29 Best Summer Nail Designs For Unique Look

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Watermelon …

Yes, why not arrange it like a manicure.

It is also good for the beach and for everyday life even in the city.

It’s summer so let’s have fun.

Suitable for sportswear – shorts and a T-shirt or a top in bright colors.

19. Fun Watermelon Nail Design

Fun Watermelon Nail Design #nails #beauty #trendypins

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If the red watermelon is very bright for you, here is a simpler design in pale pink and green.

Let’s add crystals and get manicure, not only nice but also fun.

Combine with a T-shirt and a storm or short skirt and a top.

20. Peach Manicure With White

Peach Manicure With White #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Peach is definitely a summer color, and white is always a classic.

Gentle manicure, suitable from morning to night.

It can be complemented with any clothing and jewelry.

21. Purple Orchid Nail Design

Purple Orchid Nail Design #nails #beauty #trendypins

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There is no woman who does not like orchids, but when it comes to manicure, it must necessarily be in purple.

The gloss gives a shine to the nails.

It will look gracefully in a white dress with high purple shoes and a purple hairclip in your hair.

22. Green And Golden Nails

Green And Golden Nails. #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Gold is always trendy, but light green now acquires a summer accent.

It matches well with a dress in the same tone of green, gold shoes and a bag.

23. Easy Nail Designs With Triangle Tips

V-shaped French Manicure #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Pale pink – quite easy, but when we add black figures, it becomes a stylish manicure for summer evening parties.

With a small black dress and pale pink lipstick, you will be the main figure of the evening.

24. Romantic Negative Space

Romantic Negative Space #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Romantic in pink and white.

Easy to perform and pleasing to the eye.

It stands light and gently.

It would be a great combination with white sandals, pink skirt and white lace top.

25. Flamingo Nails

Flamingo Nail Design #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Let’s add something to the blue-white manicure to make it even fresher.

Flamingos – gentleness and beauty.

Add a white swimsuit and get a summer glamor.

26. Marble Effect

Marble Effect #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Marble effect and soft pink.

Fine and standing out.

Can be combined with white, gray, black and pink clothing.

27. Orange Gold

Rosé Mermaid Manicure #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Orange and gold – classic summer combination.

Suitable for the hottest summer evenings.

With a short or long evening dress and high heels.

Required with light jewelry.

28. Lemon Nail Designs

Lemon Nail Designs #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Who does not like lemon juice during the harsh summer days?

It does not only look refreshing but also fun.

Lets combine it with a swimsuit in pink or yellow to make you stand out.

29. Matte Feathers Nail Design

Matte Feathers Nail Designs #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Bird feathers on matt base in a combination with green and gray.

Gold is for gloss and contrast of the matte base.

It would be appropriate in an alliance with white clothes and gold jewelry.