Top 25 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs for 2024 – Fall in Love with These Irresistible Styles!

Do you want to be the girl with the perfect Valentine’s Day nails this year?

Look no more; these trends will have you gasping and running for the nearest beauty shop to recreate them.

Discover the Top 25 Valentine's Day Nail Designs for 2024, featuring the most enchanting and trendy styles to celebrate love. Fall in love with our irresistible collection, from classic reds to modern twists, perfect for adding a romantic flair to your Valentine's Day look.

Moreover, there are not just pink and red this time – you can go bold with blue, orange, and purple because being different is the single most crucial thing when it comes to beauty.

1. Sweetheart Ombre


via @heluviee

Embrace the allure of these Ombre French tip nails that radiate a subtle glow, despite their delicately faded appearance. The design, reminiscent of a soft mist, adds a dreamlike, sweet charm to this manicure.

Adorned with charming love hearts, these nails are transformed into a bubbly and stylish statement, perfect for igniting a sense of romance and passion. Prepare to be swept off your feet with this fashion-forward look that’s tailor-made for a day filled with love and affection.

2. Hearts and Stars


via @ellielouisenails

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder with these enchantingly detailed Valentine’s Day nails, a dream come true for those seeking a sweet and sparkling touch.

Are you searching for Valentine’s Day nail art that stands out from the usual palette? This design is your ideal find. With its mesmerizing holographic polish and delicate star accents, it’s a creation that captivates beyond just Valentine’s Day, making it a timeless choice for any romantic occasion or simply when you wish to add a touch of magic to your day.

3. Bleeding Heart


via @maniwithsami

I’ve totally fallen for these V-Day nails, blending gothic-chic vibes with soft-girl touches – so trendy with the Adam’s Family comeback.

They’re a beautiful expression of love’s pain, power, and passion. The bleeding heart accent is my favorite part, adding that extra flair to the overall look. And the best part?

They’re super easy to recreate, even for a non-pro nail artist like me. Nail stamps or stickers work wonders for the French tips, and a bit of red polish with a thin brush does the trick for the adorable bleeding heart.

4. Blue Hearts


via @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

I’ve discovered that Valentine’s Day nails don’t always need to stick to the classic reds and pinks. I’m loving this cool, ultra-chic design featuring unique blue hearts set against an icy backdrop – it’s almost like a futuristic twist on Valentine’s!

I usually go for simple, milky nails, but adding these little blue hearts really elevates the look.

I’ve been using the blue Royal and milky gel polishes, and they’re fantastic – not only easy to apply but also give a stunning finish, perfect for this fresh take on Valentine’s nails.

5. Go Royal Blue


via @_nailsbybethany

I’m totally smitten with this playful Valentine’s Day manicure! It features a whimsical cutout heart that seems to jump from one nail to another.

It’s on the more innocent, cutesy side of Valentine’s designs, which I absolutely adore. For a unique twist, why not try a less conventional color for February, like Royal Blue or hot pink?

Plus, I’ve noticed the nail shape really makes a difference – it can turn this design from a hit to a miss, so choose wisely!

6. Blue Waved Hearts


via @fasia.nails

I’ve stumbled upon this totally groovy Funkadelic addition to my Valentine’s Day manicure list. It’s unique and oozes cool vibes – you won’t find another Valentine’s manicure like this!

The nails are a blend of purples and blues with a touch of polished white, a darker twist on the usual Valentine’s love palette.

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to nod to the Valentine’s theme but in a chic, understated way.

7. Cute & Chic


via @polished_yogi

If you’re all about sugar, spice, and everything nice, then you’re going to adore these nails. They’re the epitome of cuteness and softness, perfectly capturing that feminine touch.

Decked out in classic Valentine’s Day hues, they range from soft pinks to rich, near-red tones, with adorable hearts dotted throughout. They’re just right for a sweet and charming Valentine’s look!

8. Classic With Black


via @amberjhnails

I’ve noticed formal Valentine’s Day nails are back in style, and this set of sophisticated black Valentine’s nails is a prime example.

I’ve been searching for a design like this for ages and can’t wait to try it out. Black French tips are always stunningly elegant, and the addition of an accent heart nail gives it that perfect touch of softness.

It’s a chic and exciting take on Valentine’s nail art!

9. From Pink to Red


via @amberjhnails

I’m absolutely captivated by these vibrant heart nail designs. They brilliantly embrace the current French tip revival and give a nod to the trendy 90s vibes. In my opinion, these are among the most fashionable Valentine’s nail designs out there, a definite must-try for any fashion-forward individual.

The layered heart pattern, blending red and pink, is not only stunning for Valentine’s Day but also perfect for Galentine’s celebrations.

10. You Have My Heart


via @_karebeauty_

This Valentine’s Day, I’m writing love across my nails with this adorable set, perfect for date night and clearly expressing my romantic side. The French tips on these nails subtly fade into the nail bed, adding a unique, soft touch that I find really stunning. And guess what? It’s so easy to recreate, I’m planning to do it myself at home.

Here’s how: After shaping my nails (I prefer the almond shape for that classy look), I start with a soft pink gel base and cure it for 60 seconds. Then, I gently dab the tips with a nail sponge and some pink polish, followed by a touch of glitter, curing each layer.

For the cute mini hearts, I use a thin brush with hot pink polish. Finally, a top coat and one last cure for 60 seconds, and voilà – the perfect Valentine’s Day nails!

11. Double French Tip


via @allnailss._

I’ve noticed this look gaining popularity for Valentine’s Day, and I’m totally on board. I’ve always had a thing for French tips in all their forms, and this style takes it to a new level.

