12 Foods That Naturally Whiten Your Teeth!

Are your teeth a little… yellow? Or are they just not as white as you’d like them to be? You are what you chew, so chew what’s good for you and show off that bright smile! 

12 foods that naturally whiten your teeth

We often find ourselves looking in the mirror, looking like monkeys brightening our smile, and criticizing the slightest hint of yellow we can detect. We all want to have those pearly whites we see in toothpaste commercials promoting toothpastes that promise to whiten our teeth. Is that just good marketing or the truth?

We are also bombarded with ads promoting countless products that claim to whiten your dentures, but unfortunately they’re full of chemicals.

And then there is food and drinks. If you’re a caffeine addict, you’re told drink less coffee, because coffee makes your teeth yellow. The same counts for sweets. We are told not to eat this, not do drink that… because it will make our teeth yellow.

Surely if there is bad food for the whiteness of your teeth, there is also good food that can actually make them whiter?

Oh wait! Of course there is… Let’s take a closer look at these natural teeth whiteners and whiten our teeth the natural way!

1. When Life Gives You Oranges…

oranges for white teeth trick

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…you use their peel to whiten your teeth! Say whaaaat? Yeah I bet you didn’t know that! “So how do I do this?” you wonder… Just take a piece of the orange peel, rub the white part against your soon-to-be white teeth (about a minute or so). Don’t touch teeth for ten minutes after and then brush them with toothpaste. Repeat a couple times per week.

2. The Benefits Of Ginger

baking soda white teeth tip

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Love or hate it, but for a healthy body and mouth, this funky-looking spice may just become your best friend. Ginger has anti-inflammatory characteristics, which is a must for anybody with gum disease and helps to build back up the tissues. Add ginger to your favorite dishes to spice up your life and show off that healthy smile of yours!

3. An Apple A Day…

apples whiter your teeth

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…keeps yellow teeth away! Due to their crispiness, apple bites are like teeny tiny tooth brushes every time you chew. Each bite acts like a bit of scrub and the fact that this fruit is slightly acidic will enhance the whitening of those fine-looking teeth. However, don’t forget to brush them right after (or rinse with water), because too much acidity can be detrimental.

4. The Benefits Of Water

drink water for white teeth

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We know… technically water isn’t food. But we’re stubborn and include it anyway. Water has the power to wash away any excess acids, sugar or plaque that may affect your white dentures. It also keeps your mouth hydrated and your breath fresh. Mother Nature’s gift indirectly contributes to a brighter smile.

5. Cheese You Said?

cheese for white teeth

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You may be a little shocked to discover that cheese is one of the natural foods to brighten your teeth… Yep, eating cheese is super beneficial! Chewing this creamy goodness creates extra saliva (picture that, gross!) which kills bacteria. Its high level of calcium makes your teeth stronger in general as well. So go ahead and have that delicious piece of cheese.

6. Onions: Bad Breath, White Teeth

onions for whiter teeth

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“Onions can whiten your teeth?” Yes, we can hear you think… Onions give you bad breath and have a nasty aftertaste. Yet they contain antibacterial compounds that prevent plaque. And because the taste lingers, you’ll be more likely to brush your teeth after eating them – which is fantastic for your dentures! Oh, by the way, this only counts when eating them raw, no cheating!

7. Nibble On A Carrot

celery and carrot for white teeth

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Vitamin A is good for your tooth enamel. Luckily, raw veggies like carrots contain this vitamin and they are super crunchy as well. The pieces will act like mini toothbrushes and naturally keep your teeth clean. Carrots also contain a lot of water, which stimulates a higher saliva production, which is in turn good for the gums. Nibble away!

8. Crispy Pears

pears for white teeth

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Pears, just like apples, enhance the production of saliva to chase away those nasty bacteria in your mouth. Crispy pears are the best for your teeth, functioning as a brush with every bite. So go get some pears to add to your fruit salad (which obviously contains apples as well) and make your teeth sparkle!

9. Nuts & seeds: The Ultimate Snack!

seeds and nuts for whiter teeth

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Nuts and seeds are simply delish and quite effective when it comes to keeping your pearly whites white. Eating nuts stimulates the production of saliva and existing stains on your teeth will be rubbed off by chewing. Especially almonds are a great, teeth whitening snack. Don’t eat too much of them though… they will drive you nuts!

10. Got Milk?

milk and yogurt for white smile

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Again, not a food, but oh-so-important for white dentures. As a source of calcium, milk makes your teeth stronger and protects them. Who wouldn’t want that? Are you a vegan who doesn’t drink dairy? Then go for almond milk with extra calcium. Not as good as regular milk for teeth, but it will do the trick. Hello pearly whites!

11. Iron-Broccoli

brocolli for white teeth

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Don’t you just looooove broccoli? We sure do! Especially when it comes to maintaining a bright smile, broccoli can do a world of good for you. This wanna-be-tree veggie is full of iron which aids your precious teeth in forming a barrier that protects against acidity. Also, if you eat raw broccoli it’s, and here we go again, crunchy and rubs against your teeth while chewing.

12. All You Need Is… Strawberries

strawberries for whiter teeth

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Yummie 🙂  The best to eat in summer, strawberries contain malic acid which removes your dentures’ surface stains caused by other food. Plus, these juicy red beauties are very versatile when it comes to recipes: smoothies, milkshakes, salads, desserts… you name it! Keep it healthy though. Just because chocolate is melted around a strawberry DOESN’T make it good for your teeth, ladies!

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