25 Fresh and Radiant Spring Makeup Looks to Brighten Your Day

Embrace the fresh and vibrant beauty of the arrival of spring! Let yourself reflect a desire to have fun with your makeup and embrace a more carefree spirit.

Whether you want to go for soft and romantic pastels or bold and playful with bright hues, there are countless ways to channel the spirit of spring in your makeup.

Shed the heavy layers of winter and embrace the season’s lightness and freshness with a radiant, dewy complexion, pastel hues, bold pops of color, and playful accents.

Light up your days with 25 fresh and radiant spring makeup looks. Discover the beauty of vibrant colors and seasonal inspiration to elevate your daily makeup routine.

Full glam and abstract aesthetic. Step out of your comfort zone and try out these bold and glam looks that will have heads turning.

1. Daisy


via @lookfantastic

A negative space green eyeliner over and under with floating daisies.

The soft look is accented with thin baby-pink eyeliner across the lid.

2. Glittery Glam


via @vera-pun

Blue glamour is a gorgeous look with blue eyeliner.

The blue color is double-lined with rhinestones, and the underlining glitter is a finishing touch.

3. Enchanting Halo


via @a.popa.atelier11

Enchant with a “halo” or “spotlight” look that will make your eyes appear larger and rounder.

This look brings light to the center of the eye with a lighter color, making it pop and look more expansive.

4. Trendy


via @skeletofff

Don’t overlook the white eyeliner. Not only does it help to brighten your eyes, but it looks great when paired with vibrant shades, and it’s incredibly gorgeous as part of a graphic eyeliner look.

5. Sparkle & Shimmer


via @norvinacosmetics

What a phenomenal look! Surprisingly enough, the pink tones look amazing, darkened with a double-cut crease with green. A touch of shimmer to the inner crease really illuminates the eye.

The look is completed with a beautiful rhinestone sparkle and two small butterflies.

6. Sunflower


via @ohhmels

Inspired by the beautiful and rich yellow sunflower.

Your eyes can say a lot with a thick negative space yellow liner, which can look great with both a colorful and one-color outfit choice.

7. Iconic


via @laurissanicolette

Compliment your outfit most stunningly and draw attention to your eyes with a rhinestone design. A blue feline shape with an upper and side crease trace of the blue with a yellow.

The yellow is given some glitz and glory with blue rhinestones.

8. Fairy Glam


via @laura.dabasi.makeupartist

An ethereal fairy makeup look with purple, blue and white. It’s downright incredible!

The strategically placed jewels bring it to life, but you’ll need to use white to blend and white mascara on the lower lashes for that gorgeous frosty purple eye look.

9. Vibrant


via @graciem241

Captivate with a full-color, vibrant look! A dark purple cut crease with bright pink and a glittery inner crease sparkle.

An extra pretty accent is the green lines with a flower trail at the end that refreshes.

10. Mesmerize


via @lexilalamakeup

Graphic royal blue eyeliner dramatically outlines the eye.

The orange and light blue help create a warm tropical look that gives you island vibes.

11. Baby Doll


via @youcamapps

A freckled face doll looks with a thick black eyeliner and shimmery ivory eyes.

A sunburned effect is achieved with blush across the cheeks and nose.

12. Purple Glam


via @glam_by_elisamua

This bold and dramatic violet look features a mix of matte purple and shimmer shades of lilac. The finish is eccentric with a purple eyeliner.

13. Strawberry Fun


via @emmaahp

Get inspired by your favorite fruit and create artistic and fun strawberry eyes. Pink blended eyes are outlined by a delicately drawn strawberry plant.

14. Scarlet


via @kiszma

This smokey haze of red and orange looks romantic and goes really well on lighter color eyes.

It’s a super easy way to add warmth or a bright pop of color to any beauty look.

15. Chameleon


via @oam.onlyaboutmakeup

Take a bold tone that pops against your natural coloring, like this chameleon green, and keep the rest of your makeup skin tonal.

Then pack on the eyeshadow and experiment with the shape you want.

16. Bold and Zesty


via @teodora.03

The vibrancy of yellow works best in bringing all eyes to you. It adds a summery look to your eyelids, and regardless of your complexion, it will make your eyes the center of focus.

The yellow is beautifully accentuated by an outlining blue, creating a peacock finish.

17. Pink Butterfly


via @mirunachipurici.makeup

Experiment with a vibrant and striking pink! Choose a classic smokey eye with a pink twist, and you’ll love the fantastic result.

18. Lilac Fever


via @whb2formula

Purple is a magical, universally flattering hue that looks good on every skin tone and makes every eye color pop.

Look effortlessly glamorous with an all-over and under lilac matt color and black eyeliner.

19. Graphic Pink


via @donidarkowitz

Expand the eye look with a light graphic eyeliner, an elevated version of your more traditional makeup looks, like a floating double wing and an inner crease that’s luxe and levitating. 

20. Cherry Blossom


via @colombiancuurls

Style your outfit with this fantastic flower eye makeup! Soft pink and white cover the eyelid and outline the flower on the sides.

A dark pink eyeliner beautifully contours the eyelid, adding detail to the flower.

21. Wild Flower


via @miranda_rae_xo

Become a wild beauty with a bold flower design that overtakes the eye and around it.

A rich purple dramatically darkens while the gold tones soften it and the white flowers illuminate the design.

22. Flower Wings


via @bottleofhappiness

A super cute flower wing design! A delicate spring touch with small colorful flowers outlining the eye like a butterfly wing over a shimmery yellow.

23. Strike Neon


via @valentinademeo

Add a pop of color — literally!

Adding a vibrant hue on the whole eyelid is a creative way to add color to any makeup look without the painstaking blending required. It works with all colors but we particularly love neon hues.

24. Peachy


via @anns.glam

A neon electric dream! Playing with vibrant, electric colors may seem intimidating, but there are many ways to wear them.

Try a neon peach eye makeup with an orange inner eye pencil that pops the eye.

25. Rainbow Unicorn


via @makeupby_ryshe

Unicorn makeup looks are a perfect way to add magic and fantasy to your life. Why not escape from reality briefly and try on these jaw-dropping looks?

Bedazzle and steal the show with this unicorn-inspired look! Pull off a mythical look with lash extensions with longer green accents, flower and rhinestone applications, as well as a rainbow eyeliner on the lower lid.

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