36 Trendy Dream Catcher Tattoos For Men

Dream catcher tattoos are a popular choice for both men and women who seek a tattoo design that is both meaningful and visually striking.

The dream catcher tattoo design has its roots in Native American culture, specifically, the Ojibwe people, where dream catchers were originally created to protect children from nightmares and negative spirits.

36 Trendy Dream Catcher Tattoos For Men #trendypins

While dream catcher tattoos are often associated with femininity, they can also be a powerful symbol of masculinity. Men who choose to get a dream catcher design often do so to symbolize their desire for protection, guidance, and wisdom. These tattoos often represent a connection to nature and the spiritual world.

One of the great things about dream catcher tattoos is their versatility. They can be designed in a variety of styles and sizes, from small and simple designs to large and intricate pieces. Some men may choose to incorporate other elements into their dream catcher tattoos, such as animals or other symbols that hold personal significance.

Whether you’re drawn to the spiritual symbolism of dream catchers or simply appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the design, a dream catcher tattoo can be a powerful and meaningful addition to your body art collection. We’re going to take a look at some of the best dream catcher tattoos for men to inspire you.

Arm Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

1. Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Deer

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men 1

The deer in a dream catcher represents good luck. The Anishinabek tells the story of a child who was about to kill a spider. The child’s grandmother stops this child. In turn, the spider weaves a magical web that catches bad dreams.

The legend of the spider woman has taken on a life of its own. Likewise, a good dream catcher design may incorporate some elements that are not normally associated with traditional tribal practices. For instance, you may see designs in the hoop or the hoop itself may be a different shape. A crescent moon dream catcher or a dreamcatcher heart are two shapes that have gained in popularity.

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2. Colorful Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men 2

The wolf is a spiritual guide. It’s also a teacher that can lead the person on a successful path to realize their positive dreams.

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3. Protective Tribal Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men 3

Three wild animals can mean spirit guides. The bear, wolf, and hawk also commonly have the symbolic meaning of protection.

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4. Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Colorful Feathers

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men 4

A colorful dream catcher tattoo looks like it was embellished with beads and teeth. It also looks like tribal symbols adorn each side.

5. Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Background Design

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men 5

This dreamcatcher tattoo design has an intricate background that could be an idea for a shield. The robin is often a symbol of good luck and rebirth.

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6. Mystical Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Men 6

The spirit of the wolf replaces the webbing of the dream catcher. The hypnotic eye color raises the bar of what would just otherwise be a nice dreamcatcher tattoo design.

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7. Dreamcatcher Tattoo Honors Loved Ones

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-7 #trendypins

Here, the person has honored members of his family by having their names inked in each feather.

8. Back Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-8 #trendypins

A typical dream catcher uses a single hoop. Many artists use small dream catcher tattoos connected to a larger hoop to represent family members or close friends.

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9. Wolf Dreamcatcher Back Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-9 #trendypins

A tattoo artist will often like to take artistic license when it comes to back tattoos. The feathers in this dreamcatcher design are usually more uniform. This tattoo uses the shape of the shoulder blade to determine the length of the feathers.

10. Dreamcatcher Wolf Against Dark Background

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-10 #trendypins

An interesting dream catcher tattoo idea where the wolf is howling at the moon. Instead of just seeing the head, we also see the moon and stars. Shading gives it a 3D effect.

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Chest Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

11. Wolf Tattoo for Chest

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-11 #trendypins

Like dream catcher back tattoos, tattoos on the chest tend to follow the major muscle groups like the pectoralis. Subtle shading and coloring set apart this wolf tattoo. The overall grey dreamcatcher design is in line with a grey wolf.

12. Dreamcatcher as a Headdress

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-12 #trendypins

Here’s an interesting chest tattoo where the dream catcher forms a tribal headdress.

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13. Traditional Dreamcatcher Tattoo for Chest

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-13 #trendypins

Here’s a more traditional dream catcher tattoo with blue and red as accent colors.

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Forearm Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

14. Tree of Life Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-14 #trendypins

Some of the best dreamcatcher tattoos incorporate other strong symbolic elements. The tree of life is a common symbol in tattoo art. Bringing it into a dream catcher tattoo is a strong idea that conveys the family.

