30 Fascinating Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas

Dreamcatcher tattoos have been transformed from its cultural roots into personalized statements.

The hoop represents the universe. A spider’s web filters negative energy, allowing positive energy to be transmitted downward through the feathers to the dreamer.

You’ll find thigh dreamcatcher tattoo ideas here to jumpstart your journey towards designing your own tattoo.

30 Fascinating Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas #trendypins

The thigh is a large canvas. Ideas you want to include that might not fit on your shoulder or forearm can usually be included on a thigh tattoo.

Thigh tattoos are the perfect place to put a tattoo when you want to make a statement but need to hide them at work.

They’ll be concealed by a longer dress or slacks at work, but revealed when you wear a slit skirt, shorts, or a bathing suit.

Some of the tattoos shown here are temporary. You can mix and match your own design until you come up with something that you might like to make permanent.

Animal Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo Inspirations

Originally, a black hen was the only animal associated with dreamcatchers. Its feathers are used when building a dreamcatcher.

Today, people are comfortable incorporating their spirit animal into their tattoos.

Lion Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

46 Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas To Catch The Good Spirits In Their Net

A lioness is known to be a great hunter and the matriarch of the family. She provides for and protects her cubs.

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo With Butterfly #trendypins

Butterflies are often a symbol of transformation or travel. The anchor on this tattoo could mean a sailing voyage.

Turtle Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Side thigh #trendypins

A sea turtle symbolizes perseverance and creation. This can mean using patience while pursuing a dream.

Black and White Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoos

Black and white tattoos are commonly called Black and gray, as the artist will often use shading to add details and realism.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Side Thigh For Girls #trendypins

The hoop here is oversized compared to the feathers. In true dreamcatchers, the beadwork and feathers are connected to the hoop using strips of leather.

The leather strands were left off of this piece.

Fantastic Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

This black and gray tattoo includes touches of realism. The spider web itself isn’t true to real dreamcatchers, since it should only connect at eight points.

Other than that, the beadwork, feathers, and hoop show a lot of detail.

Grey Ink Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Side thigh #trendypins

The thigh is the perfect place to add multiple hoops on a dreamcatcher tattoo.

Grey Ink Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Thigh #trendypins

The feathers create the path from the dream to the sleeper. These feathers are large and detailed.

The leather strands include turquoise beads, which are traditional elements.

Nice Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Side Leg #trendypins

The detail in the feathers contrasts the simplicity of the hoop. They may hide another tattoo.

Nice Grey Ink Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Side Thigh #trendypins

Three smaller hoops provide symmetry on this large black and gray tattoo.

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo On Left Side #trendypins

Secondary hoops are not found on traditional dreamcatchers. They’re often symbols of family or friends.

Colorful Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoos

Original dreamcatchers were not colorful talismans. The feathers were from a black hen or a bird like the hawk.

The only color was found in the small beads in its spider’s web and the strands of leather and feathers.

Today’s tattoo artists find ways to add more color into their work. Color is found in beads, symbols, and the feathers.

Colorful Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

A very nice watercolor effect in the background enhances the black and white foreground illustration of this dreamcatcher.

Keeping the color to the outside of the talisman prevents the work from looking muddy.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Girl Right Leg #trendypins

Turquoise beads provide the only color on this dreamcatcher tattoo.

Flying Birds And Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Right Thigh #trendypins

Adding birds to these blue feathers symbolizes a dream taking flight.

Nice Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

Feathers on traditional dreamcatchers are not usually colorful as there aren’t many colorful birds in North America.

That doesn’t take away from the beauty of this dreamcatcher. Orange is a symbol of change and spiritual growth.

Side Leg Dreamcatcher Tattoo #trendypins

Adding pale red and blue highlights creates a sense of drama in this tattoo.

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

The spider’s web was replaced by a design that looks more like a compass. Blue feathers often represent freedom and transcendence.

The red shadowing creates energy and passion in this art.

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo Design #trendypins

A heart replaces a traditional spider web hoop in the hoop. The overall blue color could mean regeneration or a connection with angels.

Floral Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoos

Floral designs add a feminine touch to dreamcatcher tattoos. Different flowers have different meanings.

The rose is the most popular and usually symbolizes love or beauty.

Amazing Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

Roses are no less dramatic when using them with a dreamcatcher. This tattoo is all about love and romance.

Sometimes, the meaning is to catch the love of their dreams. Other times, it can be a talisman to bring protection to a relationship.

Awesome Colored Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

Floral additions to dream catchers are usually a feminine touch. The pattern in the smaller hoop has the traditional eight points of the web.

Eight points represent the eight legs of a spider.

Beautiful Side Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

This floral tattoo is a tribute to the owner’s family. There’s a feather for each family member.

Cute Pink Roses Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo #trendypins

The soft pink petals of this flower give this tattoo a vintage feel.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Girl Left Thigh #trendypins

The flowers on this dream catcher tattoo look tropical. The brooch hanging in the middle looks like a vintage piece of jewelry.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Thigh For Girls #trendypins

A softer brooch and small flowers add a delicate touch to this tattoo. This could mean a desire to have a life filled with beauty.

Girl Showing Her Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Leg #trendypins

This double hoop dream catcher has a floral pattern in the hoop. Double hoops often represent generations of family.

Girl Showing Her Leg Dreamcatcher Tattoo #trendypins

An elegant tattoo with a rose, butterflies, birds, and a heart in the hoop. Three birds can represent joy and freedom. They can also represent people in your life.

Pink Roses And Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Thigh #trendypins

This is a classic romantic and passionate symbol of following one’s dreams.

Purple Flowers And Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Side thigh #trendypins

Flowers and butterflies represent growth and transformation.

Red Roses And Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Thigh #trendypins

Large roses on a dreamcatcher tattoo can mean a passion for living or capturing romance.

Side Thigh Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Girls #trendypins

Roses, an anchor, a pocket watch, and a locked heart show how much symbolism can be included in a tattoo.

These could represent people or aspects of the owner’s life. For instance, the locket could be a relationship and the anchor could mean travel or sailing. The watch could represent life or longevity.

Since the symbols are hanging where the positive energy is directed, we can guess the dreamcatcher is meant to protect those things.

Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Side Thigh by Javi Wolf #trendypins

A watercolor design became a magical piece of art for this dreamer.

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