21 Cute Bee Tattoos

Bees play a vital role as we all know in the nature.

As tattoos, they can benot only designed alone but also combined with flowers, in a cartoon form, or they may look more realistic.

21 Cute Bee Tattoos #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Bee tattoos are not so popular.

A lot of tattoo artists probably are not keen on such a design.

However, it can be a symbol of a lot of positive meanings that may just match to your lifestyle.

There is a great phylosofy of symbolism behind the bee or honey bee, we have to look carefully  into their life.

One of the strongest feature they possess is loyalty. The bee is extremely loyal to the hive and to the queen.

It does its tasks with a great sense of honor, duty, and consistency in performing.

They travel around to pollinate the flowers, then go back to the hive.

Once done, they will go back out to do it again.

Therefor they are a symbol of unity and family.

Once you understand how loyal they are, you will have a new respect for their natural species.

Its life is extremely structured. All life mentors advise us to stay focused and to be stubborn.

These insects are the greatest model for such kind of an attitude. The hard work that they exhibit can’t be unappreciated.

They symbolize hard work and sacrifice also.

Many of the flowers and crops of today exist thanks to its hard work and dedication.

That is how important they are to our life.

Protection and defense – the other two traits they also symbolize.

The basic rule of their behavior is if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. So, they are not aggressive.

They are not like wasp or hornets. However, when it comes to them, the hive, or the queen, all bets are off.

They will protect themselves, the queen, and the hive at all cost. If it involves them losing their own life, so be it.

They are the ultimate symbol of sacrifice and protection in such cases.

They also hold significance to a variety of different cultures.

In some ancient cultures, the bee was a symbol of the soul, because it could travel far distances and it would always have the ability to find its way home.

Beehives were often used in war, back in ancient Rome and Greece.

They would be launched at enemies — you can only imagine the damage that a few thousand bees could do.

Meanings and Designs

The bee is a positive symbol. Most meanings are positive in nature.

But remember, your tattoo symbolizes what you want it to. Below are some more common meanings behind a bee:















1. Realistic Bee Tattoo

Realistic Bee Tattoo #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

A realistic bee design is commonly applied by tattoo designers.

It is obviously one of the most popular, especially with that geometric honeycomb.

This tattoo is not only popular but also very practical because you can change the shape of the honeycomb to make it fit in every part of the body you want it to fit in.

You can shape it in a rounded form or even in a L-shape to fit in a different part of the body than the leg (which you can see here).

This transformation can be done easily by the help and imagination of a good tattoo artist.

The realistic image of a bee tattoo gives that natural symbolism it represent.

It is preferable by mature people that intend to emphasize that part of their character – realism and clarifying attitude to life as a whole.

2. Bee Tattoo in a Neotraditional Style

Bee Tattoo in a Neotraditional Style #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

These strong coloured lining that this honeycomb has been perfectly worked out with makes that tattoo design unique.

The brightly-coloured bee in that professional execution combines traditional and modern style at the same time.

Incorporating a number of different types and styles in one gives additional symbolism that two generations younger and older can life together when there is understanding and acceptance.

Just like all the bees in their honeycomb in the name of their wellbeing.

Everything is possible when you have clear goals and when you are focused just like the bees.

Petals and flowers make it a more feminine touch, but you could leave these out if you were looking for something a little more masculine.

Just a simple improvisation and you will find out what matches you best.

Do not forget the basic idea of tattoos – to help you express yourself, so do not make any compromises – pick up what you like and leave out what you don`t.

3. Just bee in Black Tattoo Design

Just bee in Black Tattoo Design #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

There are a lot of meanings applied in these specific bee tattoo designs.

But loyalty is at first place.

A worker bee is famous for its loyal character, to his queen and his hive, and will work continuously and tirelessly, defending it at any cost.

Bee is extremely devoted in doing this and deserves admirations.

This simple black and white bee tattoo design definitely could add a hint of loyalty to a bigger tattoo piece, perhaps a leg or arm sleeve?

4. Cute and Realistic Honeybee Tattoo

Cute and Realistic Honeybee Tattoo #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

It’s not only cute but also realistic.

Those are just two reasons why we so addicted to bee tattoo designs like this humble honeybee.

Displaying loyalty, the bee could also be symbolic of honour and duty, keeping in line with how every bee has its place within the much bigger workings of the hive.

This is the perfect ideal example of a teambuilding.

There is much that bees can teach us.

Bees do what is necessary to keep the other bees and queen safe consistently, 24 -7.

Every second of every minute of every hour.

5. Amazing Rainbow Bee

Amazing Rainbow Bee #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

If you want to add a sense of colour to your bee tattoo designs, this beautiful jewelled number is the perfect example take inspiration from.

