19 Easter Nail Designs for a Charming Celebration in Style

As Easter approaches, it’s time to embrace the festive spirit with nail designs that capture the essence of this joyful celebration.

Our collection of 19 Easter nail designs offers a charming array of options, blending traditional motifs with contemporary flair.

Each design adds a stylish touch to your holiday ensemble, from the soft pastels of Easter eggs to the vibrant hues of spring flowers.

Get ready to celebrate Easter in style with these 19 charming nail designs. From pastel hues to adorable bunny motifs, explore creative and festive ideas to adorn your nails for a delightful Easter celebration.

Discover playful patterns featuring bunnies and chicks, elegant floral art, and intricate designs incorporating the sparkle of Easter candies and the subtle textures of Easter baskets.

This guide not only showcases a variety of looks ranging from simple and sweet to sophisticated and detailed but also includes tips for achieving each design, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or planning a visit to your favorite nail salon.

Perfect for anyone looking to celebrate Easter in style, these designs will bring a smile and a pop of color to your spring festivities.

1. Speckled Pastel Elegance


via @naileditbeauty

The image showcases a hand with long, almond-shaped nails painted in pastel pink and yellow shades, reminiscent of Easter eggs.

Each nail is adorned with a speckled pattern, creating a playful yet elegant look perfect for the Easter celebration.

2. Floral Bunny Whimsy


via @beautique_kent

The nails are intricately designed with a soft pink and mint green palette, featuring delicate floral patterns and adorable gold foil bunny ears, embodying the joyful spirit of Easter.

3. Springtime Bloom & Gold


via @nails_by_evelyn9

A hand models a set of nails featuring a harmonious blend of lavender and mauve, with one nail displaying a touch of elegance through a gold foil rabbit detail, while others bloom with vibrant pink floral art against a pastel background, perfectly capturing the essence of spring.

4. Egg Hunt Whimsy


via @paznokcie_hybrydowe_moja_pasja

This playful nail art captures the spirit of Easter with a mix of pastel green and pink nails dotted like miniature eggs, accompanied by an accent nail featuring an adorable white bunny with a pink bow, all set against a soft, cheerful backdrop.

5. Lavender Bunny Charm


via @sylwia.ka_1982

Lavender-hued nails present a serene canvas for Easter festivities, with a charming illustration of a bunny peeking out playfully.

Accents of dainty white flowers with yellow centers add a touch of springtime freshness to the design.

6. Bunny French Tips


via @zo_nailsx

The image presents a soft, pink French manicure enhanced with white tips, adorned with delicate bunny ears and tiny paw prints, offering a subtle nod to Easter’s joyful themes in a chic and minimalist style.

7. Rosy Easter Bunny


via @klamaja

The nails display a cheerful Easter motif with a soft pink base; one nail features an endearing white bunny face amidst lush pink roses and green leaves, while the others are elegantly simple with matching pink tones and subtle white dot accents.

8. Petal Soft Festivity


via @naileditbeauty

A hand gently cradles an array of Easter treats, with nails artfully painted in a soft peach hue, embellished with delicate white and yellow flowers dotted with specks, mirroring the festive eggs in the bowl, an embodiment of the season’s gentle rejuvenation.

9. Textured Easter Parade


via @jannalo_

The nails are transformed into a parade of Easter delight with textured pastel patterns resembling knitted patterns, a fluffy yellow chick, and soft white bunny ears poking up amidst the spring colors, creating a whimsical and tactile celebration on the fingertips.

10. Speckled Pastel Couture


via @nailperfectionbynatalie

Almond-shaped nails are adorned with a soft speckled design in a palette of pastel pink, lavender, and mint, accented with elegant gold stitching along the edges, creating a refined yet festive Easter look that complements the array of speckled eggs in the background.

11. Spring Garland & Bunny


via @onenailtorulethemall

A set of naturally shaped nails are painted with a clear base and adorned with a garland of spring flowers in pastel shades of pink, purple, and yellow, crowned with a classic white bunny silhouette, celebrating the essence of Easter in a fresh, floral design.

12. Sunny Easter Stilettos


via @project_paznokcie

Bold and bright, these stiletto nails make a statement with vibrant yellow and soft blue, adorned with playful Easter patterns, including a white bunny silhouette against a backdrop of pastel flowers, capturing the lively essence of the holiday.

13. Speckled French Sophistication


via @ales.nail.artistry

The image captures a sophisticated nail design with a modern twist on the French manicure, incorporating elongated tips in a gradient of speckled pastel pinks and blues, each nail adorned with a delicate crescent of sparkling rhinestones, exuding a chic Easter elegance.

14. Whimsical Bunny Fantasy


via @nailsmagazine

These charming nails feature a soft pink base sprinkled with delicate white dots, adorned with playful illustrations of whimsical bunny faces and ears in shades of pastel blue and pink, creating a sweet and imaginative tableau for Easter festivities.

15. Sunny Spring Florals


via @nailcocktail

The nails are a joyful expression of spring, with a sunny yellow hue paired with a nude pink, and one accent nail blooming with hand-painted flowers in pink, white, and green, evoking the fresh bloom of Easter gardens.

16. Enchanted Easter Critters


via @naileditnailsbysteph

A delicate Easter scene unfolds across these nails, with a pastel pink base serving as the canvas for charming details like a frolicking white bunny, a cheerful yellow chick, and subtle floral accents, all brought to life with sparkling rhinestone embellishments.

17. Pastel Easter Dreams


via @nailssbykate

The nails are an ode to Easter’s sweetness, with a matte peach and pink gradient background, and select nails featuring watercolor-like depictions of Easter eggs and bunny silhouettes in soft pastels, exuding a dreamy and festive touch.

18. Minimalist Bunny Speckles


via @magdula.es

The nails are painted in a muted beige tone, speckled with delicate black dots, and one nail features a minimalist white bunny, creating a subtly festive and sophisticated Easter nail art design.

19. Pink Bunny Delight


via @gels.byjess

Vibrant pink nails are sprinkled with black specks, intermixed with whimsical designs of white bunny silhouettes and pink bows, creating a playful and sweet ensemble that captures the joyous essence of Easter.

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