10 Best Essie Nail Polish Colors

One of the world famous nail polish brand is Essie.

It started out in 1981.

Nowadays every woman would like to have a few of these beauties in her collection.

10 Best Essie Nail Polish Colors #nails #Essie #trendypins

This brand is perfect because of its bold and vibrant shades are just too good, not to mention their excellent quality and quick drying formulas.

It is one of the very few brands that has won so many awards for their products.

Here is a collection of some of the best Essie nail polishes out of the many gorgeous ones available.

Best Essie Nail Polish Colors

1. Essie Jam ‘n’ Jelly

Essie Jam ‘n’ Jelly #nails #Essie #trendypins

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Jam ‘n’ Jelly is a hot pink polish in a metallic finish with blue undertones.

The color is so bright, it almost leans towards neon.

Requires two coats.

It gives you the perfect look.

2. Essie Vermillionaire

Essie Vermillionaire #nails #Essie #trendypins

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Vermillionaire shines in bright orange color in a creme finish.

I like how bright and bold it is.

Perfect polish to be worn during summers.

Requires two coats.

3. Essie Bold and Beautiful

Essie Bold and Beautiful #nails #Essie #trendypins

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Bold and Beautiful is a dark red with brown undertones in a creme finish.

The shade is a little bit dark and in a vampy style.

It is a good option for those who are afraid of wearing that traditional red.

Requires two coats.

4. Essie Aruba Blue

Essie Aruba Blue #nails #Essie #trendypins

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If you are brave enough and the event gives you that opportunity, this Essie blue nail polish you must posses.

Aruba Blue is a really bright blue polish in a metallic finish.

Requires two coats.

5. Essie Leading Lady

Essie Leading Lady #nails #Essie #trendypins

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Leading Lady is a dark red polish with lots of red glitter in it.

This one is pretty enough to wear for a festive events.

This is the perfect way to express your personality.

It  requires two coats.

6. Essie Cute As A Button

Essie Cute As A Button #nails #Essie #trendypins

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This cute name is perfect for that cute shade.

Cute As A Button is a pretty peach – pink shade in a creme finish.

You can easily wear this shade at work.

This is suitable for a business type woman.

Requires two coats.

7. Essie Lady Godiva

Essie Lady Godiva #nails #Essie #trendypins

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This color  reminds  of some melted dark chocolate.

It is as tasty as chocolate.

Lady Godiva is a dark brown color in a creme finish.

Requires two coats.

You can wear it in every season.

It gives that warmness of winter fire and that dark complexion that is typical in summer.

So go for it.

8. Essie Sexy Divide

Essie Sexy Divide #nails #Essie #trendypins

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Sexy Divide is a nice dark purple with very fine blue shimmers in it.

I would love to get my hands on this one.

Every type of women can choose that color of nail polish.

Requires two coats.

9. Essie Meatballs

Essie Meatballs #nails #Essie #trendypins

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Meatballs is a dark peachy – pink color with fine gold shimmers in it.

This is a neutral shade that anyone can wear effortlessly.

Suitable for every woman no matter the age and occupation.

Requires two coats.

10. Essie Mademoiselle

Essie Mademoiselle #nails #Essie #trendypins

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I love this shade to bits.

Mademoiselle is a tiny light sheer pink polish in a creme finish.

You will need multiple coats if you want full cover, but it is best worn as a french manicure base as in the above picture.

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