11 Habits That Will Boost Your Metabolism Now!

Want to speed up your metabolism? Then don’t eat less. Eat right!

11 habits that will boost your metabolism

How often do we get told to not eat this, but better eat that to lose weight? Just like many other women out there, you’ve probably already followed one or multiple fad diet(s) to shed some extra pounds. Often you just lose water weight, which comes right back once you get back to your regular eating pattern. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your metabolism and burn extra fat without you having to starve yourself during the day. Maybe it’s time to just be healthy and not ban a large range of essential nutrients.

Good (eating) habits will make you feel fit, energized, and healthy AND boost your metabolism. It’s all about knowing what’s good for you and choosing the right things. From increasing your activity levels, to ending the war with everything carb, these 11 habits will definitely increase your chances of losing weight the healthy way.
Who knows, maybe soon you’ll be able to fit into those jeans from ten years ago and you’ll feel fan-freaking-tastic about it!

1. Make Peace With Carbs

carbs are useful to boost metabolism

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You need carbs. Period. Banning carbs will affect the functioning of your brain. Also, if you don’t want to lose water weight that comes right back, then make peace with carbs. They will help you shed actual fat. Be smart and choose the good carbs, like barley, whole-grain bread and chickpeas and give your metabolism a boost!

2. Got Yogurt?

dairy products for boosted metabolism

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Calcium is important for a well-functioning metabolism and elevating the level of fat burned in a day. It’s also essential to build up more muscle. So eat yogurts, drink milk, and add cream. Don’t worry so much about how many calories it contains. If you’re really worried, then low-fat is always an option, but full-fat is generally more natural.

3. Drink More Water

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Your body needs at least 2L of liquid a day to stay hydrated and healthy. Obviously, this can be more than just water (think: tea, juices…), but water is the purest and most healthy way. Increasing your H2O intake boosts your metabolism and helps your body burn more energy. Do you forget to drink enough? Set alarms for a glass of clear goodness.

4. Choose Organiceat organic food for boosted metabolism

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Why? You say? Organic food doesn’t contain any added growth hormones, is not grown with pesticides, or any other extras that aren’t good for your body. This can obstruct your metabolism significantly! We know it’s more expensive, but if you really want to speed up your metabolic rate, organic is the way to go. Be wise, choose right!

5. Keep Up Your Iron Levels

keep your iron level up for boosted metabolism

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Iron is a vital mineral for your body and of the essence for your metabolism. If your iron levels are low, you’ll look paler, feel more tired and definitely weaker. That’s why you need to make sure you eat enough iron rich foods, such as meat, lentils, and spinach. These are not only delish, they are deliver a whole lot of goodness.

6. Rise And Shine!

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Did you know that late nights ruin your metabolism? Especially when it becomes a long lasting bad habit, you’ll have trouble shedding those extra pounds. Also, make sure you sleep 7-8 hours/night and get up early to benefit from extra sunlight that your body needs to help your metabolism. So go to sleep at a decent hour and wake up early!

7. Cut Out The Bad Snacks

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This is a tough one… We all fall prey to sugary and salty goodness at one moment or another. Unfortunately, they are the devil when it comes to shedding pounds. Fat won’t be burned as fast. Substitute snacking with healthier options: almonds, pure chocolate (don’t over-do it!), berries, or celery sticks. You are stronger than the sugar monster living inside of you. Fight it!

8. Exercise Is Key

physical activity for boosted metabolism

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We all know this one, but we cannot stress it enough: if you want to lose weight, be active! Exercises that create more muscle are the best, because they will give your metabolism a boost and thus burn more fat. However, even going for a run or an extra walk around the block are simple ways to up your metabolic rate.

9. Love Salt? Choose Iodized!

salad with iodized salt for boosted metabolism

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Iodine comes mostly from seawater and our bodies need it for a well-functioning thyroid. If you lack iodine, your thyroid will be negatively affected and slow down your metabolism as a result. So next time you want to eat a bowl or salad and you can’t resist a pinch of salt for added flavor, use the iodized version.

10. Plan Your Meals

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Eating smaller (healthy!) portions more often, will keep your metabolism on point. So eating every couple of hours is of the essence here. Intelligent as your body is, if you eat at certain times, it will know when to expect more food and will burn fat accordingly. So stop the classic three-meals-a-day plan and schedule ahead. Your body will thank you 🙂

11. Be Zen

stress less for better metabolism

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Being stressed out can be detrimental for you for multiple reasons. Unfortunately, hampering the proper functioning of your metabolism is one of them. Stress increases the production of stress hormones and these bad boys are your problem. So take a breather. Eat well, sleep more, and take a break when you need to. That actually counts for your entire well being.

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