It features a classic French tip paired with a heart-shaped tip near the cuticle, making these Valentine’s nail designs uniquely fun. It’s definitely a style worth trying at least once!

12. Raining Hearts


via @ellielouisenails

I’m all about making a bold statement this Valentine’s Day, and these loud and proud acrylic nails are just the thing!

They’re surprisingly easy to create too. Just start with a nude gel polish, add some heart nail stickers for that love-inspired flair, and to ensure they last, finish off with a top coat and a quick 60-second cure. Perfect for anyone wanting to show off their love in style!

13. Let’s Add Some Flowers


via @amanda.sudolll

I’m absolutely loving this Valentine’s Day-inspired nail design, bursting with pink hues and charming floral patterns. The colors are a dreamy mix of soft pastels and vibrant shades, all coming together with a glossy finish that just catches the eye. Every tiny detail in the flower designs brings me so much joy.

If you’re a fan of long square nails like I am, this is the Valentine’s nail design to go for. And trust me, it’s much easier to recreate than it looks!

14. Galentines Nails


via @thehotblend

I’m totally into these 70s-inspired nails; they’re funky, fresh, and super cute. They give off a cool college vibe, but really, any fun-loving fashionista would rock these.

This year, I’m swapping the usual half-moon design for a pinkish circle with a bold white heart in the middle. The hot pink and white combo is just perfect for Galentine’s Day – it’s like they’re made for each other!

15. Tic Tac Toe


via @maniwithsami

I’m all about these playful nails that capture the game of love perfectly. I have a soft spot for nail designs that look intricate and time-consuming. But the best part?

These Valentine’s Day nails are actually quick and easy to do yourself, no need for a salon visit. They’re effortlessly stunning – seriously, what’s not to love about these V-Day nails?

16. All In With Hearts


via @nailsbyalsn

This year, if you’re all about hearts, these classic Valentine’s Day nails are just what you need to satisfy your romantic side in a chic and cute way.

Start with a sophisticated milky base and then have fun placing those adorable love hearts wherever you fancy. It’s a creative and lovely way to express the Valentine’s spirit!

17. Small Hearts Big Feelings



I’m really drawn to these delightfully minimalist nails with their futuristic vibe. They’re sharp, refreshing, and polished, with just the right splash of color for that extra pop.

For anyone who loves nude nails but wants to amp it up for Valentine’s Day, adding reversed mini hearts is the perfect way to transition from your everyday look to something romantically chic and totally worth the hype.

18. Love In The Clouds


via @ellielouisenails

If you’re feeling blissfully in love this Valentine’s Day, I’ve got the perfect retro-style nail design for you. Cloud motifs aren’t common in Valentine’s Day nails, but their almost cartoonish charm really catches the eye.

They add a unique and compelling touch to what might otherwise be a busy manicure, making it stylishly stand out.

19. Can’t Get Any Cuter


via @samrosenails

I’ve fallen for these adorable Valentine’s Day nail designs that remind me of strawberries and cream – they’re simply delicious-looking!

While they appear a bit complex, using a toothpick dipped in nail polish really helps in getting those fine wavy details just right.

Swirl nails have been in vogue for a while, and I bet this trend will stick around for decades. Why not spice up your simple Valentine’s Day nails with some creative wavy touches?

20. Simplicity Is Best


via @allnailss._

I’m totally smitten with these Valentine’s Day nails, and here’s why: the negative space design is so trendy, you can rock these nails well beyond the holiday, even through the end of February and more.

The key to nailing this look? It’s all about picking the right red polish. I’m a big fan of Sally Hansen’s That’s A Blazing – its rich red color and glossy finish are just perfect for this style.

21. Matte VDay Nails


via @amanda.sudolll

I’m really drawn to slanted, straight-line nail designs; they’re fascinating and quite bold. They look amazing, especially when you go for unapologetic neons.

To get this exact Valentine’s Day look, try using nude pink acrylic powder instead of the usual soft nude pink gel.

These aren’t your typical French tips – the V-Cut style is super cute, and adding little rhinestone flat crystals for the flowers just takes the whole design to the next level.

22. Classic Red and White


via @amanda.sudolll

Are you ready to go big this Valentine’s Day and show off your heart right on your nails?

Well, these Valentine’s nails I found are perfect for that. Long square nails are always a hit, especially for Valentine’s Day, and sticking to the classic “Red and White” colors never fails to impress. It’s a bold, love-filled statement that’s hard to miss!

23. Spice It Up With Orange


via @allnailss._

Tired of the usual reds and pinks for Valentine’s Day?

I say, shake things up with a splash of zesty orange! It’s a unique color choice that’s both classy and eye-catching, quirky yet absolutely stunning.

Want to stand out and turn heads with your Valentine’s Day nails? Go for these orange and pink swirls with an open heart design.

They’re not just special; they’re trendsetting – people will want to copy this look even after Valentine’s Day is long gone.

24. Patch Hearts


via @_karebeauty_

For anyone looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a quirky touch, these nails are perfect.

They’ve got a slightly Halloween-esque vibe with their checked-web base, which I think is a cool and unique feature.

The design really stands out, especially with the black dots lining the cute heart nail art. It’s a fun and different style that’s totally worth trying out for Valentine’s Day!

25. Love Is Butterflies


via nail.sphere

These nails have completely charmed me! The combination of three nails painted in warm, glossy pinks alongside two nails adorned with the cutest butterflies is just heavenly.

They’re perfect for anyone still basking in the honeymoon phase, feeling that fluttery excitement. Plus, they’re ideal for a Galentine’s Day party – imagine you and your friends rocking this matching butterfly-themed design!

And don’t worry, recreating this look is easy, especially if you’re familiar with acrylics. For the unpainted nails, a soft pink gel polish is all you need.

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