14 Special Boys Shower Gifts Or Why Giving Is Receiving

Soul-filled gifts are the best ones to give, that means a gift is not really a small mark of your feeling and appreciation of someone, it is a not just a symbol, it is a direct transfer of that feeling to the loved ones. Thoughtful gifts, whether they are small or large, are incredible, because they can send a message well.

14 special boys shower gifts or why giving is receiving


Themed baby shower parties for boys and girls are one of the most special occasions to celebrate and be in tune with everything that is about to happen in the near future. It is a way to get in tune emotionally with the arrival of a new soul in the family, so the good condition of everyone’s mood is vitally important.

Here we explore some ideas how to set up the party with gifts that are beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful and speak well of the occasion. Let’s celebrate this in a stylish way!

1. Cups of Awe

Personalized Wine Glass


Twinkle, twinkle, the special day is here!

You’ve got the cool drinks on the table, you are ready to celebrate in a stylish, healthy way and are looking to add amazing features that will mark the day and make it even better. Use glasses of this to fill them not only with liquids but with the awe and amazement that this celebration brings into your life.

It’s wonderful how life-changing times become incredible sources of inspiration.

Let’s step up our game and twinkle well!

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2. A Tad Different


This seems to be way beyond the standard shop ideas, right?

The wonderful baby blue costume is as much fun for the kids, as it is for the children. It speaks of a wonderful mood, sky-brushed blue and it’s so soft and gentle. This is possibly one of the coolest gifts, as it is a set of attributes, wonderful majestic items that bring a smile your face without many efforts.

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3. Hello, Handsome!


We are all here to celebrate your arrival, handsome and we are about to show you that in every way possible.

This tiny gift is a cool feature to add to any baby shower party. Its empowering message is setting us for positive vibes, cool moments and plenty of special days. The hand sanitizers are a good addition to the gifts you give to your guests since lots of baby showers involve finger food and games.

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4. Beverage Coasters With Signs


While we are on the baby boy shower theme, let’s look at these beverage coasters with the cool font on top.

These are modern, adventurous and fun to have on the table. They are also kind of a greeting sign for the guest and you can really deliver the baby’s name to their attention in a fancy, cool way like this. It makes it more special than simply saying it or blurring it out in a hurry because you are too excited!

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5. Go See The Elephants


We all need something special in our lives, to breathe to think of and to look at.

Elephants are these extra positive symbols and whenever I see them in a home, I feel glad and joyful. These little party plates are much better than plastics and are a fancy way to serve the delicious food you prepared or ordered. The blue stripes speak for a boy of course!

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6. Glass Coaster Glory


Another personalized item that makes the celebration unique and fancy.

You can order glass coasters with printed messages on top that add to the special flavor of the day. Each guest can have their unique symbol of the day, a souvenir which is stylish, transparent and also serves a practical purpose. The table remains clean, the drinks are served well and there is another level of the symbolism of the day!

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7. Blue-Me Away


Giving is receiving as we gently remind in the title.

By giving a cool set of presents for a boy’s special preparation to arrive in this world, you say Hello to the wonderful tiny human being in advance. Grace your presence at the party with this nice set of baby shower napkins. These are so cool, trendy and simple, they make picking the right item pretty easily.

Celebrate in a white-blue style!

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8. Footsteps & Hearts


Pretty simple and minimalistic detail to add, but it is necessary, it is practical and it finishes the decor pretty well. Without any time for distraction or time to clean up, the idea to supply personalized napkins is pretty good. It resolves the need for extra support on the cleaning side and it is better than the regular napkins from the shop where everyone goes.

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8. The Jars & The Joy


Many people want to apply logic to everything, careful planning, good strategies, a winning strategy, the best strategy. The truth is, if you want creativity in your life, you have to let go from lots of that in order to allow enough space and uncertainty for the magic to happen. These jars can be spread anywhere inside the house, the table or anywhere you feel like.

They are fun, they are personalized and they tag the idea of the party pretty well!

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9. No Silver Spoons: Blue Spoons


Few parents want to raise their children with a silver spoon in their mouth, as the famous quote states.

However, these spoons are a pretty fancy, wonderful blue decoration and they add so much adoration to the celebration. These are easy to add, there’s more than enough for everyone and you can through enjoy the way they look. Of course, the baby blue color is a must in the mix of items to include.

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10. Step Up The Baby Game


Certain skills in life come in handy, one of them being the ability to organize a party quickly and another one – to supply the gifts in a timely fashion. These baby feet favor boxes are great for small treats of all sorts – products, food, appetizers, candies or other little wonderful things. Enjoy the ride, this is a generous way of giving the best gifts in a wonderful looking way.

Set yourself up for a successful party with these.

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11. The Blue Life Of the Whale



Candles are essential for any good celebration, right?

The candles you pick for a baby shower ought to be special, possibly blue, they should bring joy to the eyes and make the day feel ecstatic and wonderful. This is not the time to downgrade, downsize or make compromises with the gifts. Pick the best items, don’t settle for less. Whales, dolphins and other loving animals are a perfect symbol for a joyous early day gift on this planet.

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12. Mark My Words


Words have power, they are powerful and they can say a lot more sometimes if you read between them. These straightforward greetings may look simple and inexpensive, but they turn out to be a great way to show appreciation to your guest for being in your life and contributing to this occasion.

Pink, blue or any other color, these are ordered specifically for the special day and bring another reason for a superb mood.

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13. Your Turn To Change


Dirty diapers are not the most fun part of being a parent, right?

It’s just one of the many chores you get used to doing and don’t even raise it as a question. Making a game out of chores is a special way to make them lighter, to make ourselves do what we should do with a good attitude, with a good sense of things. This is sort of a programming game for parents and the close ones, a wish for easy dealing with these things.

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