22 Pastel Eyeliner Styles to Elevate Your Spring Makeup

Ready to transform your spring makeup game? Break free from the ordinary with 22 mesmerizing pastel eyeliner styles.

No more settling for the same routine – it’s time to add a burst of color and creativity to your look.

Whether you prefer subtle pinks, serene blues, or refreshing greens, we have the perfect pastel eyeliner inspiration.

Elevate your spring makeup game with these 22 pastel eyeliner styles. Explore a world of soft and dreamy hues that will add a touch of seasonal elegance and creativity to your eye makeup looks.

Dive into our handpicked collection and elevate your spring makeup effortlessly. Get ready to turn heads with these pastel eyeliner trends and embrace a whole new level of style this season. Say hello to a fresh, vibrant, and confident you!

1. Spring Swirl Fantasy


via @indiarose_makeup

The eye makeup features a whimsical swirl of pastel pink and vibrant lime green, creating a bold and playful look that’s perfect for spring.

The artistic strokes and dotted embellishments channel the season’s joyful vibe, completed with lush lashes for added drama.

2. Violet Velvet Flick


via @if_you_like_ninacolada

The eye is framed with a bold, velvet-like violet winged eyeliner, contrasting beautifully against a shimmering pastel eyeshadow base.

The look is finished with sparkling glitter highlights at the inner corner, making it a perfect statement piece for spring festivities.

3. Minimalist White Chic


via @rubykissescosmetics

A crisp white eyeliner adds a modern twist to a classic look, tracing a sleek line above the lashes that exudes simplicity and elegance.

This minimalist approach is perfect for highlighting the eye’s natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for a sophisticated spring makeup palette.

4. Lemon Zest Edge


via @coohzahnermakeupandhair

An electrifying streak of lemon yellow eyeliner creates a striking contrast with the wearer’s silver hair, showcasing an edgy yet playful look.

The thin, precise line curves gently with the eyelid, offering a subtle nod to the vibrant energy of spring.

5. Rainbow Flick Fusion


via @lahoneys

A dazzling array of rainbow colors blend seamlessly into a sharp winged eyeliner, bringing a vibrant and artistic flair to the look.

The dynamic spectrum mimics the vibrant hues of spring, pairing beautifully with the natural eyelash length for a bold and creative expression.

6. Sage Swoop


via @joahbeauty

The captivating eyeliner in a soft sage green sweeps up and outwards, adding a touch of earthy pastel to the classic cat-eye.

This subtle yet striking color choice is perfect for those looking to incorporate a hint of nature-inspired pastel into their spring makeup repertoire.

7. Lavender Swirl Illusion


via @litzymartz

This avant-garde eyeliner artistry presents a mesmerizing swirl of pastel lavender and lemon yellow, encircling the eye in a dreamy dance.

It’s a bold statement that redefines traditional makeup, perfect for those who wish to make a splash with their spring look.

8. Periwinkle Precision


via @cryssmakeup

A sharp winged liner in a matte periwinkle shade makes a striking statement, beautifully framing the eye with a pop of pastel.

This bold line is softened by a complementary wash of lavender eyeshadow, marrying precision with softness for a modern springtime look.

9. Abstract Pastel Vision


via @kolbijmakeup

This eye makeup is a true work of art, featuring abstract shapes in a palette of muted pastels, accented with bold lines and delicate hearts.

The intricate design is both futuristic and romantic, offering a unique and creative way to celebrate the freshness of spring through makeup.

10. Electric Purple Wing


via @glambybshayer

The striking electric purple eyeliner wings out with confidence, adding an instant pop of vibrant pastel to the eye.

This bold color choice stands out against a neutral shadow, showcasing a modern and chic interpretation of the classic wing— a perfect match for the bold spirit of spring.

11. Sunset Blaze


via @dianasaldana

The eyes are defined by a bold, warm-toned eyeliner that mirrors the hues of a sunset, with a gradient from fiery orange to a soft peach.

This striking look is a fresh take on spring makeup, pairing beautifully with a flawless complexion and a neutral lip for a radiant finish.

12. Pink Pizzazz


via @rachelteetyler

The captivating look is defined by a striking pink eyeliner that sweeps across the eyelid with a bold, graphic edge.

Paired with a glossy lip and understated face makeup, the vibrant eyeliner creates a playful yet chic statement, ideal for making an impact this spring.

13. Rosy Radiance


via @allthingskae

The makeup look glows with a radiant blend of rosy pink hues, featuring a dazzling pink eyeliner that adds a playful pop to the eyes.

Complemented by a shimmering eyeshadow and a perfectly paired lip color, this look embodies the joyful bloom of spring.

14. Sunset Hues


via @mc.cloudd

The eyes are adorned with a stunning combination of sunset yellow and deep purple eyeliner, creating an alluring and expressive, vibrant contrast.

The bold eyeliner is softened by a wash of coordinating eyeshadow, perfectly capturing the essence of a spring dusk.

15. Rainbow Arc Splendor


via @popcandypodcast

A stunning arc of rainbow colors adorns the eyelid in this bold and creative eyeliner look, featuring a spectrum of pastel shades that bring a playful yet sophisticated vibe to spring makeup.

The delicate lines radiate outward like sunbeams, adding an element of fantasy and fun to the overall aesthetic.

16. Crimson Wing


via @siennaegaia

The subtle drama of a crimson eyeliner wing adds a touch of unexpected color, providing a modern twist on the classic cat-eye.

The rich, matte red hue draws the eye without overpowering, making a bold and understated statement for the spring season.

17. Teal Temptation


via @siennaegaia

A sleek stroke of teal eyeliner adds an alluring edge to the eye, standing out with its vibrant yet understated hue.

This minimalist approach strikes a perfect balance, making it a versatile choice for those wanting to add a pop of pastel to their everyday spring makeup look.

18. Tangerine Trace


via @siennaegaia

The eye is subtly defined with a matte tangerine eyeliner, offering a fresh and zesty twist that’s perfect for spring.

This soft yet vibrant eyeliner hue complements the natural eye color and is an excellent way to incorporate a touch of playful pastel into a daily beauty routine.

19. Flamingo Flick


via @carlygiglio

The eye dazzles with a vibrant streak of flamingo pink eyeliner, adding a burst of energetic color along the lash line.

This vivid pink is softened by a shimmering pastel eyeshadow, creating a harmonious balance that’s both eye-catching and elegant for the spring season.

20. Skyline Blue


via @theemmafs

The eyes are subtly defined with a delicate line of sky blue eyeliner, tracing the lashes for a refreshing pop of color.

This minimalist approach is effortlessly chic, perfect for a casual spring day look that speaks to the season’s airy and light-hearted spirit.

21. Fuchsia Flash


via @kathykhobeauty

A bold swipe of fuchsia eyeliner crowns the eye, making a vibrant and unapologetic statement.

This daring choice is balanced with a soft, shimmering eyeshadow, melding intensity with a hint of sweetness for a striking springtime makeup look.

22. Lemon-Lime Liner


via @nath.milano

This eye-catching look features a zesty lemon-lime eyeliner that adds a splash of citrusy charm to the lids.

The vibrant streak is perfectly paired with a soft pink eyeshadow, creating a harmonious blend of colors that are reminiscent of a tropical spring escape.

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