20 Delicate Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs That Will Captivate You

Today’s tattoos are a symbolic way to tell a significant story in a person’s life. Dreamcatchers and butterflies are two of the most popular subjects for tattoos. Both are feminine symbols, representing dreams, protection, and transformation. Let’s take a look at some delicate butterfly dream catcher tattoo designs to inspire you.

20 Delicate Butterfly Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs That Will Captivate You

Dreamcatchers are associated with traditions of Native American cultures. They were said to filter bad dreams from sleeping children. The rings were made of willow tree limbs. The web was woven by a spider woman. Today, native American tribes make dreamcatchers as part of their hand crafting culture. They’ve taken on more meanings and are used as amulets to ward off evil spirits and negative thoughts. 

Butterflies often have symbolic meaning in tattoos. They can represent the souls of loved ones. They can also represent transformation. Imagine yourself transforming from a chrysalis into a fully winged butterfly.

Colors also have different meanings in tattoos. While it’s almost a given that black represents darkness, bad omens, or death, other colors have their place in body art. Think about the seven chakra colors. They are used by energy healing practitioners to release blockages. You may want to think about these colors when coloring in a black ink tattoo.

1. Realistic Butterfly on Dreamcatcher

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The detail on this thigh tattoo is interesting. It’s unusual to see a tattoo where the butterfly casts a shadow. The willow vine that forms the dreamcatcher is very realistic, too.

2. Colorful Butterfly Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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Colorful butterflies fly around a crescent moon dreamcatcher. Notice the anchor hanging off the bottom? That could mean travel or, more symbolically, stability or a place to call home.

3. Floral Butterfly Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This is an example of how flowers and color can have meaning in a tattoo. Birth flowers that coincide with the months of the year and state flowers are common symbols. They may be used to represent the owner or family members.

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4. Dragonfly Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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A dragonfly dreamcatcher tattoo can have a similar meaning to a butterfly. Both are symbols for change, but dragonflies can mean a change in circumstances, while a butterfly can represent inner transformation.

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5. Single Butterfly on Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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A larger tattoo with a single monarch butterfly alight on the dreamcatcher. A broken feather is often a symbol of being wounded in battle. In contemporary terms, this could mean a bad ending to a personal relationship.

6. Butterfly on Floral Vine Tattoo

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This butterfly connects two flora vines. The color violet can mean finding deep meaning in dreams. It’s associated with the third eye chakra, which is connected with intuition.

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7. Roses and Butterflies Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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Blue connects with the throat chakra. This is all about communication. Roses represent love and romance. Put them together and we see a dream of a loving connection.

The tattoo itself is a good representation of an authentic dreamcatcher.

8. Blue Butterflies in Dreamcatcher Garden

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This image looks like a scene from nature around a dreamcatcher. It’s almost as if a garden is growing from the amulet. Using two different colors for the beads can represent a harmonious blend of feminine and masculine qualities.

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9. Large Butterfly and Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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An orange butterfly on the back is often symbolic of coming of age. As this is a black-and-white photo, we don’t know if that’s the meaning here or not. However you want to look at it, it’s a very strong statement.

10. Full Color Butterfly and Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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Without shading and heavier outlines, this tattoo looks like it was inspired by traditional tattoo artists.

11. Large Nature Inspired Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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Butterflies make everything beautiful. It isn’t just about color, it’s about the details in their delicate wings. This is what makes them a favorite for tattoo artists. This tattoo is a great study of black ink line art.

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12. Dreamcatcher With Butterflies Tattoo

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Here’s an interesting dreamcatcher tattoo with a Celtic trinity knot at the end of a strand. These represent air, water, and earth. They can also mean the spiritual cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Each of the three butterflies is unique as well. These are definitely tied to the Celtic knot, but we can’t be sure how the story fits together without knowing the owner or tattoo artist’s intentions.

13. Blue Tinted Dream Catcher Tattoo

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The color blue isn’t just about communication. It can also mean stability. The tattoo artist can convey this by using the color in unconventional ways.

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14. Red Tinted Dream Catcher Tattoo

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White is one of those colors that’s almost impossible to achieve in a tattoo. For that reason, we can be nearly certain this is a temporary tattoo. The soaring birds are a nice touch. Like butterflies, they can represent travel or souls.

15. Dream Catcher With Butterfly Web

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The butterfly covers nearly the entire web of the dreamcatcher. Its wings are more reminiscent of a bird’s feathers than butterfly wings. This is a reason to be very specific about the type of butterfly you want on your tattoo. Moth tattoos have different meanings. Many goth tattoos use moths to represent negativity. If your butterfly dreamcatcher tattoo idea is about transformation, be sure and pick the right type of moth design.

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16. Heart Shaped Dreamcatcher & Butterfly Tattoo

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There are several standout details in this tattoo idea. The heart shaped dreamcatcher is unique. The monarch butterfly shows off a lot of realistic detail. Finally, the way the artist is able to create transparent dragonfly wings is commendable. Whether it’s permanent or temporary, it’s a very nice piece of art.

17. Single Color Tattoo With Dreamcatcher & Butterfly

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Another butterfly and dreamcatcher tattoo tinted in a single color. It’s a tattoo idea that can be easily copied using any color you choose.

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18. Personalized Butterflies & Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

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Look closely to see this thigh tattoo celebrates the owner’s family. Blue and pink butterflies are gender identities. You can see two names tattooed in script hanging among the dreamcatcher’s feathers.

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19. Long Butterfly and Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This butterfly and dreamcatcher tattoo design idea is pretty straightforward. One notable difference is how the spider web extends out last the willow hoop.

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20. Large Butterfly on Dreamcatcher

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Here’s a simple butterfly tattoo idea. The butterfly is less complex, as is the detail in the feathers.

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