20 Valentine’s Nail Designs to Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Make your nails unforgetable this Valentine’s day with these amazing nails designs. From simple white to rich in color, they will surely make your hands more beautiful.

Discover the latest trends in Valentine's Day nail art for a romantic and stylish celebration. Explore our collection of beautiful and creative designs, perfect for adding a touch of love to your look this Valentine's Day.

Choosing any one of these designs will make you feel more confident and beautiful.

1. Layered Hearts On Tips


via @fasia.nails

I’ve stumbled upon some unique nails – they feature a negative-space cutout within a French tip design, making them super trendy.

The layered hearts replace the usual French tip style, which sets these Valentine’s nails apart.

They’re not just unique; they scream Valentine’s Day in the most stylish way possible!

2. White and Pink Swirls


via @amberjhnails

I’ve always believed that the classic strawberries & cream nail style deserved a Valentine’s Day twist.

And guess what? Our dream is now a reality! What I love about them is that they’re not obviously Valentine’s themed, so you can rock them long after the day is over.

With swirl nail designs being all the rage this year, it’s the perfect time to try them out, especially with various shades of pink instead of the typical reds.

3. All Shades of Pink


via @amanda.sudolll

I’m trying something experimental with my Valentine’s Day nails this year, and I’ve found the perfect style: a mix of bold, multi-colored diagonal lines, cutouts, and solid colors that span the entire Valentine’s Day palette.

I’m also really into the half-moon design using two shades of pink – it’s turned out better than I expected. Plus, the matte finish adds such a cool touch.

I’m sure you’ll adore this nail design for your Valentine’s celebration!

4. One Side Pink Tips


via @_nailsbybethany

I’ve discovered slanted French tips and think they should be seen more often. For Valentine’s Day, I’m going with a vibrant, almost neon pink and orange combo that strikes the perfect balance between cheerful and casually chic.

This nail art looks sharp and polished, making it great for wearing even after Valentine’s Day. The best part? It’s easy to recreate, even if you’re not a nail artist. Perfect for a stylish Valentine’s look with minimal effort!

5. Gentle Pastel Pink


via @fasia.nails

I’m absolutely loving these classy, refined, and elegant Valentine’s nails. They lean towards minimalism, but the striking contrast nail paired with tiny heart art really elevates the whole look, making it one of my favorites for a laid-back style.

As someone who appreciates minimalist and attractive designs, I haven’t found a better option for Valentine’s Day nails than these.

The blend of soft pink gel with hot pink, and those adorable mini reversed hearts, is just perfect in my eyes.

6. Pink with Red Tips Nails


via @playing_with_nails

Just when I thought I’d seen every variation of the French tip, I came across this new twist that’s both colorful and stunning.

The base and the tip are both polished, and the result is just outstanding. I usually opt for simple, natural colors, but this Valentine’s nail design is a delightful departure from my norm.

The combination of hot pink and red French tips has exceeded my expectations, creating the perfect vibrant look for Valentine’s Day.

7. Red Splashes


via @amberjhnails

If you’ve got a heart too big to be contained just by one nail, why not let it spill over with these dreamy, almost avant-garde Valentine’s Day nails?

I’m pretty sure no one else will have anything like them. These nail designs offer a fantastic opportunity to get creative, allowing you to paint the hearts wherever you want and in whatever size you desire. It’s a fun way to show off your unique style this Valentine’s Day!

8. Hearts and Glitter


via @fasia.nails

When I look at these glamorous Valentine’s nail designs, I think of sophistication and special occasions. They’re a bit on the opulent and extravagant side, perfect for someone who wants to dazzle this Valentine’s Day.

I believe in upgrading our style, and that includes nail designs for such romantic events.

These designs are a chic break from the typical simple red nails for Valentine’s, with their glittery hearts and double French tips adding that extra luxurious touch. They’re definitely worth trying out for a more glamorous look.

9. Polka Dots


via @samrosenails

I’m really charmed by these polka dot nails that give off a vintage, retro-cool vibe. There’s something quaint and sweet about them that I just can’t get enough of.

