22 Amazing Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs

Here comes St. Valentine day.

So, it is time for hot valentine’s day nail designs.

22 Amazing Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs #beauty #nails #trendypins

A classic nail design in red or pink is the perfect choice for every occasion.

We will surprise you with some more fresh ideas that will add a little bit crazy stress on your personality.

There is such a great variety in valentine`s nails.

You should do something extraordinary not only to express your lover but mainly for yourself.

Here are some amazing ideas in valentine nail art.

You can wear your heart on your nails with one of these cute Valentine designs.

Here are some fresh valentine’s day nail ideas.

Whether your style is – conservative or extravagant you’ll spot your perfect match among these top picks.

1. Balloon hearts

Valentine Day Nail Art Designs Hearts Baloons  #beauty #nails #trendypins

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The artistic design balances the red and pink.

Balloon is a symbol of airy, something that can fly but also fragile.

Just like love is.

Balloons are here on your nails to show you are ready for the party, to celebrate love you feel.

But also to alert – be aware of my feeling.

So, here is the great example how you can express your personality only by the type of simple valentines day nails.

2. Red- white heart

Valentine's Day Nail Art Decor With Plaid  #beauty #nails #trendypins

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The background of this valentine day`s design reminds of a school uniform.

It gives you the taste of first school love.

The first unforgettable love.

So, choosing such type of valentines day nails art you are just saying to the world that this boy is special for you.

He reminds you of your first love.

It is a brave combination – red and white in the form of heart.

Red as we all know symbolize passion, how love is expected to be, and white – calmness.

This may be your brave way to express your expectations from your lover – to make you feel calm and easy.

3. Candle hearts

Valentines day nails designs square pink red gold studs hearts  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Another great idea of pink valentine day nails.

The candles look so real. It is not only because of the quality of the polish but because of the idea itself.

Love is like flame.

You will not lose from its sparkling light if you light up other candles.

4. Black and white

Valentines day nails in black  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

It is a beautiful and simple valentine day`s nail.

This type of valentine nail design is a simple reflection of the duality in the world we live.

There is something mysterious in this nail stylish.

The hidden meaning may be “Be careful, I know that love can hurt. But I have grown thanks to love.”

Just because love is the best teacher in love.

5. Just a small black heart

Black rose color Valenyine's design art nails  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

If you’re really swept up in the magic of the moment—love is in the air!—then you’ll love this nail design covered in small dark hearts.

Apply a top coat to seal the little hearts in place and to add a bit of shine.

6. Full of hearts life

Many heart nail design Valentine's day nails  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Get literal by wearing your heart on your valentine nails this weekend.

There are of course a million ways to paint the symbol, but try these alternating designs.

7. Lolli pop

Red and White Polka Dot Nail Art with Heart  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

This is one of the cutes designs for the valentine day.

Just like the love itself is, this artistic design reflects the sweetest part of love.

You become addicted to love.

8. Shiny blue

Dark blue and beige Valentine's Day design nails  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Wow effect.

Elegant but full of charm.

And this microprint of the heart.

Just you are saying I am not totally firm.

There is a little bit of romance deep in me.

But why black heart. Is it because your hear has been broken?

Let your valentine day design express your inner you.

Just be brave in finding the best design for you.

9. Xo xo print nails

Xo-xo Valentines day nails  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Is it like a joke? May be yes, may be no.

It is Valentine day. And you decide how to celebrate it.

If your feeling is just xo-xo, so why not.

Just dare to love in xo-xo style.

10. Yes or No diamonds

Valentine's day design nails gold xo-xo  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

An extravagant design of valentine nails.

Similar to the greatest question To be or not to be?

To love or not to love. To dare or to be afraid of love.

If you are a kind of a person that does not trust people easily.

If you need some more time to become familiar to someone.

So, this is the way to express your personal point of view.

11. Simply not

Valentine's day design nails french  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

French manicure. At a first glance it is the perfect pure style.

But just at the first glance.

So, then you notice that small black hurt heart.

It is just a heart symbol on your nails but tells so much.

The form, the size, the color, even the  frame and the background give us so picturesque story of your personal attitude to love.

Amazing, isn`t it?

12. Sparkling gold heart

Valentine's day nails design gold and red  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Hey, girls, here comes the whole romance.

If glamour and expressiveness is your lifestyle this is the best options for you.

But be aware of the whole outfit.

In case you do not, you take the risk your extravagancy to be turned in to lack of taste. 

13. My True Love

Valentine's day design nails red heart  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Wear your heart on your nail beds with this oversized red heart design.

Look at the form of the tops of your nails.

Amazing, the perfect heart.

This type of valentine day design requires not only high quality in nail polish but also skills for the specific form of a heart.

14. The beat of my heart

Black nails red hearts  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Make a statement with a standout glitter nail.

This magenta glitter shade is the perfect balance of black, red and sparkle.

15. A special heart

Valentines nail art designs with gold beads  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

My heart is so special. For all the ladies that are dreaming of a lover prince.

When the romance and softness are priority in love try this design.

16. Sparkling stars

Black silver Valentine's day nail design  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

It is an extravagant design.

Only two colored and mainly in black, this valentine day art version is suitable for night events.

17. Sealed with a heart

Valentine's day love letter nail design  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

The printed background gives such a freshness.

The envelope in the modern world of all social medias emphasizes on – how important for you is to be romantic.

18. So pink

Transparent nails design heart  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

So pink, so gentle.

Perk up a nude mani with chic stones and white hearts along the bottom of each nail.

Just the right about of subtle and sweet!

19. Snowy hearts

Gold hearts nail design  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Valentine’s Day fan or not, we can all agree that this manicure is too cute not to try.

It depends on your imagination – are these hearts in the ice snow or in the hot sand. Just the love itself.

It can melt you or make you feel freezy in case you are out of love.

20. Firm grey hearts

Grey nail design  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Typical French stylish.

No extra colors.

The only message that comes from this nail is “I am confident”.

It is suitable for a business woman.

21. Candies

Candy heart nail design  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Celebrate the only time of year when these delightful little candies.

They are absolutely everywhere.

Don’t just eat them — put them on your mani, too

22. Wedding style

Valentine's day nail design with pearls  #beauty #nails #trendypins

Photo: Credit

So gentle, so soft.

Baby pink with cloudy white.

This is the perfect combination for not only a valentine day art nails but also for your wedding day.

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