22 Pastel Perfection: Spring Nail Colors You Must Try

Ready to nail that perfect spring look?

Say goodbye to the struggle of choosing the ideal spring nail color.

We understand the challenge of picking the right shade that complements your style, and we’ve curated a selection that ensures you’ll stand out this spring.

Welcome the beauty of spring with our selection of 22 pastel perfection nail colors you must try. Explore a spectrum of soft and dreamy hues that will add a touch of seasonal elegance to your manicure.

Whether you’re into soft pinks, calming blues, or fresh minty greens, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our handpicked pastel palette and effortlessly elevate your spring style. Get ready to flaunt your perfectly polished pastel nails with confidence!

1. Springtime Hues


via @nailsbyalsn

A breath of spring is embodied in these nails, with a subtle French tip in pastel blue that complements the natural pink nail bed. This design exudes the freshness of the spring season with its soft and airy color palette.

2. Pastel Swirl


via @nailswithaby

These nails celebrate the softness of spring with a whimsical touch, featuring a clear base swirled with pastel shades of yellow, green, blue, and lilac. The design is a playful nod to the season’s awakening and the joyful swirl of springtime colors.

3. Pastel Marbling


via @allnailss._

A gentle dance of pastel colors marbles across the nails, with shades of mint, soft pink, and lavender creating a delicate and soft appearance. This spring nail design reflects the tender hues of the season’s first blossoms and the serene sky.

4. Pastel Rainbow


via @pegi_nails

Each nail is painted in a different pastel shade, creating a soft rainbow from lavender to mint, encompassing the full spectrum of spring’s palette. This nail design is a cheerful celebration of the season’s vibrant yet soothing colors.

5. Spring Petal Gradient


via @monika__nails

A gradient of pastel colors graces these nails, blending from a soft baby blue to a gentle lavender, with a subtle white flower accent on the pinky. This nail design captures the delicate gradation of spring flowers in bloom.

6. Serene Sky Blossoms


via @bysarahnailartist

The nails are coated in a calming shade of pastel blue, reminiscent of a clear spring sky, while an accent nail features a delicate floral design, adding a touch of nature’s awakening to the serene backdrop.

7. Lemon Blossom Tips


via @evnnails_

Sunny lemon tips brighten these nails, adorned with dainty pink floral accents that give a nod to the spring bloom. This cheerful design is like a burst of sunshine on a fresh spring day.

8. Pastel Harmony


via @monika__nails

Delicately tapered nails exhibit a graceful two-tone design with soft pink and baby blue, embodying the fresh essence of spring. A minimalist gold ring adds a touch of elegance to the serene color palette.

9. Lavender Whispers


via @amanda.sudolll

A symphony of pastel shades adorns each nail with a different texture and design, from a creamy lavender to a candy-striped accent. The ensemble of subtle hues is complemented by an array of delicate rings and a statement beaded ring, capturing the playful spirit of spring.

10. Daisy Daydream


via @nailssbykate

Almond-shaped nails are painted in periwinkle blue and blush pink, bordered with a hint of sky blue for a dreamy effect. Delicate white daisies with sunny yellow centers add a cheerful touch, perfectly paired with an elegant crisscross gold ring that embraces the warmth of spring days.

11. Spring Sorbet


via @jasminenails_southampton

Each nail transitions from a pastel sunset at the tips to a creamy, natural base, reminiscent of the sweet and refreshing sorbets of springtime. The subtle ombre effect blends a variety of hues including mint green, sunny yellow, lavender, and pink, creating a soft yet vibrant celebration of the season’s colors.

12. Glittered Cotton Candy


via @olootka_nailart

These almond-shaped nails are a tender blend of powder pink and baby blue, with a sugary sparkle adorning the accent nails. The nails exude a cotton candy charm, complemented by elegant, thin gold rings, evoking the delightful whimsy of a springtime carnival.

13. Peaches and Crystals


via @nailmaster_blog

The nails present a chic peach French tip with a sheer nude base, creating a modern twist on a classic style. Embellished with delicate crystal accents near the cuticles, these nails are a statement of understated luxury, complemented by textured gold rings for a refined springtime look.

14. Mint Blossom


via @2thenaillologist

These nails are a fresh breath of spring with their matte finish in pastel pink and mint green French tips, accented with tiny green floral embellishments. The look is completed with a sophisticated timepiece and a coordinating golden band, evoking the rejuvenating spirit of blooming gardens in spring.

15. Pastel Sunrise


via @hellomolly

The soft gradient of pastel hues on each nail mirrors the tender shades of a spring morning sky, with colors transitioning from lavender to blush, and from mint to buttery yellow. Complemented by slender, delicate rings, this manicure captures the serene beauty of a new day.

16. Floral Fantasy


via @vee_nailedit

This nail design blooms with the soft allure of spring, featuring lavender and peach ombré nails. The ring finger is transformed into a canvas of creativity, adorned with a bouquet of delicate 3D flowers and sparkling rhinestones, reminiscent of a pastel spring garden coming to life.

17. Lilac Meadow


via @_gabi.nails_

The gentle lilac and soft yellow nails set a serene backdrop for the intricate floral artistry on the accent nail. With its delicate white and pink petal designs, this manicure captures the essence of a meadow in bloom, complemented by a simple yet elegant silver band.

18. Lemon Blossom


via @poshandpolished__studio_

A delightful combination of lemony yellow and transparent sparkle, these square-shaped nails are enhanced with hand-painted floral designs that speak to the freshness of spring. The subtle play of glitter on the pinky and index nails adds a touch of whimsy, perfectly complementing the joyful theme.

19. Peachy Speckle


via @panna_marchewka

These short, rounded nails are coated in a soft peach base, playfully speckled with black dots to create a modern, abstract effect. The artistic splatter is subtly complemented by chic gold jewelry, blending contemporary art with classic accessorizing for a casually elegant spring look.

20. Soft Gradient Elegance


via @brittany_nailart

The nails feature a delicate gradient that shifts from a dusky periwinkle to a translucent nude, achieving an air of sophistication and understated charm. This gradient is complemented by a simple yet elegant opal ring set in gold, marrying the softness of spring with a touch of refined grace.

21. Blush Blossom Tips


via @evnnails_

These long, coffin-shaped nails are a canvas of sheer nude, tipped with a band of soft pink. White floral accents delicately placed on the nails add a touch of romance, while a statement silver ring with a looping design provides a hint of boldness to the otherwise gentle spring aesthetic.

22. Daisy French Duo


via @nailsbynurse

A playful twist on the French manicure, these nails alternate between mint green and classic white tips, each adorned with charming daisy motifs. The fresh and floral theme is enhanced by a sparkling marquise diamond ring, which adds a touch of glamour to this spring-inspired nail art.

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