40 Fancy Coffin White Nails To Try Out For Your Next Manicure

White polish has become the most popular manicure color in recent years. It’s available in as many shades as you can imagine. You’ll find white polishes that are sheer and some that glisten like snow. They also come in different finishes from matte to high gloss.

40 Fancy Coffin White Nails To Try Out For Your Next Manicure #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

We’ve collected forty coffin white nail ideas here. You’ll see how to get different looks using undertones and rhinestones. We’ve included instructions on how to get a marbled look without gel. You’ll also learn how to create a watercolor look that’s a great style to show off in the spring and summer.

White manicures are considered a high-end look because they aren’t forgiving. Every chip and crack will show on nails with white polish. That means you have to be on your game and be ready to fix any defects or head straight to the nail salon.

We recommend using latex peel off cuticle guards to get a clean finish. Don’t use cotton to clean your cuticles as there’s a chance their fibers will land in your work.

1. Amazing Coffin White Nails with Rhinestones

Art Design Coffin White Nails with Metallic Luster #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Here are three different ways to wear white. Pure winter white is used on the middle fingers.

It’s also used as the backdrop for the feature nails with the rhinestones. Frosted white is used on the ring fingers. The pinkies were painted with shimmering, iridescent white.

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Coffin White Nails with Art Rhinestones Design #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

The off white here allows the gemstones to shine.

Red rhinestones for a belt with a trophy buckle set in the middle raise the bar with their creativity.

Coffin White Nails and Pink Transparent Details #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Pink is a subtle accent color. Use a marbling technique.

The rhinestones on the sheer nails are set to look like small diamond channel rings.

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Coffin White Nails with Blue Accents #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Pale blue is a trendy color for summer.

This looks great, alternated with winter white nails that have three tiny rhinestones lining up from the base.

Coffin White Nails with Queens Jewels #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Use a glittering white when you want your featured rhinestones to stand out.

The rhinestones here pop even more set on a glossy white backdrop.

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Coffin White Nails with Rhinestones #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Set a single rhinestone at the base for a sophisticated look.

Personalize it by using colors that represent the birthstones of friends and family members.

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Elegant Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Pure white nails get a boost with a chic twist on French tips.

The rhinestone pattern looks elegant with the tips framing the sides.

Floral Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Clear acrylics work with white nails.

Coffin nails are great for using larger embellishments like these fabric flowers.

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French Coffin White Nails and 3d Rhinestones #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

A twist of three large rhinestones on the ring finger gives these French tips an unexpected twist.

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Glitter Coffin White Nails with Precious Stones #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

By using a tiny gem at the tip, followed by two larger stones, this pattern looks like earrings that seem to dangle from the tips.

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Matte Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

There are several ways to create the look of a ring.

The center stone on these nails stands out with the two smaller, clear gems on each side.

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Multicolored Jeweled Accent Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

A pink and white ombré backdrop is a pretty variation on French tips.

Tiny rhinestones added at random create a starry look.

Ombre Coffin White Nails with Floral Accents #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Another way to vary French tips is by using matte polish.

This adds to the sculptural look of the white floral embellishments.

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Pink Ombre Coffin White Nails and Floral Accent #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

The pale pink used in this French tip ombré gives extra pop to the rosy pink rhinestone set in the center of the flower on the featured nails.

2. Coffin White Nails with Glitter Gold Shades

Coffin White and Gold Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

You don’t have to use a black base to use gold. Gold is an elegant option that works for any occasion.

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Coffin White Nails with Regal Design #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Create a stunning feature nail by creating a single gold embellishment. It creates the idea of gold resting in a white satin box.

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Glitter Gold Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Glittering gold and a single rhinestone elevate the look of this otherwise white manicure.

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Gold Bands with a White Marble Background #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Create a natural marble look by applying a base coat, white polish, and top coat to your nails before building the marble design.

To create the marble effect, add gray nail polish to a small dish. Drop a brush into some acetone and then into the gray polish. Drag this in irregular lines across the white basecoat. Use the acetone to soften the layers.

Follow up with thinner layers of darker gray polish. Complete this look by painting two stripes of gold across the tips and sealing it with more top coat.

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Gold Dust White and Gold Accent Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Gold is the feature here. The glossy white brings the look together with the semi-transparent French tips.

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Golden 3D Triangles #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Leaving a small triangle of base coat visible and topping it with a gold triangular rhinestone creates an eye-catching work of modern art.

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Gold Glitter and White #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Rivers of gold flow through these white and clear acrylic nails.

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Gold Glitter Rhinestones Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Gold rhinestones are set three different ways, but work together on a backdrop of white polish.

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Shiny Gold Over the Coffin Shape White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

White polish is the perfect background to showcase jewelry. The gold patterns mimic the style of the bracelet and rings. You can use embellishments, paint, or foil.

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3. Coffin White Nails with Shiny Silver

Coffin White Nails and Silver Ribbons #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Delicate strands of silver polish are laced between rings of silver tape.

A medium weight of glitter in the acrylic nail provides just the right amount of coverage.

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Coffin White Nails with Silver Glitter #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

You can use larger pieces of foil over a sheer white polish to balance a heavier collection of rhinestones.

The white polish shown here is a little more translucent than a pure white backdrop.

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Silver Dust Accent White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Silver glitter rising from the base is an easy way to fill in the base of your nails.

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White and Grey Marble Nail Design #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Soft gray polish is almost imperceptible as the base for a white ombré.

Silver strands were painted as the feature nail. This is an easy way to get comfortable trying marbling techniques.

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4. Gleaming White Coffin Nails

Brilliant Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Use a pure white polish with a glossy finish when you want your white coffin nails to look stand out.

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French Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Another modern variation on a French manicure. Substitute a neutral base color that matches your skin tone for pink.

The white tips look great and the channel ring rhinestones make this the perfect manicure for any dinner party or formal occasion.

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Haute Couture Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Fine glitter polish can stand on its own as a beautiful manicure.

Silver over white picks up a lot of light without the color-changing properties of iridescent polish.

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Long White Coffin Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Multi-colored glitter used in a sheer white polish creates a dreamy effect.

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Metallic White Nail Design #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Get an incredible shine without the flaky texture by using a nail pigment powder like this white chrome dust.

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Satin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

White coffin nails come in a variety of opacities which you can decorate to your heart’s content.

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V-Shape Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

White tips are taken to the extreme with a hint of pink at the base of the nail. This would also look great using a matte finish.

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White  Different Texture #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

These white nails show the difference between using dust as an undercoat of polish or as a textured top coat.

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5. Other Coffin White Nails

Coffin White Nails with Glittering Snowflakes #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Use your white nails to balance a shimmering showcase of acrylics like the snowflakes shown here.

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Coffin White Nails with Heart and Monogram #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Nail designs don’t have to be abstract. Create statements on your white nails using gold and black polish.

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Coffin White Nails with Pink Glitter #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Pastel embellishments are a light and breezy way to welcome spring.

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Pink Confetti Coffin White Nails #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

This pink ombré that starts at the base and works towards the tips would be perfect at a luncheon.

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White Coffin Nail Design with Blue Floral Design #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Get a watercolor effect by starting with the foundation used in the marbling instructions. Use Sharpie markers instead of polish for the top colors. Finish with a top coat.

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White Nails and Rainbow Snowflakes #coffinnails #whitenails #trendypins

Use an off white polish when you want a white background that doesn’t over power your embellishments. Popular undertones are gray, pink, peach, and blue.

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