25 Trendsetting Nail Designs for 2024 Valentine’s Day

Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day or being just a romantic type, show your nails some love with a trendy manicure design.

To help inspire your decision, we’ve compiled some of the most beautiful nail ideas.

Elevate your Valentine's Day style with these 25 romantic nail art ideas for 2024. From classic hearts to modern designs, discover chic ways to express your love through your manicure.

1. Swirly Hearts


via @joasia.nails

A swirly red heart is an artistic touch to a French tip. It softens the longer tips and gives them a playful design.

2. Style Five


via @alyshanailartist

I love them all heartedly and can’t decide which one to go for your perfect manicure. Don’t sacrifice having it all: charming, passionate, and cute in one manicure.

All five nails can be designed to be different yet to complement each other.

3. Red & Pink


via @pryaofficial

Set out to charm with red and pink French tips. They are pretty funky and playful; some tiny hearts also complete the look.

4. Yellow & Red Hearts


via @alyshanailartist

A 70’s fabulous girl’s nails that show personality and creativity all in one. A funky, symmetrical contrast style for nails that will excite.

5. Pink & Red Hearts


via @safiinmotherland

It’s a fun and sweet combination for a pretty look—a splash of cute red and pink hearts across a French almond-shaped Fresh manicure.

6. Heart Pop


via @deeslays_nails

Celebrate love with a classic look complemented by a heart. Surprise and delight with a pop of heart nestled in a v-cut French tip.

7. Charmed French


via @charleenmurphy

The perfect chic design. Elevate your classic French manicure with this festive design and add some hearts.

8. Red & Pink Swirls


via @cosmopolitanuk

A bright and dreamy vibe that is so alluring. A red and pink candy cane combination for a sweetheart.

9. Heart Polka Dot


via @prettylittlething

A subtle milky French looks subtle and elegant. Give it some love with some tiny red hearts and give it a polka heart design.

10. Pale Pink


via @lillynailsab

A Barbie girl without the glittery effects can be just as appealing. Charm a pale pink with a playfully romantic look!

11. Red Hearted Stilettos


via @nailsbyjenny96

Classy but a little bit quaint, ready to match any outfit or jewelry you put on. A nude stiletto shape with a whisper of tiny hearts is just chick and trendy.

12. Nude With Hearts


via @ilnp

No fuss, casual and quite cool, pretty girl look with gorgeous a touch of hearts. This stunning look won’t clash with any of your outfits.

13. Heart Dot Tip


via @july_nails_02

Flatter a French manicure with some delicate metallic red detail. Without looking complicated or loud, it effortlessly steals the spotlight.

14 Swirly Pink


via @nailbyvan82

If you’re a pink girl, don’t hesitate to opt for the pink swirly heart. Freehand artistic touch to a French manicure for a creative layered result.

15. Love Matt


via @kissproducts

Elegance and sophistication with a whisper of love. Matt’s nails are a gorgeous choice, even with just a good nail shape.

16. Glittery White


via @nailbarmke

For those who want to drift away from the reds and pinks, this is a gorgeous, subtle look for Valentine’s Day! A white French tip with a fine glitter base coat and two accent fingers with tiny white hearts.

17. Bling Hearts


via @luzpantoja127

It has an iconic and fabulous touch of bling that doesn’t overwhelm with a matt milky base. Include a heart or two, and love is in the air.

18. Pink Tips & Tiny Hearts


via @_nailsbybethany

Adorable minimalistic chic that will have a captivating effect. Try out a light pink French tip and with a side tip of small hearts on the accent fingers.

19. Pink Combo


via @gelsbybry

Absolutely stunning in pink! Create a match made in heaven with your favorite shades of pink and have your accent fingers with little hearts.

20. Baby Pink


via @livingatlanas

Sweet, playful and entirely charming! Different from the classics, try a vibrant neon pink for a French tip with accent fingers with tiny colorful hearts.

21. Classic Red & Hearts


via @nailsbymarissas

You can’t go wrong with a classic red manicure. Make it extra special for the occasion and compliment it with a nail or two with a nude base and some red and white small hearts.

22. White, Pink And Red


via @charsgelnails_

It is groovy and fun, focusing on layering red, pink and white. It has a slight retro look that is simply adorable on a nude base.

23. Splashes Of Heart


via @nailsbycaroline_

Looking for a unique artistic design?

You’ll love the pink and red heart nails, a different take on the thick tips trend.

24. Red & Milky


via @_nailsby_phoebe

A chic red and milky white is a perfect sweet heart combination. The milky white color with little red hearts is an exciting and fun touch.

25. Queen Of Hearts


via @glitterati_nails_

Dazzle and show off with bling and hearts. Have the perfect party nails with sparkly stones and lots of small hearts and be the party’s soul.

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