19 Spring Nail Trends That Are Blooming in 2024

The spring of 2024 sees new nail art trends blooming, with 20 standout styles leading the charge.

This season, it’s all about embracing innovation alongside nature-inspired beauty, showcasing everything from intricate floral patterns to avant-garde abstract designs.

The trend palette mixes soft, earthy tones with unexpected splashes of neon, reflecting the vibrant contrast of spring itself.

Bloom into the new season with these 19 spring nail trends blooming in 2024. Explore the latest styles and designs to keep your manicure fresh and on-trend all season long.

Among these trends, eco-friendly nail polishes and techniques gain prominence, aligning with a growing demand for sustainability in beauty routines.

Additionally, the revival of classic French manicures with colorful twists and the incorporation of metallic accents highlights a blend of tradition and modern flair.

Perfect for those looking to refresh their look for the season, these trends promise to add a touch of spring’s renewal to your style.

1. Pastel Rainbow Tips


via @leannehaycock_

This elegant nail design blossoms with a French manicure twist, showcasing a pastel rainbow across the tips against a natural, sheer pink base. It’s a subtle nod to the vibrant energy of spring.

2. Citrus Splash Abstract


via @emskinandbeauty

The refreshing zest of spring is captured in this nail design with pops of neon orange resembling citrus splashes, laid over a sheer coat, perfect for a playful and rejuvenating seasonal look.

3. Iridescent Spring Whisper


via @thewnailbar

These nails bloom with an iridescent sheen, reflecting the soft pastel hues of spring skies and blossoms, finished with a hint of blue at the tips for an ethereal touch.

4. Floral Fête


via @you.are.legendary

A delightful garden party unfolds on each nail, with dainty, colorful floral accents dancing over a sheer pink canvas, embodying the joyful spirit of spring’s bloom.

5. Geometric Spring Duo


via @nail__therapy__

Bold geometric shapes meet the softness of spring in this modern nail art design, featuring a duo of matte coral and mint green that creates an eye-catching contrast against the natural nail base.

6. Orchid Whispers


via @_pressedbydee

This nail design exudes the delicate charm of spring with its petal-pink accents and soft floral touches, mirroring the grace of orchids against a translucent pink base.

7. Sunflower Sunrise


via @beautyatno39

Evoking the warmth of sunnier days, these nails feature a delicate sunflower motif with golden petals stretching towards a soft, sheer base, bringing a touch of spring’s sunny disposition to the fingertips.

8. Lavender Brushstrokes


via @nailsby_harieva

A delicate blend of art and nature, this nail design features painterly lavender brushstrokes and speckled accents, creating a unique and artistic celebration of spring’s floral array.

9. Autumn Whisper


via @b_luxeandco

Contrasting the typical spring palette, this design brings forward an autumnal touch with creamy beige and accents of burnt orange and black, reminiscent of fall leaves against a misty spring morning.

10. Fiery French Fade


via @savoirflair

This design reimagines the classic French manicure with a fiery twist, featuring a bold gradient from a natural base to a vibrant, sunset-inspired orange tip, embodying the dynamic transformation from spring to summer.

11. Marigold Swirls


via @thegelhouse

Swirling lines of marigold yellow dance over a creamy backdrop, reminiscent of the first playful breezes of spring, offering a cheerful and whimsical nail art expression.

12. Daisy Chain Delight


via @boss.nails.beauty.bar

Delicate daisies chain across a soft pink base, interspersed with tiny pops of yellow and blue, bringing the quintessential spring garden to life right at your fingertips.

13. Sunset Spectrum


via @purenailsuk

These nails offer a gradient of spring warmth, from a rosy pink to a soft coral and then a bold sunset orange, creating a seamless spectrum that captures the fleeting beauty of a spring evening sky.

14. Lavender Swirls


via @opi_professionals

Swirls of lavender dance on a backdrop of opaque pastel, creating a playful yet sophisticated nail design that’s reminiscent of spring’s whimsicality and blooming lavender fields.

15. Minted Elegance


via @beautyatno39

The softness of pale pink meets the freshness of mint green tips in this understated yet elegant nail design, perfect for embodying the gentle awakening of spring.

16. Skyline Strokes


via @_beauty_hive_

A crisp, sky blue geometric design graces the tips of these nails, creating an illusion of pointed elegance that’s reminiscent of a clear spring sky.

17. Pastel Wavy Bliss


via @by.daniellesparkle

Soft waves of pastel colors—mint green, lavender, and baby pink—flow together on these nails, evoking the gentle playfulness of spring’s first blooms and serene skies.

18. Pastel Geometry


via @glamdistributor

This nail design features a harmonious blend of almond-shaped nails with geometric cutouts in pastel hues, capturing the playful yet refined essence of spring with each color’s soft whisper against a natural base.

19. Spring Blossom Artistry


via @gelsby.em

A canvas of pale pink is adorned with fine artistry; strokes of green and accents of floral motifs create a miniature spring garden in full bloom on each nail, radiating with the freshness of the season.

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