15 Fit Girls Morning Rituals To Change Your Life!

This article will demystify the ways to a fit and lovely physique. Healthy habits are no longer a luxury, it gets easier and more and more fulfilling to be passionate about healthy living. It is so encouraging to see that it is doable and possible to achieve your dreams.

15 fit girls morning rituals to change your life!

It is also very rewarding to take care of oneself. That doesn’t mean we don’t need external support and positive influence, though. Benefit and success in health endeavors come from reoccurring day to day actions, rituals and habits.




1. Sleep Secrets

getting early healthy morning routine for better life

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Fit girls can’t maintain an optimal hormonal balance, beautiful skin and metabolic rate, without sleeping properly. The secret to making the best of your bedtime is to start by unwinding slowly. If your brain is a high-paced monkey during the day, you may need an hour or two to unwind. Books are miraculous sleep-support. Reading helps you naturally relax your brain – you end the evening on a positive note.

2. AM Yoga

yoga poses in bed morning routine for healthy life

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Yoga in the morning and stretching will greatly increase the quality of your days. Even the simplest yoga postures in bed prove to be useful. Start by stretching your arms and legs, get comfortable and slowly feel your body. When we wake up, sometimes it’s hard to feel that we are in our bodies. Yoga is a great mind-body practice that is praised for a reason. Remember to go your own pace.

3. Waterdrops

cold shower morning routine for healthy life

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Few people know that they feel that good after a shower because they connect they ground themselves naturally. Furthermore, the water cleanses not only your skin but also the energetic field around you. Use the time in the shower to think about the water drops that lightly touch your skin. Lighter thoughts, lighter bodies. The blood circulation is better and we feel fit and comfortable with warm showers.

4. Treats

dark chocolate morning routine for healthy life

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The antioxidants in dark chocolate and other healthy desserts prove eating doesn’t have to be associated with guilt. Fit girls decide once and for all that loving their bodies is natural. That means we need the right kind of healthy sweets, fats, and desserts. We appreciate ourselves and we make better progress when we don’t get too obsessed with every single bite of food. Stay fit by learning to enjoy yourself!

5. Sweet Habits

eat your breakfast with your non dominant hand mourning routine for healthy life

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The best way to satisfy cravings is to do satisfy them before they occur. It’s time for some basic skills with the blender in the kitchen, healthy nuts, seeds and frozen fruits. Fit girls know how to prepare the loveliest desserts by themselves. Chia seed puddings with blueberries and yogurt are made at home in just a couple of minutes. They are way healthier and less calorie-dense than any packaged bar from the store.

6. Time Off

fresh air flow morning routine for healthy life

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You cannot be fit if your adrenals and your stress levels are skyrocketing every day. Learn how to make small appointments with yourself. Setting some alone time aside is vital for your physique and sanity (ha-ha)! Party girls may wake up with brown circles under their eyes, but it’s the fit girls that can spend time doing nothing and it pays them back greatly. Time off makes us appreciate our femininity.

7. Positivity

glass of hot water morning routine for better life

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Well, in case you like studies, you will find out that the positive approach towards anything brings at least +30% better results. Your mindset, beliefs, habits are influenced by feeling some lightness, positivity, and freedom. What is the point of having a fit body if you can’t smile, enjoy and marvel at the good things in life? Smile as much as you can and see how you can change your state easily.

8. Exercise

feet stretching morning routine for healthy life

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It’s funny, but a healthy body doesn’t always mean losing your breath on cardio marathons and sweating excessively. All of those are highly recommended, yes. But we have to recognize that in our schedules we are more likely to do the work out if it’s pleasant and fit to our lifestyle. As much as working out is important, it cannot be the first priority of your life forever, it has to feel natural, so choose what’s best for you!

9. Self-image

green tea morning routine for healthy life

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Self-image is the most neglected side of being healthy and fit. A positive self-image means leaving all words out of your vocabulary that belittles yourself. Speak of yourself as a healthy, inspired person that is surrounded by loving and positive people. Cleanse yourself off drama or words that somebody said once and hurt you. Girls know they don’t need to outsource their choices to others.

10. Eat!

healthy breakfast morning routine

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Appreciate food and eat! Take breaks while eating your meals and recognize the taste of each bite. That alone will make you feel so confident you know what you are doing. If only a girl learns the secret to real eating… it is a truly empowering act. She can no longer shame herself into feeling that she doesn’t know what she is doing. Enjoy your plant-based, healthy and abundant food!

11. Hiking

hiking morning routine for healthy life

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Do you know that if you spend time in nature, the biochemical processes in your body naturally become in tune with the rhythm of life? Believe it or not – human was not made to live between concrete walls, traffic jams, and hustle. One day spent in the woods, walking in the silence, the green views, and the birds singing will do more for your nervous system, digestion and comfort than any hour in the local gym!

12. Write!

no technology morning routine for healthy life

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Mark every right step, progress, every worry. Diaries and journals teach honesty. You don’t feel the pressure of giving the “right” answer to someone you are talking with. You can learn how to be truthful to yourself. Start by writing notes to express gratitude or writing some of your favorite quotes. You can even write jokes. Keep it real, this is for you!

13. Schedule

plan your day morning routine for healthy life

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It is a great idea to make a fit schedule where you can mark every step on your way to health. Plan your workouts, meals, and snacks to make sure you are not eating the same foods over and over again. There is a large variety of fruits, plants, proteins, nuts, and seeds, as well as vitamins and extra nutrition. Experiment and find which are the best foods for you, don’t just take someone’s word for it.

14. Move

quick cardio workout morning routine for healthy life

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If you want to kick you know what, better learn to kick well! Boxing is a great anger-management tool. It’s no wonder many celebrities are into boxing.  It’s normal that we feel angry sometimes, but since we often can’t use our words to feel better, boxing can help get that negativity out of our systems, as well as shape muscles.

15. Dress Up!

walking in the morning routine for healthy life

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One cannot feel comfortable with others unless she is feeling great in her own clothes and skin. It is time to let go of the naive belief that one can be healthy without conscious effort. Challenge yourself, beauty! Old clothes that don’t do your body justice have to go! Whatever brands you choose, a small wardrobe with good clothes that compliment you will make you look and feel fit, and that’s what’s important!

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