There is no doubt that this cute little heart shape worked in dots helps to add a little something extra to the entire immage, and also works if you want to escape from the more traditional, realistic styles.

Cute and almost cartoon-esque, it’s one that deserves to be put in the to-do-list tattoos.

6. Bee in a Neo-traditional Style

Bee in a Neo-traditional Style #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

This design is full of colors and it is so bright.

This is great design to be incorporated into a round shape of an arm.

Worked out in 3-D it looks so realistic not only because of the colors on it.

This shows an additional respect to all these precious features.

Sometimes small things are important in life.

Bees are the best approval.

Just enjoy your tattoo and be proud of your respect to them – to the magic power of the nature.

7. Bee Tattoo – Beauty in the Simplicity

Bee Tattoo – Beauty in the Simplicity #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Simplicity not once have been considered as a guaranty of beauty.

This cute, simple and actually really pretty tattoo is a great example of that statement.

That’s what we thought when we saw this little bee design.

It can be used as a perfect way for filling gaps in a larger space, or for those little spots – wrists, ankles, etc. – it’s bright, colourful, and brings the buzzy theme in without any extra work necessary.

Even better than that, it’ll pack an impact without needing to add something really big.

8. Bee Tattoo in Black and White

Bee Tattoo in Black and White #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

What an absolutely ammazing design!

The colour combinations of this look is unique, especially thanks to that dripping honey look running throughout the honeycomb back-structure.

Colour-splash tattoos really help to make an impession without the need for extra colouring-in, perfect for those who aren’t a fan of the pain factor because this design saves you a lot of pain.

Let’s admit, tattoos hurt.

9. Bees and Plants Tattoo

Bees and Plants Tattoo #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Bees and plants always go hand in hand, and that’s most definitely the case for these beautiful bee tattoo designs.

You could choose different flowers to mean different things too.

You know flowers are also symbol of life and beauty and tender in it.

So, each flower will have it’s symbols and meanings.

Rose tattoos, as it is said to express new beginnings, hope, undying love, and also balance.

Lilies, on the other hand, are meant to mean spiritual enlightenment and purity.

There are so many different flowers you could add into bee tattoo designs like this one.

Which would you go for?

And what would they mean to you?

So, use all your imagination and choose the best combination that expresses your personality best and then enjoy it.

That`s all to feel unique.

 10. Pretty Bee and Daisy Tattoo

Pretty Bee and Daisy Tattoo #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

The humble daisy tattoo will be accepted in a different way by the different people.

Throughout the years, this cute flower has been considered to symbolise things such as innocence, chastity, purity and love.

Yes, mainly love as the most powerful mean.

This simple bee and daisy tattoo will fit perfectly to is the wrist or ankle, or you could even grow it, creating a daisy chain of flowers with multiple bees, or even multiple bugs.

Bees and bugs always go together.

You could add also a ladybird in there, and perhaps a few butterflies just to make the whole compilation completed and full of life.

So many precious and amazing creatures at the same place will explicit that endless and powerful energy that comes only from the nature.

What do you think you would like to add in there?

11. Bee Tattoo in a Heart-Shaped Full of Colors

Bee Tattoo in a Heart-Shaped Full of Colors #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

We all love bees.

That is a fact and there are so many reasons for that despite the fact that real love is unconditional.

Well, when we talk about our love to the bees we talk about our love to the nature as a whole, in general.

So, do you love bees?

Yes, of course.

There are so many reasons and one of which is because they are wired to do whatever their job is.

The life in the hive is very fixed and every bee has a specific role.

There are usually scout bees in the hive, for example, and these are wired to go out into the great wild and look for new places that contain food and nutrition.

There are other bees in the hive too – soldiers, for example, who act as ‘bouncers’ for the club, in this case, a hive.

Bees are very clever and intricate little creatures, and if you love bees (and are fascinated by them) as much as we are, you’ll love bee tattoo designs like this, complete with a stunning honeycomb love heart.

12. Just Friends Bee Tattoo

Just Friends Bee Tattoo #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

These tattoo bee designs are usually uses to symbolize friendship.

Not a usual one but that is loyal and devoted just like the bees are.

This is a good option for sisters, friends and even lovers.

All these relationships are based on loyalty and devotion.

You can use different designs or either the same one. It is up to you. If the symbol is the same it says a lot.

That you belong each other. That you are concerned each other just like the bees in the hive.

There are so many different designs for you. There is a great variety of honeycomb background also.

There are hundreds of ways to express that you insist on that person.

Just use your imagination. You can have it wherever you want it on your body.

Do not hesitate, just do it and enjoy.

13. Bee Tattoo in a Cute Cartoon Style

Bee Tattoo in a Cute Cartoon Style #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Cartoon style that you can use in a bee tattoo will give that additional specific explicit of childhood.

