12 Beauty Foods For The Greatest Skin Ever!

Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care… from the inside out.

12 beauty foods for the greatest skin ever! #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins


When we think of skincare, we often immediately consider creams, facemasks, scrubs…

The truth is, we wouldn’t really need all those if our skin was already perfect the way it was.

Don’t you agree?

That’s why you should consider first taking care of your skin by eating things that make your skin look and feel better.

Second come the creams, facemasks… you get the point. And that is if you will even still need them.

So what is it that you can do to keep your skin healthy, younger and well taken care of from the inside?

Eating the right beauty food.

These foods are packed with vitamins to protect your skin and protect it against UV, skin cancer and aging.

For example, if you have very dry skin, eating the right beauty foods may help your skin more than just smearing cream all over your body.

To help your skin become and stay healthy, we listed twelve beauty foods, so you don’t have to.

Simply add these to your daily diet and see (and feel!) your skin improve drastically. 

1. Brazil Nuts

brazil nuts for great skin healthy tip #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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Brazil nuts are not only a great snack, but also do wonders for your skin.

This magical nut helps support your immune system and if you eat it regularly, it has a positive effect on your thyroid and, as you probably expected, on your metabolism.

So just replace your mid-day snackies with a handful of Brazil nuts and make your skin shine!

2. Avocados

avocado for great skin healthy tip #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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Ahhh… who doesn’t love avocados?

If you’re raising your hand right now, you have no idea what you’re missing (and neither does your skin).

Avocados are packed with healthy fats and it’s exactly these that give our skin the nourishment it needs.

So try and incorporate avocados in your diet.

You won’t be sorry.

3. Raspberries

raspberries for great skin healthy tip #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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Nobody can resist some yummy raspberries!

These red beauties are chock-full of fiber which aids digestion, which in turn reflects on your skin in a healthy way.

No worries about any sugars here.

Raspberries have one of the lowest sugar contents.

So add them in smoothies, salads, juices… or just eat them like that! Your skin will thank you for it.

4. Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds for great skin healthy tip #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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“What could pumpkin seeds possibly do for my skin?” you think?

These tiny powerful seeds contain a high amount of zinc.

This mineral safeguards our skin from the harm UV can do to it on a daily basis.

Simply add them to your favo smoothie, eat as a snack, or mix them into your breakfast oatmeal.

5. Salmon

salmon for great skin healthy tip #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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We all know salmon is a powerhouse for omega-3 fatty acids.

But did you know salmon can do wonders for your skin?

This fish keeps your skin supple and hydrated, so it’s especially good for those of you that have dry, scaly skin.

Oh, and salmon also contains selenium to protect your skin from the sun.

So time for some delicious salmon for dinner, don’t y’all agree?

6. Pomegranates

pomegranate for great skin beauty hacks #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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This delicious and healthy fruit is known to keep your skin young if consumed on a regular basis.

When your skin is damaged due to aging or UV, the juice of this odd-looking fruit can do wonders.

Whether you’re older or still quite young, you should add pomegranate to your daily diet and rejuvenate your skin.

7. Strawberries

strawberries for great skin beauty tip #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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Whoever is afraid of wrinkles and other skin effects of aging: time to increase your daily dose of vitamin C.

One very good source of this do-good vitamin is the strawberry.

Eating these small fruits (especially in summer) can give your skin a real boost.

Just a side note: don’t throw away their green crowns! Add them to a smoothie for extra help with digestion.

8. Tomatoes

tomatoes for great skin beauty hack #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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Have you ever heard of something called lycopene?

It causes tomatoes to be red. But that’s not all!

This chemical compound protects your skin from getting burned under the sun.

So next time you go on holiday to a hot tropical country, consider adding some extra tomatoes to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Still, don’t forget the sunscreen though!

9. Coffee

coffee for great skin beauty tip #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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So we always thought coffee was bad for your skin.

Turns out that one cup of coffee a day diminishes your risk of getting skin cancer.

For the coffee addicts among us, a study pointed out that the more coffee you drink a day, the lower your risks of getting skin cancer.

Funnily enough, drinking decaf doesn’t work. It must be the caffeine…

So go ahead, have that extra cup of coffee and let nobody stop you.

10. Grapefruits

pink grapefruit great skin beauty hacks #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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Grapefruit isn’t everybody’s thing, but especially the pink grapefruit can aid your skin in its smoothness.

Again, it’s the lycopene (remember tomatoes?) that’s responsible.

Even though you may not like grapefruit, there are ways to consume them without having to taste their bitter tanginess.

Think of smoothies or as a snack mixed with honey and banana.

Did we mention this fruit aids in weight loss as well?

11. Bell Peppers

red bell peppers great skin beauty tips #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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Remember vitamin C in strawberries?

Bell pepper can boost your intake of this vitamin.

It contains over 200% of your day-to-day needed value of vitamin C.

Eating bell peppers shields against UV and therefore protects your skin from the sun.

Red bell pepper has the most vitamin C, but if you prefer yellow or green, then that will definitely work as well.

12. Egg Yolks

egg yolk great skin beauty hacks #healthy living #skin care #beauty #trendypins

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Specifically, egg yolks are good for your skin and eyesight.

This part of the egg packs lutein (similar to lycopene) and thus protects our skin from UV.

In general, eating two eggs a day will keep your skin healthy by providing it with proteins, vitamin A and vitamin D.

So go ahead and eat those delicious eggs for breakfast (watch out with the bacon, though!)

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