be of any style like this sexy little dress.

4. Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This refers to a tight fitting body.

The type of fabric that is made of this type of is stretchy one.

Its length is usually near or above the knee.

5. Lace Dresses

Lace dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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It refers to a dress that is made of lace.

Lace is a very delicate cloth which is made with a lot of holes in it.

It is made by twisting together very fine threads of cotton to form patterns.

Lace dresses are the perfect option for special occasions.

6. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This is a type of an informal dress.

Maxi Dresses are full length / ankle length dress usually made with a flowy fabric.

7. Midi Dresses

Midi dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Midi dress is not as short as a mini and not as long as a maxi dress.

It’s midi.

Usually used for informal occasions.

8. Short Dresses

Short dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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There are so many different types of short dresses- with hundreds of trend-setting styles, casual, formal.

They are suitable for every occasion.

They are also made of different types of fabric.

They are one of the types of women`s dresses.

9. Skater Dresses

Skater dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This is a dress that has a fitted bodice and a very flared circular skirt.

They have an Aline silhouette with a very defined waist.

This dress is a typical casual wear.

10. Shift Dresses

Shift dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This is a short sleeveless dress.

This dress skims the body without a fitted waist.

It can be made of different types of fabric.

It is a perfect choice for not so slim women because of its unfitted waist.

11. Casual Dresses

Casual dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Look effortlessly glamorous by throwing on a casual  dress and calling it a day.

Perfect for running errands, brunching with friends, and going on semi-casual dates, this dress is extremely versatile.

And that’s not even the best part; not only will a black maxi keep you looking great, but it’ll also keep you feeling comfy all day long.

Just put it on and pair it with your favorite accessories.

12. Formal Dresses

Formal dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Need a gorgeous gown for your next social event or black tie gala?

Women’s formal dress  is the perfect solution for that occasion.

It can be in different length or made of variable fabrics.

13. Yoke Dresses

Yoke dresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This is a type of dress with a shaped top portion of the bodice which is separate from the bodice.

The yoked dress can have a front yoke or back yoke or both.

Yoke Dresses are the effortlessly sexy basic every wardrobe needs.

Dress it down by wearing it over your favorite tee—and pairing it with some chunky sneakers.

Or dress it up with a choker, some earrings, and your favorite heels.

No matter how you style it, you’re sure to look great.

14. Sheath Dresses

Sheath dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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A classic black sheath dress will fill the hole in your wardrobe other.

It is more casual.

A structured piece like this is excellent for a formal event—or a day at the office.

This dress will make going from day to night an absolute breeze.

Just swap your jewelry and shoes accordingly, and you’ll be set.

If you’re wearing your sheath dress to the office, we recommended keeping it simple—layer on a blazer and slip into your go-to black pumps.

15. Tunic dress

Tunic dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This is a loose fitting dress ending near the hips  or near the knee , usually with slits on the side seams.

They are the effortlessly sexy basic every wardrobe needs.

Dress it down by wearing it over your favorite heels or even with some chunky sneakers.

Or dress it up with a choker, some earrings, and your favorite heels.

No matter how you style it, you’re sure to look great.

16. Wrap around dress

Wrap around dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Whether bejeweled, feathered or lined with transparent panels, this  dress is the kind of necessity every closet needs.

I mean, what else are you going to turn to for that super fun festivity coming up?

Have fun.

Go all in on the accessories, layer on everything sparkly you can find, opt for a bold makeup look, or keep it simple.

This is your look, so just do you on this one.

17. Camisole Dresses

Camisole deresses #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This dress resembles the camisole worn as a slip or nightgown.

A camisole dress is a longer version of this and is usually worn over tops.

It can be also short in length.

18. Trumpet Dresses

Trumpet dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This dress resembles the camisole worn as a slip or nightgown.

A camisole dress is a longer version of this and is usually worn over tops.

It can be also short in length.

19. Apron Dresses

Apron dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Not just for schoolgirls, apron dresses are making a comeback for the autumn.

Team with a white blouse for the office, or mix with lurex for the evening.

20. Sweater Dresses

Sweater dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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A sweater dress is a long sweater that can be worn on its own as a dress.

It is usually knee length.

To balance out a pear shape, turn all the heart-shape rules upside down, and choose a sweater dress with top-focused detailing, such as this belted gray turtleneck dress.

