21 St. Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas That Will Make You Feel Great In Green

The time is running so fast.

It is unbelievable, but it is about time to start looking for St Patrick’s Day nail designs.

We’ve only just celebrated the New Year, and then Valentine’s Day … how is it already March?

Make everyone green with envy with these 21 St. Patrick's Day nail designs. From shamrock-inspired patterns to glittering gold accents, discover charming nail art ideas that capture the spirit of the holiday and add a festive touch to your look.

If you’re having difficulty finding the coolest nail ideas to rock for this St. Patrick’s Day, you will be happy to see these.

There’s a great variety of St Patrick’s Day nails.

1. Cool Nail Idea

St patricks day nails gold glitter hat #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Do you like “wrapping” the tips of your nails?So, our advice is to apply a layer of base coat, main nail shade, and then top coat, right at the edge of your nails.

This is often the part that gets bashed about a lot, yet it’s the place you always forget to protect.

This is a typical St. Patrick’s Day gel nail.The base is this typical green for that special event and the symbols of this holiday.

2. Stripes, Glitter & Clovers

Stripes, Glitter & Clovers #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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This is something incredibly shocking right now. St. Patrick himself wasn’t actually from Ireland.

The big man himself was actually from Wales. Console yourself with these beautiful St Patrick’s Day nail designs.

Go on, we’ll let you.

3. Gold and Spot

Gold and Spot #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Those looking to keep their St. Patrick’s Day celebration subtle will appreciate these barely there stripes of green and gold.

4. The Gold Clover

The Gold Clover #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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The accent of this St. Patrick nail design is in the clover.The shiny gold on the ring fingernail gives this freshness and youth.

5. Green Dream

Green Dream #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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For a simple mani that still stands out, please do the same design on all your fingers, keeping them all in the same festive color scheme.

This repeating pattern gives a unique charm to you. This design is more preferable for girls.

6. Black Graphic Design

Black Graphic Design #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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Another repeated and straightforward pattern is that you can do it yourself.

The simplicity makes that idea perfect because it saves time, but it is really awesome.

7. Pure as Spring

Pure as Spring #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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The base of this unique St. Patrick day nail art is white. There are gentle drawings of clovers on the top.

The typical green color is only in the floral effects, so the whole manicure is light as feather.

It is appropriate for all ages just because of its simplicity.

8. Polka Dots

St Patrick's Day nail designs with green cover and polka dots #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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What’s easier than drawing polka-dots on your nails in St. Patrick’s Day colors?

And just on your ring finger nails, add this green four-leaf clover.

You should be aware of two types of green. The base should be lighter than the color green of the dots.

9. The Luck of The Irish

The Luck of The Irish #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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If you want to decorate your nails with the luck of the Irish without going too bright, start with a nude-colored base.

Then, use a striping brush to carefully paint on designs like a top hat, rainbow, and pot of gold

Of course, here we have the rainbow symbol of luck. To match the color of the rainbow, we chose this specific green.

10. Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Nails #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

St. Patricks day just got a whole lot more glam, thanks to this sequined design. Let to dry entirely between coats.

Make sure you cover the entire thing with a strong base coat, preferably one that is designed to be used with your base shade and main polish color, too.

It sounds like a lot of work, but you will thank us for it in the end. We promise.

11. Lucky Art Design

Lucky Art Design #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

This lucky art design for St. Patrick is based on green, of course, but the accent is that pot full of gold.

The symbol of that special event. You can draw it yourself with a small stick.

12. Rainbow in the Grass

Rainbow in the Grass #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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This unique style for St. Patrick is full of luck.

You can draw all the colors of the rainbow on your fingernails and add this special pot of gold to the top of your ring fingernail.

13. Simple Design for Short Nails

Cute Leprechaun Nail Design #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

Just because you have short nails doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun.

This easy design for short nails is perfect. It is definitely one of our highlights from the St Patrick’s Day nail designs.

14. Green, Gold & White

Green, Gold & White #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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This design is great for when you don’t have the time or enough patience to handprint little designs such as shamrocks, hearts, etc.

The same applies to the striped detail nails, too.

Just look around online and you’ll see that there are a lot of ideas you can choose from. Which one are you going to choose though, that’s the important question!

15. Fun & Festive Nails

Fun & Festive Nails #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

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When working with green nail polish, it leaves behind a yellow-like stain when you take it off.

There are things you can do to counteract it.

The trick is to soak small pieces of cotton wool in nail varnish remover and then place them on your nails.

Allow to sit for a minimum of two minutes.

16. Red and Blue Design

Red and Blue Design #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Tutorial: Here

Who says that the usual color is green?

You can apply your imagination and create that unspecific but charming style in blue and even red.

17. Mermaid Green

Mermaid Green #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

This design is appropriate for long nails.

You can polish the tops of the nails in this mermaid green, leaving the base natural but adding some dots for a fun accent.

You can even enjoy doing it just because it is simple.

18. Rain of Gold

Rain of Gold #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

It is a typical St. Patrick gel nail design.

The green color represents the symbol of that special event but that rain of gold makes that art nail design even appropriate for any night event.

19. Nail Design for Long Nails

Nail Design for Long Nails #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Tutorial: Here

Green was not the first color to be associated with St. Patrick’s Day, green was actually considered to be an UNLUCKY color.

We bet you’ll get nothing but luck if you rock these fabulous Paddy’s Day nails though.

20. Cute Leprechaun Design

Cute Leprechaun Design #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

A big event like St. Patrick’s Day just gives you the perfect opportunity to express your personality if only for one day.

Even your boss can’t complain about your extravagantly colored nails.

It’s just for one day … Right?

21. Shaded Green With Florals

Shaded Green With Florals #St. Patrick's Day nails #nails #beauty #trendypins

Photo: Credit

This design is typical for long nails. The sense that it gives is gentle and soft.

Only the green color reminds of the event, but you can leave it for the next day even, just because it is not so colorful but neat and smart.

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