12 Great Tips For The Prettiest Skin Diet Ever!

You are what you eat… And that also counts for your skin.

12 tips for the prettiest skin diet ever

We’ve all followed a diet at one point or another to lose some weight before the summer holidays, to fit into those skinny jeans from five years ago, or just to feel better overall.

But feeling good in your own skin just got given a whole new meaning. Your diet doesn’t just affect your waistline, but also the healthiness of your skin. While you are busy trying to figure out what kind of chemical cream to rub on your face twice a day, millions of women eat the right foods that make their skin look fresher, younger and healthier.

Stop buying expensive chemical creams or put on too much makeup to hide a drained, unhealthy skin. Make it look healthy from the inside it. You won’t only see it, you’ll also feel it.

Want to take better care of your skin? Then throw out those chemicals and start eating what’s good for you. Here comes the skin diet!

1. Citrus Fruits

beauty tips with oranges

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Citrus fruits are chockablock full of vitamin C which is known to give a natural radiance to your skin. They will make you look, and feel, younger due to their hydrating power and the working influence of vitamin C. No more need for anti-aging creams! Whether it’s in a fresh juice or as part of a fruit salad, your skin will thank you for it.

2. Kiwi Time!

kiwi beauty skin food

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Augmenting your kiwi-intake, increases your vitamin C and E levels. These regenerate your skin, keep it firm and give it a strong boost when needed. Full of antioxidants, these kiwi’s get rid of the toxins in your body and make your skin glow! Fun fact: did you know you can eat the skin as well? Eating the kiwi as a whole increases the fiber intake threefold!

3. Salmon: Powerhouse Of Omega-3

salmon beauty skin benefits

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Got acne? Increase your fish intake! Especially salmon is a powerhouse for omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have proven that people who consume more fish (and certain veggies), suffer less from acne than people who don’t. Salmon especially enhances firmer skin and makes it glow. Eat (wild) salmon at least three times a week to improve skin health.

4. Kale Everything!

kale the queen of greens beauty food

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Kale salad, kale smoothie, kale juice, kale purée,… Kale is full of vitamin C, which produces collagen to keep your skin strong and firm. The vitamin A in kale boosts cell growth and prevents skin diseases and vitamin K gets rid of dark circles under your eyes. Though kale looks a bit wrinkly itself, it surely prevents YOU from looking like that.

5. Cayenne Pepper

peppers beauty skin care tips

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They don’t call the Cayenne Pepper the master herb for skin benefits for nothing.  Including this hot little pepper in your diet will make your skin look flawless. Full of vitamin C, E and antioxidants, regular use of Cayenne Pepper will decrease acne and boost your skin to the fullest. Love spicy food? Keep up the pepper intake and slowly feel your skin become healthier!

6. Broccoli Florets

health benefits of broccoli for beauty skin

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When you spend time soaking up the sun, your skin risks damaging. Luckily, broccoli (and also cauliflower) contains glucoraphanin. Gluco-what? It’s okay, just remember that it has regenerating powers for damaged skin due to sun exposure. Oh, and that’s not all! Broccoli has the magic power of making your skin glow more and keeping it supple.

7. Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen!

pineapple beauty skin care

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Got the song in your head? Mission accomplished 🙂  But pineapple isn’t just good for cheeky songs by Pikotaro, it also provides amazing benefits for your skin. It contains bromelain which makes your skin softer and improves acne. Pineapples keep your skin tight and nourished due to the production of extra collagen and amino acids. Pineapple juice? Yes, please!

8. Green Tea Against Aging

green tea beauty skin benefit

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Have you ever wondered why Asians keep their good looks even as they age? Something tells us green tea might have something to do with it. It’s full of antioxidants and polyphenols which keep the skin young by postponing early signs of aging. So what are you waiting for? Let’s brew some delicious green tea with a piece of lemon (remember citrus fruits? Exactly!).

9. Eat Spinach Like Popeye

spinach for glowing skin

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…but maybe not for the same reasons. So why else if not for muscles? Spinach does a whole lot for body and skin and is a not-to-miss veggie on a daily basis. Eating spinach hydrates your skin, keeps you young, makes your skin glow and repairs it where needed. Want to have healthy, beautiful skin? Eat more spinach. Very simple.

 10. Strawberry Swing

strawberries beauty skin care diet

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Nom, nom, nom. Sorry, we were just enjoying some delish strawberries over here. These red seedy fruits do wonders for your skin. Due to their folic acids, vitamin C and fiber, they protect your skin from the sun and make your skin glow. Your acne will improve and if you have extra oily skin, strawberries will help. And last, but not least (you guessed it): anti-aging.

11. Yummie Papaya

papaya beauty skin benefits

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Ever had papaya before? If you haven’t, you should put it on your foodie bucket list ASAP. This mouth-watering fruit is perfect for a snack and will keep you coming back for more. Moreover, eating papaya prevents your skin from breaking out by removing the dead skin cells. Yes, even when you eat it. No rubbing on skin needed.

12. Fruit Infused Vitamin Water

vitamin water beauty trick

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Why not combine the goodness of fruits and veggies and make this delicious sangria-looking infused vitamin water? There are a zillion recipes online for detoxing with positive effects on your skin and overall health. Take your pick and have your go with them. If not for the skin diet, then it still tastes wonderful.

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