A pear shape can wear a fitted skirt, but it shouldn’t be too tight—A-line skirts are always flattering (honestly, they look good on everyone).

21. Tutu Dresses

Tutu dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Tutu dress is a tutu (gathered skirt made with tulle fabric ) with a bodice attached.

There are different types of tutu dresses – Girls tutu dresses, tutu skirts and tutu legging sets.

From flower girl tutus to tutu play set, tutus are perfect for a fun all-day outfit or for costumes.

22. Corset Dresses

Corset dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Corset dresses are constructed from a strong, yet flexible fabric (cotton / satin / leather) that is reinforced with steel boning (flexible steel rods) to give the corset dress great strength for cinching in your waist and accentuating the curve of your hips and bustline.

Typically corset dresses are tightened by fastening the front busk (a piece of corset hardware consisting of two steel stays, one with metal loops) and then lacing up the back.

Corset dresses are made to fit around your midsection and can be either an “overbust” or an “underbust,” and depending on your style.

23. Bouffant dresses

Bouffant dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This is a full length gown with lots of ruffles.

24. Shirt Dresses

Shirt dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This kind of dress resembles a shirt in the top portion, with a collar and an open front button placket.

It is a type of a casual wear.

Practical and very comfortable.

25. Off Shoulder Dresses

Off shoulder dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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An off shoulder dress is a type of dress without straps or shoulder joining seams and sleeve caps; the shoulder is laid bare with the sleeves and the bodice cut off at the shoulders.

When this kind of dress has a shoulder seam with only the top of the sleeves cut off, it is called a cold shoulder dress.

26. One Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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It is a dress with straps or shoulder joining seams only on one shoulder; the shoulder is laid bare on one side.

This dress is very suitable for the hot summer nights.

27. Strapless Dresses

Strapless dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This refers to a dress without straps.

It is a type of women`s dresses that is appropriate for all kind of event – formal or informal.

28. Halterneck Dresses

Halterneck dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Halter neck dresses are an effortless go-to style that can be dressed up or down and a must have in every girl’s wardrobe.

Straight from the 90’s and here to stay, the halter neck dress is flattering for any shape and size.

Have an event coming up?

Opt for a halter neck sequin mini dress paired with your favourite matching high heels and you’ll be sparkling the night away with all eyes on you.

Or if casual is more your vibe choose a halter neck jersey dress styled with a pair of fresh sneaks and a leather jacket.

Whatever the occasion, our range of halter neck dresses are a must add to bag.

29. Cape Dresses

Cape dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This is a dress that includes a cape as part of the dress.

Cape dress is at the peak of its popularity! It is a dress made for royalty.

Choose the best style for you and you are guaranteed to look amazing.

There are tons of different variants of cape dresses: lace short and long cape dresses, one shoulder cape dresses, formal, festive and asymmetric dresses.

They can be made from different materials of pastel and bright colors.

30. Aline dresses

Aline dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This dress basically follows the Aline silhouette.

It can also be with a fitted defined waist but the hem is always flared giving the whole silhouette.

This dress imitates the shape of a capital letter A.

31. Tent Dresses

Tent dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Tent dresses are currently all the rage.

Known also as trapeze dresses, tent dresses are versatile – making them perfect for a stroll in the park, an outdoor dinner, or warm summer evenings, thanks to their breezy design.

32. Drindle Dresses

Drindle dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Each country has its own set of cultural values making it special: language, cuisine, traditions, etc.

Dress is also a national peculiarity.

Speaking of Germany, Dirndl dress and Lederhosen are the typical pieces of clothes.

33. Drop Waist Dresses

Drop waist dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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This is a type of summer dress with additional fullness pleated gathered to one side or both sides.

34. Fit and Flare Dresses

Fit and flare dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Because the goal for every body type is to create a silhouette of balance and equal proportions, the fit-and-flare dress is a great option.

The silhouette of the fit-and-flare dress is an hourglass itself.

Because the waist is so defined and contrasts against the flare of the skirt, it makes the torso also appear wider, thus creating a balance of volume between the torso and hips.

35. Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress #dresses #fashion #trendypins

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Your wedding day is the one day where you are the star of your own show, where all eyes are on you!

It is the one unique event in your life which is filled with monumental significance – a day where you wish to look and feel more beautiful than ever.

That`s why you choose a wedding dress to wear at that special event.



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