12 Best Morning Smoothies To Kickstart Your Day!

“One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast” – Robert A. Heinlein

12 best morning smoothies to kickstart your day! #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins


Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, but unfortunately too many of us are really bad at it. We either don’t have the time, we would rather sleep a little longer, or we’re simply not that hungry. It is, however, breakfast that kick starts your metabolism and it will also keep you fuller throughout the day.

So what do you do when you are a non-breakfast eater with little time? You make smoothies. The right breakfast smoothies are chock-full of fruits and veggies that are good for your body. All you need to do is blend them and take the smoothie out the front door. Easy,  right?

If you’re not a smoothie addict yet, then you’re bound to need some advice to create that first, delicious cup of morningly goodness. Not to worry, we’ve got you.

Check out these 12 Best Morning Smoothies To Kickstart Your Day and never skip on breakfast again.

Ready? Let’s get blending!

1. Coffee Smoothie

coffee banana breakfast smoothie #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Are you one of those don’t-talk-to-me-before-I-have-had-my-coffee people? Then consider switching up the way you consume your first cup of coffee of the day. All you need is black coffee, flax seeds, bananas and oatmeal. It will give you all the energy you need to start your day fresh, and it’s the best of three (not two) worlds: coffee, breakfast and smoothies. Yummy!

Get the recipe: Coffee Smoothie 

2. Hawaiian Berry Smoothie

hawaiian berry smoothie breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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In need of a holiday? Yeah, aren’t we all…? Luckily there’s a way to mitigate these feelings and make you feel that much better, in the comfortableness of you own home. Simply start your day with this Hawaiian Berry smoothie! It’s actually a great combo of tropical orange/mango/banana and delish goodness of a mix of berries. Just close your eyes and imagine the palm trees…

Get the recipe: Hawaiian Berry Smoothie 

3. Mango Spinach Smoothie

mango green smoothie breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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In need of a sweet, healthy breakfast smoothie that doesn’t require a zillion ingredients? You’ve come to the right place! For this one you only need four simple ingredients (mango, almond milk, banana and spinach). Blend and you’re on your way for the day! If you don’t mention the spinach to your kids, they will love this smoothie without knowing yucky green stuff is in there!

Get the recipe: Mango Green Smoothie

4. Mango Goji Berry Smoothie

mango goji berry smoothie breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Love super foods? Then this smoothie has your name on it! Goji berries are chock-full of antioxidants and fiber that can help you raise energy levels (for a perfect start of the day!) and reduce stress and exhaustion. Surprisingly, goji berries complement the taste of mango and this smoothie even calls for some chia and beets. Ahhh, so good!

Get the recipe: Mango Goji Berry Smoothie

5. Papaya Banana Smoothie

papaya banana smoothie breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Ever had papaya? It’s not only delish, but also contains vitamin A, C, and helps your digestion. This makes this smoothie perfecto for breakfast! Papaya is also very low in calories, but still contains a huge amount of fiber. Yep, this super fruit can help you lose weight! Blend with ginger, banana, pineapple, milk and lime juice and you’ll have never started your day better!

Get the recipe: Papaya Banana Smoothie

6. Dairy Free Mojito Green Smoothie

mojito green smoothie for breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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It can’t be a party every day, so some days you’ll have to do without a fresh mojito and just have normal drinks, like normal, boring people. Oh, but wait! That was before… With this Mojito Green smoothie, you can start every day like it’s a celebration! It’s simple and easy to make and will have you jump out of bed the moment the alarm goes off!

Get the recipe: Dairy Free Mojito Green Smoothie 

7. Raspberry Green Smoothie

raspberry smash super green smoothie breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Fruits and veggies for breakfast? It’s the best way to kick start your day! This Raspberry Green Smoothie doesn’t only look like a work of art, it tastes wonderful too. The green is a whole bunch of spinach, blended with (almond) milk, raspberries, kiwis and bananas. This smoothie will give you everything you need…

Get the recipe: Raspberry Green Smoothie 

8. Tropical Breakfast Smoothie

sunrise breakfast strawberry smoothie #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Rise and shine with this tropical breakfast smoothie that will get you excited to start a new day fresh! This smoothie looks a bit like the sunrise itself, and is a blend of strawberries, oranges, and pineapples, with vanilla yogurt alleviating the tanginess of the fruits and blending everything together smoothly. It’s so easy and fast to make, that there is no excuse for not having breakfast!

Get the recipe: Tropical Breakfast Smoothie

9. Spinach Strawberry Smoothie

strawberry spinach breakfast smoothie #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Need a morning boost? Then this breakfast smoothie will be your best friend. The fruity sweetness of this one covers up the leafy greens, but you’ll still acquire the health benefits. For those who don’t like anything creamy, this smoothie is completely dairy-free! Strawberries, oranges, spinach and banana: blend with ice and water and TADAAA! Carpe diem!

Get the recipe: Spinach Strawberry Smoothie

10. Super Food Berry Smoothie

super food berry smoothie for breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Kick start your day with this easy to make Super Food Berry Smoothie. Even if you’re not a real breakfast person, you’ll have no trouble chucking this one down. You might even enjoy it! The best part of this smoothie? You can freeze its ingredients the night before! All you have to do is throw it all in the blender and take it to go.

Get the recipe: Super Food Berry Smoothie

11. Mango Kale Smoothie

tropical mango kale smoothie for breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Did you know kale is one of the best veggies you can consume? It’s full of crazy goodness, but not to everyone’s taste. Luckily, kale is a great way to consume in smoothies. Check out this Mango Kale Smoothie and get your daily dose of leafy greens right when you get out of bed! It’s absolutely delicious, we promise!

Get the recipe: Mango Kale Smoothie

12. Very Berry Banana Smoothie

very berry smoothie for breakfast #healthy living #healthy food #beauty #trendypins

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Some things in life are just too good to pass on. Take this breakfast smoothie, for example. It doesn’t just satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, it’s actually a healthy dessert… in the morning. Berries and bananas are the perfect tasty combo and cranberry juice gives this smoothie its lively color. Hmmm… amazing! Need we say more?

Get the recipe: Very Berry Banana Smoothie

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