You can’t get much sweeter or cuter than this cartoon-style bee, complete with eyelashes and a rather confused look on its face.

Bees aren’t usually aggressive characters, so this cute style depicts their personalities quite well.

Although not aggressive unless provoked, they will defend their queen and hive to the death.

That’s why you should probably just back away if you find one.

14. Bee Tattoo in a Jeweled Design

Bee Tattoo in a Jeweled Design #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

In the acient times and cultures, the bee stood for so much.

Bees have been considered as a symbol of a soul.

One of the best features of that creature is that it is capable of flying quite large distances to find food for the rest of the members in the hive, yet they would always find their way back home. In the times of Ancient Rome and Greece, bees were used as weapons too.

Don’t you see?

Bees are so much more than just cute and fuzzy little bugs that hang around in our favourite flowers.

They deserve to be protected.

Bee tattoo designs express our appreciation to them.

15. Bee Knees Tattoo

Bee Knees Tattoo #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

This tattoo really is the bees knees.

It is really pretty cute at the same time too.

Knee tattoos are considered to be really painful, so you should  take this into consideration.

There is a spray that we have personally tried to lessen the pain.

For example a good option is Emla Cream (for all our UK readers) can be bought in pharmacists, and numbs the skin for about 45 minutes to an hour.

You need to apply the cream and then cover it with cling film for an hour in order for it to have some results, but for those really painful areas, it really can help.

16. Bee Tattoo with a Plenty of Colors

Bee Tattoo with a Plenty of Colors #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

All colorful tattoos require special treatment.

You should be very careful.

When you have colourful bee tattoo designs such as this one on your skin, you’ll need to take really good care of it to be sure that the colours last for a long time.

It is well known that the sun can have a detrimental effect on your skin and the colour of your ink.

So, to protect the brightness of your colors you have to use a good sun protection lotion, particularly on your tatted-up areas.

If it is possible, keep new tattoos out of the sun, and even more so around lunchtime – the time at which the sun’s rays are more powerful and can really detriment your new tattoo.

You should also make sure you know how to take care of your new tattoo – every artist will  give you an appropriate advice.

You will generally get some information on how you are advised to take care of your ink when you go for your appointment, and if you don’t, ask for more information or look for another artist.

Having a tattoo is also a great responsibility not only to find a good artist that can work out the desired design but also that can do it in a most professional way – hygienic, post advice.

17. Bee Tattoo in a Gangster Design

Bee Tattoo in a Gangster Design #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

For when you don’t aim at cute and feminine bee tattoo designs, how about this gangster bee?

A little more masculine and gruff than your average bee inspired ink, this is a very starnge style.

It’s one that we still adore nevertheless.

What do you think?

Is it your cup of tea?

Let us know – shout out your thoughts in the comments below!

18. Bees and their Beehive Tattoo Designs

Bees and their Beehive Tattoo Designs #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

This is a super pretty design, isn`t it?

We definitely recomend you that option.

A larger leg piece that works together a larger bee hive, along with a few bee inhabitants in it.

And all these love hearts that give additional romance to the whole image.

19. Bees and Daisy Tattoo Designs

Bees and Daisy Tattoo Designs #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

This personalised leg piece is one of the most preferable options.

The unique vision of that tattoo is the little love messages you can see in the centre of those flowers were written on by the family members, and then the tattoo artist inked over the top of them.

You can immortalise someone forever in a tattoo, and that’s one of the biggest reasons we loved bee tattoo designs like this one.

You could even replace those daisies with any other flower up to your preferences and choice.

It is all up to you.

Just use your imagination.

Which flower is your favourite?

Or maybe even have a different flower for each relative?

The possibilities really are really endless, and weare eager to see what you have chosen!

20. Bee Full of Optimism

Bee Full of Optimism #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Really bright  colours always work together well in positive tattoos.

That’s why we really adore this little positive bee, or positivi-bee …

We thought it was really clever, okay?

There are so many jokes about bees.

Here is one we offer your attention:

Q: Why did the bee get married?

A: Because he found his honey …

21. Bees and Roses Tattoo Designs

Bees and Roses Tattoo Designs #bee tattoos #tattoo #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Finally here is our stunning design – bees and dot work roses.

It’s an amazing compilation of colour and black and white, making the contrast really impresive.

That dot work really brings a different acent to your ink.

It’s a definitely new look, but one that has been applied for a long time ago.

It’s one of those tattoo designs that we’re definitely recommending to you.

There is such a great variety, so the choice is yours.

You know yourself better and you are the only one that will find out the one that will match you best.

Do not forget that the tattoo should express a specific idea that you stand for.

Do not waste time and just pick one of these options.

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