31 Heartfelt Food DIY Christmas Gifts: A Culinary Celebration of Joy and Giving

This holiday season, give your family and friends a gift from the heart — and the heart of your home: the kitchen. Make one of these festive treats — cookies, chocolates, jams, and more — and package it in the season’s prettiest wrapping.

Food gifts, especially those that are homemade, will appeal to the foodie in everyone, and creative DIY Christmas gifts that just happen to be delicious are perfect for everyone from your best friend to your kids’ favorite teacher.

Embark on a festive culinary journey with our collection of 31 heartfelt food DIY Christmas gifts, each crafted with love to add a touch of joy and warmth to your holiday celebrations.

Making your own gifts can also be a great opportunity to practice your cookie decorating skills and maybe even get some helper elves involved for a fun seasonal activity.

If you’re looking for a DIY edible gift to complement your homemade treat, try out one of these simple crafts below.

And if you want to add just a little extra something for the person on your list who not only loves to eat food but enjoys making it as well, check out these fun and useful gifts that foodies will also love from our team of kitchen experts.

1. 20 Minute Christmas Crack

20 Minute Christmas Crack #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Little Dairy on the Prairie

These cracks are extremely easy to be prepared. They take only 20 min to be prepared. But these 20 minutes Christmas crack will give you such a pleasure that you won`t regret for the time you have spent on them. All the guest will be totally impressed. Go for that idea.

2. Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Blackberry Babe

It sounds wired but it is not just because of the taste. Bacon is a traditional meal for many people. It is commonly consumed for breakfast but not only. I am sure your friends will appreciate that idea for a gift.

3. Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Rods

Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Rods #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Cincy Shopper

These rods are easy to be prepared. They look extravagant just because of the chocolate on the top of them. And the candies are amazing. They are perfect decoration for the final look.

These caramel chocolate pretzel rods are ideal for a gift for the ones you consider as friends. And of course for the whole family.

4. Caramel Dipped Pears

Caramel Dipped Pears #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via The Kitchen McCabe

Pears as you know are typical for the autumn season. But that caramel accent on the top of them is the most appropriate way to turn them into a Christmas gift. They are original and delicious at the same time. Preparation takes only a few minutes. But the result is fantastic. Just enjoy the shared happiness.

5. Chex Mix Christmas Crack

Chex Mix Christmas Crack #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Princess Pinky Girl

These cracks are extraordinary because of the specific decoration. That decoration reveals the spirit of Christmas holiday. Use your imagination and be generous with all that colorful candies.  

6. Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Sticks

Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Sticks #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Country Living

Christmas sticks are ones of the most typical for that holiday. They are in different decorations. The usual color is red. But they are unique because of their peppermint flavor.

7. Christmas Cookie Cans

Christmas Cookie Cans #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Fun Squared

These cans are full of Christmas taste and mood. You can achieve the best result if cookies are handmade. Decorate them in the way you like. The only thing you need is your imagination. Do not forget to use the typical colors – green and red that symbolize Christmas.

8. Christmas Crunch Gift

Christmas Crunch Gift #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Crazy Little Projects

Christmas crunch gift is another option for the ideal Christmas gift. You can even use Christmas toys for the final decoration. Any extraordinary ideas are welcome. Just in the name of the surprise go for that idea without any hesitation.

9. Christmas Neighbor Gift

Christmas Neighbor Gift #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Love the Day

Neighbors are very important. We all have neighbor and a good relationship with a neighbor makes life easier as a whole. Be generous and make a present for your neighbor. You can also find some time to spend together because of the holiday. Be kind at Christmas.

10. Christmas Tea Trees

Christmas Tea Trees #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Thirsty for Tea

There is no doubt that this is one of my favorite ideas. There are two symbols in this gift – tea and the Christmas tree. They both remind of a cozy atmosphere that is typical for Christmas. There is nothing better than a cup of tea next to the Christmas tree. Romantic and exciting at the same time. Don`t waste your time in doubting. Just start working out that Christmas tea.

11. Cookie Sack

Cookie Sack #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Celebrate Creativity

We have shared so many ideas for Christmas in different shapes so far – cans, jars, bottles. This is the next unique idea – a gift in a sack.  This sack reminds us of a sack of Santa Clause. This sack is a little example of a generous attitude. The perfect gift for all the people that are close for you.

12. Crockpot Chocolate Candy

Crockpot Chocolate Candy #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Dinner at the Zoo

Full of sweetness and joy. Another perfect idea. You can share with friend any time you want to be with them at these holly Christmas days. Combine this gift with a bottle of wine and this is what is Christmas.

