20 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making!

We all want to be beautiful and we’ll do whatever it takes to show the world that we are. But sometimes we either try too hard, or just get it wrong…

20 beauty mistakes you did not know you were making

Whoever came up with “inner beauty is more important than appearance” never stood still to realize that it’s not inner beauty that catches people’s attention first. We only get one shot at a first impression and we better make it a good one.

Whether looking beautiful means applying an extensive makeup tutorial to yourself, or just putting on a bit of mascara, we ladies always try to look our best. After all, we never know when Mr. Right will show up on his white horse.

Unfortunately, even the best among us can make the biggest mistakes. Whether it’s applying the wrong shade of blush or wearing the wrong shorts: beauty mistakes are a huge no-no and we should all try to prevent them.

Think you never make any beauty mistakes? Think again! We’ve all fallen prey to at least one of these!

1. Wrong Match Of Eye shadow and Lip Color

amazing natural look lipliner trick

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Don’t just combine any two colors off lipstick and eye shadow. When picking your shades, take into account your outfit, skin tone and check if eye shadow and lipstick color complement each other.

2. Mixing Primer And Foundation Types

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Don’t EVER mix water-based and silicon-based primers and foundations! This can counteract their purpose and what’s the point in that… Just have a look at the contents next time you buy one of them. Problem solved!

3. Skipping Base And Top Coat

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Pretty nails don’t just require skill and patience, but a healthy dose of nail product knowledge as well. Ever wondered why after putting so much effort into your nails, they don’t stay pretty for long? Make sure you apply a base and top coat!

4. Wrong Use Of Dry Shampoo

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Don’t like dry shampoo? Maybe that’s because you’re not doing it right. If you spray it too close to your hair or don’t let it sit for a little while to absorb the oil, then no, it won’t work for you.

5. Washing Your Face Too Often

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Hygiene is important. But don’t go all OCD about it. That counts especially for your face. If you’re washing your face multiple times a day then you’re over exaggerating and washing off your natural skin oils. Twice a day is more than enough.

6. A Foundation Mask

foundation applying beauty tips

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Stop wearing foundation masks right now! Why not show off your beautiful skin? You are better off taking extra care of your skin than painting it with layers and layers of foundation. Be natural, be YOU.

7. Not Using The Right Concealer

gigi hadid great bronzer look

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Don’t pick the wrong color when you’re using concealer. The whole point is to hide your skin from irregularities, not to draw extra attention to them. Pick a concealer similar to your skin tone and look as perfect as Gigi Hadid!

8. Bronzing Up Your Facegreat natural beauty look

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So unnecessary and it will look fake in contrast to your neck. Bronzer is meant for those parts of your face where you’d normally get a tan: top of forehead, along cheekbones and your jawline. That’s it! You’re welcome.

9. Perfume For Everyone

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Some people you can just smell coming from a distance by their overdose of perfume. Ladies, if you’re one of those people: please! One or two sprays is more than enough. Not the whole world needs to know you’re radiating Chanel…

10. Glitter For Shimmer

how to use shimmer and glitter beauty tip

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Don’t try to make yourself shine with glitter. It will look ridiculous and you’re not 13 anymore. How about a little shimmer instead? Use a luminizer that matches your skin and you’ll shimmer like Hayden Panettiere in no time.

11. Too Short Shorts

how to wear denim shorts tip

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We know you’ve been working out, but stop showing off your booty with too short shorts. People don’t want to look at your butt cheeks and frankly: keep it for your boyfriend. Choose longer shorts and you’ll look equally sexy, if not more.

12. Face Powder Every Day

how to wear face powder tip

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Face powder makes you age faster. Your skin will show off those sexy wrinkles sooner than you wish. So let’s just keep it to a limit, shall we? How about just using the power on your nose and forehead?

13. Wrong Use Of Concealer

knowing how to use your concealer

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Apply concealer in a reversed triangle under your eyes. Also, adding some on your brow bone and dark inner eye corners will make you look like you had three cups of coffee (in a good way)!

14. Wrong Lighting

lightning make up apply beauty trick

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Have you ever applied your makeup in a dimmed room, added extra foundation, and as soon as you walked out people stared at you strangely? Never ever use the wrong lighting. If possible, use daylight or a light that simulates it.

15. Fake Looking Eyebrows

natural look eyebrow cake powder

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Ladies, listen up. Eyebrows that look like a page out of a drawing book do not look pretty! Instead of using a pencil, fill in your brows with Eyebrow Cake Powder. It will look way more natural.

16. Choosing The Wrong Lip Color

pencil eye liner natural look tip

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We know we can’t all look like Vanessa Paradis promoting Chanel, but at least try to find a shade of lipstick that goes with your skin tone. If you’re not sure about what goes well, go to a makeup store and ask for advice.

17. Sleeping With Makeup

sleeping on your side

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Unless you’re really drunk, clean your face before your beauty sleep. You’re not meant to look pretty, plus the leftover makeup will damage your skin and will eventually make you look older. Make it a habit to clean your face before bed.

18. Highlighting Eyes And Lips

tacky lipstick beauty trick

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The rule is “either eyes or lips” when it comes to bringing the attention to your makeup. If you choose to highlight your luscious lips, then keep the eyes simple. You don’t want to look like a makeup doll.

19. The Wrong Blush For Your Skin

using the wrong color eyeliner

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Don’t use cream blush on oily skin or powder blush on dry skin. If one doesn’t look natural, then try switching to the other. It’s as simple as that. Also, don’t forget to compare the blush with your skin tone!

20. Too Much Waterproof Mascara

wearing waterproof mascara everyday

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We can’t stress it enough! We know waterproof mascara stays on better, but all those chemicals are not that good for your lashes and taking the mascara off will damage them. So keep the waterproof one for special occasions!

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