25 Outstanding Dream Catcher Sleeve Tattoos For Everyone

Dream Catcher Sleeve Tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoos are derived from the Native American culture, specifically from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe of the central United States and Canada. The tattoos usually involve hoops with spider web-like patterns woven inside while feathers and other embellishments are added to the bottom.

The Chippewa tribe believed in a transcendent character called ‘Spider Woman’, who was deemed as a protector for the tribe’s children. Dreamcatchers were made to act as a talisman for protection against bad dreams and spirits, especially for tribe members who were migrating.

Therefore, dream catcher tattoos are not only gorgeous but they also have a symbolic meaning. The hoop represents the circle of life, the web pattern ensnares spirits and bad dreams, and feathers act as a guide for good dreams into a person’s mind.

25 Outstanding Dream Catcher Sleeve Tattoos For Everyone #trendypins

Today, we’ll discuss 25 dream catcher sleeve tattoos you can use as inspiration for your next tattoo appointment.

1. Crow Dream Catcher Tattoo

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This dream catcher sleeve tattoo uses birds to create a symbolic and delicate piece. The crow is a symbol of strength and regality and birds are usually associated with perspective and freedom. They signify broadened horizons and a sense of liberation. 

The design uses a mandala-like pattern for its web and has a single bead at the center which represents the protective spider.

2. Shaded Dream Catcher Tattoo

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This blackwork forearm dreamcatcher uses deep black ink and bold lines to create a visually striking body art piece. This style highlights the intricate lotus pattern of the hoop as well as the feathers, intensifying the dreamcatcher’s protective symbolism.

3. Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This intriguing and powerful dream catcher sleeve tattoo design uses a wolf instead of a hoop. Wolves are a symbol of strength, courage, and loyalty, and this design could represent the spiritual strength and insight in navigating dreams.

4. Caged Eagle Dream Catcher Tattoo

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There are many variations of dreamcatcher tattoos. For instance, this design replaces the web with an eagle and uses a thorned hoop.

Native American tribes believed eagles were spiritually and physically closer to the gods, making them sacred creatures. This also explains why eagle feathers are often used in dream catcher tattoos.

5. Three Hoops Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Deer Skull

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The deer skull represents spiritual connectivity, resilience, gentleness, and intuition. Its incorporation in this dream catcher sleeve tattoo creates an intriguing and powerful piece.

The tattoo also has three small hoops each with its own feather, elongating the tattoo design.

6. Lion Dream Catcher Tattoo

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The king of the jungle, the lion, is a symbol of courage, strength, and protection. Incorporating a lion’s face in a dream catcher tattoo design can represent the bravery and power to face negative energies in life, and the dreamcatcher itself provides extra protection.

The hoop uses a lotus design for the web, making it more intriguing.

7. Rustic Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This tattoo design uses a traditional Native American hoop made of sticks, making it quite authentic. 

The intricate web design has some unique transparent beads symbolizing good dreams that have been ensnared.

8. Henna Lion Tattoo

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This tattoo idea has a henna lion as its main element. The lion has been drawn with hindu style which could represent spiritual awakening, happiness, and courage. 

Instead of the traditional web, below the lion is a stunning intricate mandala design. Henna tattoos are usually temporary but you can get a similar permanent one and enjoy its  absolute beauty.

9. Full Dream Catcher Sleeve Tattoos

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If you want to take the bold route, you can opt for a full arm sleeve dreamcatcher tattoo. This dreamcatcher design incorporates various elements such as the hoop, eagle, and personalized messages.

10. Dark Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This shoulder tattoo has a hoop with a mythical flying creature inside. The areas adjacent to the dreamcatcher are darker, making it stand out even more.

11. Native American Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This dreamcatcher tattoo features a Native American woman with the hoop ingrained in a Native American Indian headdress.  

The woman is adorned by multiple bead necklaces from which two feathers hang from.

12. Lotus Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This dreamcatcher design uses two hoops with a labyrinthine lotus pattern for the web design. The larger hoop has multiple beads signifying good dreams that couldn’t pass through the web.

The tattoo also incorporates a Native American woman on top of the hoop, paying homage to the aboriginal culture.

13. Bear Dream Catcher Tattoo

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This shoulder tattoo features a raging bear inside the dreamcatcher hoop. The bear serves as a symbol of grounding, confidence, and strength, making the tattoo a symbolic and powerful body art.

14. Hyper-Realistic Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This realism dreamcatcher tattoo presents a precise and detailed Native American woman. The tattoo covers the leg and the thigh, and uses a dark shade to maximize the 3D effect and contrast.

The hoop uses the lotus design and a skull attached to the woman’s chin connects with feathers that have been drawn in a yin yang design.

15. Native American Dreamcatcher Sleeve Tattoo

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This tattoo design is similar to the previous one, but for this one, it features two skulls below the woman’s face and her eyes aren’t painted black. The feather design is also different as well as the hoop.

It would be advisable to find a professional tattoo artist for such designs and follow all safety precautions.

16. Dreamcatcher Leg Tattoo

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The good thing about dreamcatcher tattoos is there are many variations you can choose from a particular design. For this Native American woman dreamcatcher tattoo, the feather hat and hoop design is more intricate and the woman has three bead necklaces.

17. Exquisite Dream Catcher Tattoo

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In this design, the hoop is much bigger than the other ones and takes the place of the feather hat. The lotus web design also features trapped dreams in the form of black beads.

The bead necklaces are of different sizes and there are two small feathers at the ankle.

18. Native American Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Skull

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The Native American dreamcatcher tattoos never seem to end! This design incorporates two mystic skulls above the feather hat.

The skulls symbolize life’s ephemerality and combining them with the dreamcatcher underscores the transient nature of life and the need for safeguarding positivity.

19. Leg Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This dreamcatcher tattoo design is similar to the previous design only that the tattoo placement is at the posterior part of the leg. 

20. Hush Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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This is a personalized version of the Native American woman dreamcatcher tattoo. Its symbolic meaning could be interpreted in various ways but the most appropriate one would be speak no evil.

21. Native American Chief Dream Catcher Tattoo

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We’ve featured several Native American women dream catcher tattoo designs so far. But this one represents the head of the tribe, the Cherokee Chief. His American Indian headdress has a lotus design hoop and there’s a personalized message below his head.

This is a beautiful tattoo for your leg and you’ll be a walking reminder of the aboriginal Chippewa tribe! 

22. Sun Dream Catcher Tattoo

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This is a unique Native American woman dreamcatcher tattoo design. The hoop in the American Indian headdress has a sun that represents the web.

The sun is regarded as the universal symbol of life, vitality and energy, and it gives the dreamcatcher an energizing and positive spirit. The woman also has an eye mask of red paint, which is associated with success, earth, power, energy, and blood.

23. Thigh Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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You can never go wrong with a thigh dream catcher tattoo. Thighs offer enough surface area for intricate dream catcher sleeve tattoo designs. 

This tattoo features a Native American wearing an American Indian headdress, with two skulls on top of it. There’s also another lady above the skulls with the sun in her background.

24. Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo  

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This wolf dreamcatcher tattoo design portrays a sense of power and mystery. The hoop features an immaculate lotus pattern for the web and the dark ink makes the wolf tattoo stand out.

This is an excellent tattoo for a person with light skin tone.

25. Bullseye Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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There’s so much going on in this dream catcher tattoo. The small dreamcatcher tattoo is adorned by beautiful mountain scenery and a woman’s face with a rifle scope to her eye indicating a literal bullseye.

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