13. Crockpot Roasted Sugared Pecans

Crockpot Roasted Sugared Pecans #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Mostly Homemade Mom

Roasted sugar nuts are ones of the most preferable items among Christmas dishes. They are used to decorate the Christmas table. They symbolize health and wealth at the same time. Using them as a gift is absolutely a brilliant idea. This is the best way to wish someone to be healthy and wealthy.

14. Dip Mix Ornaments

Dip Mix Ornaments #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Sprinkle Some Fun

Another interesting container that you can use for a special gift for Christmas. Making such a dip mix expresses your warm feelings and creativeness. This is for sure that this gift will be unforgettable. It is appropriate for everyone you want to make happy.

15. Dog Treat Christmas Gift

Dog Treat Christmas Gift #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via The Suburban Mom

Dogs as pets are considered to be even a member of a family. So, they definitely deserve a Christmas gift and this one is the most appropriate. All the family will welcome that idea.

16. Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties

Easy Christmas Peppermint Patties #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Mom on Timeout

A bowl full of peppermint patties in that Christmas colors. It sounds irresistible. Yes, it is. Original and sweet at the same time. Children will be astonished. Go for that idea and ejoy the result. This will be the perfect Christmas party.

17. Funfetti Shortbread Bites

Funfetti Shortbread Bites #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Cooking Classy

Every bite of these Funfetti shortbread bites is a piece of dream, hope and happiness. Colorful and full of joy they are that real proof of your love and tenderness.

18. Giant Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Giant Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Modern Parents, Messy Kids

Marshmallows and chocolate – isn`t it that irresistible combination you have ever dreamt of. If the answer is yes the next step, is to go for that idea. This is the right way to surprise someone.

19. Holiday Bread

Holiday Bread #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Thirty Handmade Days

Bread in general gathers people. It symbolizes that close relationship among the members in a family. There is nothing better than a holiday bread. Decorate it in the way you like and just count the days left to Christmas.

20. Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Sprinkle Some Fun

This is the perfect set for the perfect cup of cocoa milk. This gift will turn every morning into a magic one. Shared in front of the fireplace with a close friend is called paradise. If you want to make someone happy go for that idea.

21. Mail Carrier Gift Idea

Mail Carrier Gift Idea #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Creations by Kara

You can give your gift by mail. It is so sweet. A little bit old fashioned but just because of the way you chosen that gift the reach the receiver. There is a little bit romance. But remember it is never old fashion to give presents. Happiness in the form of a gift is due to remember. 

22. Peppermint Patties

Peppermint Patties #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

It is really irresistible. It looks like a perfect Christmas gift. I definitely choose this one. For me at first and then for the one I love. Go for that idea. You can even prepare it at home. Homemade present are always advanced.

23. Pretzel Turtles

Pretzel Turtles #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Cooking Classy

You definitely must be very creative to think of such an idea. They really look like turtles. Salt and sweet taste at the same time. Brilliant idea. A perfect surprise. You just need a little more time to prepare them because of the size. They are small but irresistible because of that brave combination between salt and sweet in that unique form.

24. Pringles Christmas Gift

Pringles Christmas Gift #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Fun Squared

Another perfect idea for a Christmas gift. Appropriate for any member of a family or any close friend even for a colleague.

25. Red Velvet Banana Bread

Red Velvet Banana Bread #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Mom Loves Baking

Another unusual option – banana, bread and chocolate. Everyone will be happy to receive such a present. Go for that idea.

26. Rolo Pretzel Sandwiches

Rolo Pretzel Sandwiches #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via I Heart Nap Time

Another idea for Christmas cookies. As usual they are in all these typical color – red, green and white. They remind of a snow and warmth atmosphere at home. In case you want to warm someone`s heart this it the gift for her or him. They are easy to be prepared even at home.

27. Slow Cooker Spiced Nuts

Slow Cooker Spiced Nuts #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via The Real Food Dietitians

It is a weird taste. You can use different spices for the final taste. Everyone will appreciate such kind of a gift.

28. Snickerdoodles Bread

Snickerdoodles Bread #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Lil Luna

Another type of a bread for cozy shades at home. It deserves to be shared with the whole family. Go for that idea. Do not hesitate. Be brave and make some for the ones you love.

29. Soup Mix Ornaments

Soup Mix Ornaments #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Sprinkle Some Fun

Any soup could be a cuisine with such a set. Use your imagination and make that perfect gift for Christmas. You can make as many as you like. They will be  accepted with a grace by anyone.

30. Sugared Cranberries

Sugared Cranberries #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via Through Her Looking Glass

Another irresistible idea and of course in red. Full of creativity and jiy. Perfect for any event especially for Chrismas.

31. William Sonoma Inspired Peppermint Bark

William Sonoma Inspired Peppermint Bark #Christmas #food #gifts #trendypins

via A Modern Homestead

This is a unique one for those who admire William Somona. Creative and stylish gift even for men. That red color is the final ad to the amazing present.

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