This tattoo consists of a tree with its branches and roots entwined. The tree of life is a symbol of growth, strength, and stability.

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15. Forearm Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-15 #trendypins

Dream catcher tattoo ideas work well on forearms. The artist has the option of bringing the design right down to the wrist. The geometry of the design matches the tapered look of forearms.

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16.  Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Turquoise

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-16 #trendypins

Peacock feathers have many meanings in tattoo designs and meanings. Proud as a peacock is a common phrase. You can see it here with a turquoise stone hanging from the dreamcatcher hoop.

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17. Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Detailed Feathers

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-17 #trendypins

Here’s an old school style of a dream catcher tattoo. Black ink is still effective and just as artistic as a full color tattoo.

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18. Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Skeleton Key

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-18 #trendypins

A skeleton key is a kind of key that can work on all sorts of locks. Therefore this tattoo symbolizes opportunity. Other interpretations include life or death.

19. Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Artistic Hoop

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-19 #trendypins

A very rustic looking branch style on this dream catcher tattoo. The colorful beads add even more realism.

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20. Gray Wolf in a Dreamcatcher

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-20 #trendypins

Here’s another wolf that appears to be coming through the spider web. Great detail on the fur.

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21. Interpretive Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-21 #trendypins

Birds flying out of the feathers can have many meanings. This appears to mean dreams that are taking flight and becoming a reality.

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Leg Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

22. Reverse Ink Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-22 #trendypins

A white lined tattoo over a dark background is a solid idea for covering an old tattoo.

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23. Sacred Geometry Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-23 #trendypins

Another popular idea is to substitute a sacred geometry pattern for the traditional Ojibwe tribe web. You will often see the Yin Yang symbol in the middle of the hoop as well.

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Shoulders Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

24. Colorful Deer Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-24 #trendypins

A deer tattoo can symbolize peace or leadership. The blue changes the dynamic and helps the deer and its antlers stand out.

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25.  Wolf Against Blue Sky Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-25 #trendypins

Add ferocity to a wolf dream catcher tattoo by showing its teeth and pushing the ears back.

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26. Bear Claw Dream Catcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-26 #trendypins

Bears are often seen as symbols of protection. A bear paw print adds a protective layer to the dreams of the owner.

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27. Bear Claw on Hide Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-27 #trendypins

Here’s another bear claw. This time, it’s found on a piece of cloth being used for the web. There’s a lot of nice detail in this tattoo.

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Side Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

28. Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Red Beads

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-28 #trendypins

Side tattoos are a great place for a large tattoo. Unlike back tattoos, you can admire the work without a mirror.

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29. Line Art Wolf in a Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-29 #trendypins

An interesting line drawing idea for combining the spirit animal and the spider web.

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30. Blue Feathers and Small Hoops in a Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-30 #trendypins

Smaller hoops can represent people who are important in your life, but they can also represent goals or accomplishments.

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31. Classic and Realistic Dreamcatcher

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-31 #trendypins

This dream catcher tattoo is so literal, it even has a hook on the top.

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Sleeve Dreamcatcher Tattoos For Men

32. Blackbird Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-32 #trendypins

Blackbirds, such as crows and ravens, are known for their intelligence. They are a popular spirit guide for their ability to channel the right path for the owner.

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33. Sacred Geometry in a Headdress

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-33 #trendypins

A sleeve tattoo can be on the arm or leg. Unlike tattoos on the calves, a sleeve tattoo will start as a thigh tattoo and extend to the ankle. A tribal sleeve featuring a magnificent headdress. A flower replaces the spider web.

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34. Dreamcatcher in a Headdress

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-34 #trendypins

A native American queen with a dreamcatcher in her headdress. Great detail and touches of red and white accents make this tattoo sleeve stand out.

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35. Detailed Beadwork Headdress Thigh Tattoo

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-35 #trendypins

A minimal amount of detail in the neck area allows for a larger face to be displayed.

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36. Native American Tattoo with Quotation

dream-catcher-tattoo-for-men-36 #trendypins

This tattoo sleeve honors a native American chief in image and words.

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