15 No Diamond Rings That Will Make You Feel Like A Princess

Eloquent, elegant, insatiable and flawless…

15 no diamond rings that will make you feel like a princess

Behind every ring in this world, there is a story worth seeing, writing and sometimes even experiencing. The symbolism behind the shape and style of the rings is way too great to comprehend and yet, we will try to see what is kept behind some of the oldest forms of jewelry.

Diamonds and sapphires are the golden stars in our princes’ story. From here to eternity, we know the beauty of a gem is nowhere near as our eyes can reach. It’s not about just beauty. It’s about a form of life that crystallized and became a mark of faith, love and the incredible wonders of living itself.

1. Sapphire Stories

Butterfly round cut engagement ring

When it comes to a round circle of happiness, the flawless sapphires are the cherry on top.

The beauty of the sapphires and the aquamarines is natural and effortless, it shines without shyness.

What is a white sapphire but a symbol of the heavens, loyalty, purity, and style?

It also marks the path for faithfulness.

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2. Read My Fingers

15 no diamond rings

There is a design that is full of signs and symbols.

Did you know that sapphires are also the birthstone for the month of September?

The ninth month in a row brings us thoughts of completion, protection, warmth, and maturity.

It’s about the gifts of health, enchantment, and love.

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3. No Second Thoughts


15 no diamond rings 3

A good precious ring is rarely an impulse purchase, it ought to represent a special part of our take on life.

It protects, signifies and amplifies our characteristics.

Especially when we buy it for special occasions, we don’t want to hesitate, overthink or be too impulsive.

It’s about the right balance.

The gem is the one that balances the decision and the intuition shows us where we are.

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4. Heartfelt Blue

15 no diamond rings 4

Did you ever think why royals normally love the blue color so much?

Blue sapphires and diamonds are not just symbols of the royal power.

They are protectors of a great kind, known to man since ancient times.

Desired by many, obtained by just a few.

Now, in our century they are a tad closer to our hands.

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5. Crowning Ceremony

15 no diamond rings 5

One step further, we find another crown jewel on our list.

For those who truly want to embody the royal experience and its glamour, this is a good ring finger to take a look at.

this is a good ring finger to take a look at.

It speaks directly, it sparks and shines in white.

Such a transparent, honest present.

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6. Light as a Crown

15 no diamond rings 6

“Heavy is the crown”, they said.

Light is the crown, if it is placed on your finger I reply.

Violet and purple stones are a precious detail to have on your hand or at your home.

They represent one of the highest vibrations and frequencies, a deeply spiritual and enticing element

and a good reminder of a healthy heart.

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7. Celebrating Life

15 no diamond rings 7

Life circles, it swirls and sways, it leads us to unknown places and

places that we know from deep within ourselves.

It’s an endless discovery, an attempt to find out who we truly are.

This gentle piece of art shows that the ups and downs are paths of a spiral.

There’s a trajectory we have to go.

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8. Lucky Elephants


15 no diamond rings 8

Elephants are the famous lucky charms of the world, known to bring good fortune and positivity.

They are amongst the species on Earth of the highest evolution.

Graceful, strong and incredible in their own way,

they look even more beautiful doing their dance on a romantic ring.

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9. Music to My Ears


15 no diamond rings 9

There is something special about the treble clef, it’s form and grace are remarkable.

Add in the notes and now the symphony begins.

This ring is a heart-warming display of affection for those who truly love the music of their lives.

Another positive vibe, another precious jewel.

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10. Clover Charm



15 no diamond rings 10

Rose gold is one of my favorites. It is a whimsical example of how good a ring can be.

The clover is one of the famous lucky charms.

Four leaves, a fine cut and a charming look.

This is a ring for a gentle hand, for a good heart and a positive mind.

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11. Open Up


15 no diamond rings 11

Now, we get even more serious. The ruby is not a stone for just anyone, you know.

The special silver ring represents an open view to infinity.

Matching hearts, elevated spirit, and a new promise.

This is a good ring for those who are not afraid to take a leap of faith.

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12. Sensational Elements

15 no diamond rings 12

Gold and silver look beautiful together.

There is also a small crown on top, the little jewel looks wide open and brings a new quality.

By having a ringer open, you allow for more space, for the energy to circulate.

I like these option because the complete circle is sometimes restrictive.

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13. Skull Ring

15 no diamond rings 13

For those who are brave enough and somewhat avant-garde in their thinking,

this ring can be an interesting experiment. It’s rare that someone buys a finger like this one,

It’s rare that someone buys a finger like this one,

it can be challenging and enticing at the same time.

Choose wisely.

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14. A Woman’s Land



15 no diamond rings 14

This mermaid is quite unique. Take a look at how the finger has been put together.

Graceful, elegant and pure, this one holds a lot of potentials.

A great piece, a wonderful mermaid tale, and a heavenly pose.

So many details, so much to look at and marvel.

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15. Octopus Emerald

15 no diamond rings 15

Another unique solution!

The emerald makes us reflect, reminds us of composure and peace.

It has a soothing quality, it refreshes our take on life.

Such a complex symbolism for relationships, emotional value and how we handle things.

This gem brings a new perspective.

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