If you’re not the biggest Valentine’s Day enthusiast but love cute nail designs, these are definitely for you. Plus, they’re super easy to create – all you need are two shades of pink polish and a nail art brush for the dots. Perfect for a subtly festive look!

10. Simple Red With Hearts Accent


via @cre8withcass

I’m a firm believer that you don’t always need to go all-out when it comes to Valentine’s Day nails.

Sometimes, all you need are solid, monochrome red nails with a whisper of love hearts in the middle.

However, you can upgrade a simple Valentine’s nail design with a different color shape for one fingernail to break the casual look with mini hearts on the tip of the nail.

11. White For Valentine’s Day


via @holliebarkernailartist

This Valentine’s Day nail design is like a breath of fresh air. It’s irresistibly simple yet has that subtle hint of love, making it ideal for anyone who wants to nod to the occasion without going overboard.

For those who appreciate simplicity in nail art but still want a touch of Valentine’s spirit, creating these white French tips with mini hearts is absolutely satisfying.

It’s the perfect balance between minimalism and a little Valentine’s flair.

12. Add Some Glamour


via @bycheznails

I’m really into these semi-dipped nails; they’re subtly dazzling and quite captivating.

They’re perfect for those willing to spend a bit extra time on their Valentine’s nails – trust me, the effort is worth it. If you’re up for a more sophisticated nail design, you’ll need chrome pink gel polish, nail art brushes, and pink nail polish for this one.

Despite appearing complex, it’s surprisingly easy to create, especially the swirls, which are done randomly. The beauty of these nails lies in their imperfectly mixed and layered French tips – it’s a style that truly stands out and is definitely worth trying out this February.

13. Random Colored Hearts


via @polished_yogi

These Valentine’s Day-inspired nails have a whimsical touch to them, almost as if they belong in a charming, quaint English village.

They overflow with an endearing charm and a sense of wholesome sweetness that I just can’t get enough of. It’s like they capture the essence of a heartfelt, old-world romance.

14. Just Two Colors


via @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

If you could paint the essence of Valentine’s Day onto nails, I’m convinced it would look exactly like this.

The blend of light pink and rich red on their own is stunning, but when they come together to create adorable heart designs, it’s just magical. I’m at a loss for words to describe how lovely these nails are, and the almond shape just makes me fall even more in love with them.

They perfectly capture the spirit of Valentine’s.

15. Cute Heart With Eyes


via @brydiedoesnails

Love is definitely fun, and this Valentine’s nail design proves it with its funky, quirky style. It wonderfully encapsulates all the light-hearted, classic Valentine’s Day nail art vibes in one fabulous manicure.

The way different designs come together to create that magical Valentine’s Day vibe is just perfect. It’s a playful and delightful take on holiday nails!

16. Velvet Hearts


via @allnailss._

Feeling soft and light-hearted this Valentine’s Day? These nail designs are the perfect way to show it. Velvet is all the rage in nail art right now, so these nails are not only cute but also super trendy.

I adore how versatile they are – perfect for Valentine’s Day and equally great for Galentine’s Day, letting you and your friends flaunt matching designs.

Move over typical reds, it’s time to embrace these adorable mini pink hearts for a fresh take on Valentine’s nails.

17. Stylish Nails


via @_nailsbyemmaa_

I always lean towards short, sweet, and straightforward designs when picking out nail styles for myself. I have a real thing for short nails and rarely go for longer ones, except maybe for Almond-shaped nails. These Valentine’s Day nails are just a classic.

The red French tips offer a unique take on a traditional style, and the accent nail just elevates it. It’s a look I’m definitely excited to try out this year!

18. Line In The Center Of Your Heart


via @ellielouisenails

Feeling heartbroken, scorned, or just over love? These lightly hardcore nails are perfect for making a bold statement about your take on this so-called day of love.

Honestly, these are the kind of Valentine’s nail designs that really resonate with me. And believe it or not, they’re trending all over social media. They stand out because they’re unusual, unique, and have an unexpected classiness to them.

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