10 Must Go Trips Of A Lifetime

Dear Wanderers,

Andre Gide said: “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Whether you think you have the possibility to wander around the globe or not at this moment, stay with me. Let’s lose sight of the shore and take a step into the wondrous unknown for a moment.

10 must go trips of a lifetime

I am here to bring into your sight ten of the most awe-inspiring, breathtaking places on Earth. And, I am also glad to tell you that there are trips you can take in this lifetime and they are worth a higher place in your bucket lists. These trendy spots that indeed prove that heaven can be a place on Earth.


1. Australian Beaches

austalias highlights top 10 trips of a lifetime

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Australian beaches have this spectacular natural beauty and they receive our loud applause. Many tourists all over the world decide to have an awesome vacation there. The incredible sunsets and the fact that they are a pure relaxation oasis are the primary reasons to pay a visit. Although it may not be that easy with the travel arrangements, Australia’s beaches are worth all the organizational efforts. The beaches especially worth visiting in the country are  Dynamite Bay, Frangipani Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Rainbow Beach, Tangalooma and Lizard Island.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlandseuropean river and canal trips top trips of a lifetime

This used to be my number 1 on my wishlist for places to visit in my life. Europe’s jewel named Amsterdam is a place with many attractions worth visiting. Let’s start by the Flower market (Bloemenmarkt), that is floating on water. Continue with tulips of all colors, canal cruises, culture, and art. I know you will be fascinated with the scenery just like I was. Delicious shops full of traditional cheeses are at your disposal right next to the Flower Market. The architecture of the city, the festivals, the shopping, and the green parks. Go, Amsterdam!

3. Santorini, Greece

exploring the greek islands top 10 trips of a lifetime

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Opa! Once I landed on Santorini’s minuscule airport, I thought that If there is just one island to visit in your lifetime, you are going to choose this one! Everything you have read about the beauty of the Cyclades and Santorini is true. I loved every spot and minute on this volcanic island. The sapphire water, the incredible sunsets as if the sun dives in the Aegean sea and the lively capital Thera, the cuisine, open terrace bars, shops and the heart-stopping loveliness of the streets. Try roaming around on Vespas and ATVs and don’t miss a glass of Assyrtiko when you visit the restaurants in Amoudi Bay!

4. French Countryside

french country side top 10 trips of a lifetime

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France is the land of freedom, democracy, and top cuisine choices. But what about its beautiful towns in the countryside? They don’t always make the touristic pages but Annecy, La Roque Gageac or Colmar will stay in your heart forever. This is a great culinary trip for foodies! This is the vacation where you have the warm sensation of letting yourself feel at home. Plan for restaurant hours, wines and breathing the crisp air. There is nothing as charming as the province of France, you feel like you want to stay longer, soak in the culture and the history that left they imprint on every house.

5. The Galápagos

galapagos island expedition top 10 trips of a lifetime

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Transformation of beliefs and worries into trust and new worldly views is what The Galápagos are associated with. This is the place where you can reconnect with nature, wildlife and try island-hopping. These islands with their stunning views are definitely not the typical island destination. The well-travelled people of the world would appreciate the liberating experience of visiting Ecuador`s gems. Make no mistake, this is the finest choice! Ever dreamed of trying a true safari? Or diving and snorkeling on a pretty luxurious vacation. Update your bucket list, it is The Galápagos!

6. Ireland

ireland castles and countryside top 10 trips of a lifetime

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Ireland is the lovely country of leprechauns, secrets and stories and under number six on our list! Ireland is a pin in travel diaries for the near future. I love untraditional, heart-warming trips, I am drawn to the Irish for some unknown reason of mine and because of all quotes of Mr. George Bernard Shaw. When I think of Ireland, I am dreaming of green fields, harps, and hobbits, St. Patricks` day and Celtic music. The mysticism surrounding Ireland and its unusual image compared to the rest of the world is what brings an excitement for a traveler.

7. Coastal Villas

italy amalfi coast top 10 trips of a lifetime

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Let’s continue with heavenly spots that are especially praised for their wild beauty. Imagine the sapphire water, the endless blue of the sea, the incredible sunsets when the sun dives in the horizon. Get a villa by the beach in the summer with a couple of friends, lovers or loved ones! All of that, while the breeze and the delicious cocktails keep coming up into your view. The good news is that renting a villa by the beach around doesn’t have to be costly, there are endless budget offers, too! What is there not to love about this idea?

8. A Villa For All

multi generational villa travel top 10 trips of a lifetime

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This lovely multigenerational villa is the ultimate trip of serenity and relaxation. I adore these villas and the destinations can vary from the Carribeans to Hawai, Europe or Mexico. Number eight’s real name on our list is Indulgence. A lavish stay where you have every possible need met and all you need is to enjoy the simplicity and the cozy surroundings. Sunbathing and glimpses at the bright blue water, this is what I call a beautiful get away from the world. Buddha said “it is better to travel than to arrive“, but in this case, the arrival does its justice for these multigenerational villas.

9. Uninhabited Islands

tahitian over water bungalow top 10 trips of a lifetime

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When things get a little dull in our lives, nothing works better than setting some time aside for daydreaming. Look at this magnificent view! Clear blue water that barely moves and unknown islands are a spot that draws you in and fills you with its clarity. Do you know there are uninhabited islands around the world for real adventurers? It takes a great deal of courage and preparation, but for the thrill-seekers Cocos Island, Mu Ko Ang Thong or the
Maldives Desert Islands would be the trip of a lifetime.

10. Cruises

world cruses top 10 best trips of a lifetime

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Last but not least, the cruises are the ultimate ocean and sea adventure. Sailing around the world is a trip to remember. Plan in your mind the next adventure and pin it! Sometimes the time is right to go ahead, choose a spot and marvel at the magnificence of this world. I probably wouldn’t refuse to join a cruise around the world for a year and probably will not miss the ground much. Some of the best lifetime journeys lay ahead of us.

Ascend your imagination, wanderers!

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